Full Summary; Due to complications and delays in the rebuilding of the Xavier Institute, the Professor has decided to move the X-Men to the quaint town of Peaceful Pines, Connecticut. Ghost, school uniforms and parallel worlds, how will they it all?

Warnings; Alternate Version / Crossover / Work In Progress

Disclaimer; I don't own any of the characters or places mentioned in this story. They are copyright to their respective creat­ors. (1.1)

We, the Waiting

Part One

"Though I know I should be wary, still I venture someplace scary.

Ghostly haunting I turn loose,

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!



Welcome to Peaceful Pines, CT.

Population; 1065

Peaceful Pines... No, the name just didn't sound right and the place didn't look right. A small, nearly vacant town, hardly any inhabitants. So old fashioned, so all-American, the kind of town where everyone knew everyone else's business. The kind of town where one person's cold was everybody's cold. Peaceful Pines, Connecticut, was the very image of rural living and the new home of the X-Men of Bayville



That was all Kitty Pryde managed to say at the sight of their new house, the one on top of the only hill in Peaceful Pines. The place looked worse than the Brotherhood Boarding house, and that was saying something. The teen mutant flipped some of her stray brown hair off her shoulder, before turning to her friends, all of whom were pushing and pulling to get their bags out of the X-Van's trunk.

It had been a long drive from Bayville, and the teens were already grumpy enough as it were. It was safe to say none of them were altogethers pleased at the idea of moving from the Institute to the middle of Who-Knows-Where, Connecticut.

Professor Xavier and the Institute teachers looked on in amusement as they pushed at each other, stumbled, and ended up with bags opening and clothes flying everywhere. Well, all except Logan that was, who was sniffing the around the area, already suspicious of the town.

"This place ain't right Chuck." Wolverine growled as he scanned the town beneath the hill.
The one thing you could credit this dump of a house for, was that it had an amazing view of the scattered houses of the town.

"Oh, I think you will find the house quite suitable Logan... Now if only our help would show..."
The help referred to by Charles Xavier was Jane Butterfield Brewster, the real-estate agent that had rented out the house to them. Who else, seeing as she was the only agent in the area.

By now Rogue had joined Kitty to stare at the tattered new home. Brushing her white bangs away from her eyes she couldn't help but envy the New Recruits right then, who were off to live at someplace called the Massachusetts Academy. (1.2) Kitty on the other hand was mentally coming up with every curse possible for Mystique, who was both indirectly and directly (depending on how you looked at it) responsible for them ending up here. Simultaneously the two girls turned at the sound of a car coming. Well, if you could really call it a car...

It seemed everything in this town was old and worn, the yellow car that pulled up next to the Van was no excep­tion. The bumper looked ready to fall of, one of the headlights were missing and the radio-antenna was actually a clothes hanger. Miraculously the door opened without falling off and out stepped a woman with graying brown hair, dressed in a skirt and cardigan that matched the yellow of the car perfectly. She was Jane Brewster without a doubt.

"Hello! Oh, you must be the people from the Xavier Institute. So pleased to meet you all!"
Jane's voice was friendly, though slightly high-pitched. She held out her hand politely in greeting to Logan, the person closest to her. She receiv­ed only a glare and a rather feral growl. She looked shocked, amusing some of the younger boys, namely Kurt and Evan.

"Please excuse Logan, Mrs.Brewster." Xavier said as he rolled his wheel chair forward.

"My name is Charles Xavier. It's a pleasure to meet you."
It was obvious by the look on Jane Brewster's face that she had not imagined Professor Xavier as a wheelchair-bound, bald man. The Professor, though it was certain that he noticed, smiled politely and gestured towards the house.

"Shall we..?"


"And this is the dinning room!"

Jane Brewster's tour of the house took longer than expected. Hours longer than expected actually. It might have had something to do with the fact that she used twenty minutes per room to tell them about how she had personally decorated every room in the house and why she chose this and this color.

The boys, the before mentioned and Scott Summers, had decided to take a tour of the house themselves. Shadowcat and Jean Grey were following the teachers, making sure always to stay in the middle of the rooms they were shown. It seemed no one had taken the time to clean the place up before they arrived; every crook and crannie of the house was covered in either dust or cobwebs, and the spiderwebs especially seemed to creep them out.

Rogue though, had not yet torn herself away from the entrance hall.

"Find somethin' intrestin' Stripes?" Logan asked from the doorway of the kitchen.

"Defanhe 'intrestin''" she drawled back as she studied the woodwork of the old staircase leading to the second floor.

"So... you like the place?"

She didn't answer at first, but stared at the spider creeping down its web between two of the stair railing. Her fingers traced the pattern of the spiderweb.

"Jean hates it..." she said quietly, and turned to look at him with a faint smile on her face. "Ah could live here." (1.3)


The boys were on the second floor, just finished checking out some of the rooms, including a study. The house proved itself to be a lot bigger than what the exterior let on, but it didn't mean it looked any fresher inside. It could easily pass for the set of some 'abandoned house' horror movie. All that was missing really, was a few corpses here and there. Maybe a ghost up in the attic.

Speaking of which...

- "You guys think this leads to an attic?" Evan asked, pointing at the crooked and narrow staircase the three boys had found while exploring the hallways.

"I guess..." Scott said with a shrug. He didn't seem very interested in exploring the house. It seemed he still felt bad about Mystique blowing up the Institute while posing as the Professor.

"Let's check it out!" Kurt suggested, having a hard time curbing his enthusiasm for the idea of something undiscovered.

Scott sighed as Kurt and Evan grinned at each other. The two younger boys raced up the stairs.

To their disappointment, the door was locked. The two sent pleading looks to Scott, whose eyebrows narrowed over his ruby glasses. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed again, two things that seemed to have become his natural reactions to just about everything. Carefully he removed his glasses, and sent a small optic beam towards the lock.

The door flew open.


Trailing after Ororo and Jane, Rogue had decided to explore the second floor (mostly because she wanted first pick at the rooms). Logan and the Professor had fallen behind, having small difficulties carrying the Professor and his wheelchair up stairs.

As they all continued down the hall of closed doors Rogue noticed one at the very bottom of the corridor that was open. She parted ways with the others who continued down the right hand side of the hall. There was something different about this door; despite being covered in dust and cobwebs like all the others, this one had a hard cardboard poster on it. A vintage 'Night of the Living Dead' movie poster. She was beginning to like whoever used to live here.

She entered the room, slowly opening the old door, a loud creak coming from the hinges. The room itself was dirtier than anything she had seen in the house. The mirror on the other side of the room was so covered in dust she couldn't even see her reflection, the bookshelves and the bed were no better.

The shelves filled an entire wall. They were filled with old music tapes and vintage vinyl records of old-school bands like the Cure and Bauhaus. Others were filled with books, like the works of Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Love Craft and Mary Shelly's 'Frankenstein'. But it was the things on top of the shelves that fascinated her the most; mutilated dolls with needles in their eyes, some made to look like monsters from horror movies. One in particular caught her attention, the only one which seemed relatively dust-free.

It was a male doll, whose face was painted like that of a rotting body with green spots and deep black circles around the eyes. She picked him up of the shelf, examining him closer. He wore a black and white stripped suit, dirty with various colored stains. And for a second, she could have sworn he grinned at her.

"Beetljuice..." The word rung through her head. She glanced around the room nervously. "Neitherworld..." It was all in her head, there was no one there to speak to her, she assured herself. Silently she muttered for whoever absorbed in her head to shut up. She glanced at the doll again.

"Oh... I see you found the room."

Rogue turned around abruptly, dropping the doll, at the sound of Jane Brewster's voice. She was standing in the doorway of the bedroom along with the Professor and Ororo Munroe.

"Yeah, uh... Just outtah curiosity, who used tah live here?"

"Well first, it was the Maitlands," she looked to the Professor and added, 'they were family'. "And then there was that horrible accident..." she looked to Rogue and said pointedly, "They died."

"Oh,... Ah'm sorry."

"Oh, don't be..." Jane said airily, waving her hand about. "Well, after that, we really didn't have as much trouble selling the place as we thought we would. This rather interesting family from New York bought it at once."

"Did they..." Rogue gestured around the room. "Did they have aneh kids?"

"Yes, a daughter. Strange girl really, not much older than you I suppose, went to school with my daughter Claire... To put it like this, everyone in town knew there was something weird about that girl, so fascinated with the dead and," it was Jane's turn to gesture to the room, though with a rather uneasy look on her face. She was paying particular attention to the macabre dolls on top of the shelves as she waved her hand around.

"Well, to put it simply, weird things started happening when that girl showed up, and they stopped once she disappeared."

"She...disapperead, you say?" Ororo asked softly, glancing around the room.

"Oh yes, just vanished into thin air. Her parents stayed for six months or so, but after that they just couldn't bare living here anymore. They kept the house in case she ever came back, but have rented it out since then... You know, rumor in had it town that she jumped off the bridge into the same river the Maitlands drowned in." Jane gave a nervous laugh and checked her watch.

"...Oh my, look at the time, I should be home helping Clarie fix dinner."

She turned to leave, but stopped just as she stepped over the threshold of the room. She cast a glance at Rogue over her shoulder, and as if she had read the mind of the young mutant she whispered,

"That was back in '86."

And with that she left.


"Hey guys, come check this out!"

It was Evan Daniels voice that called to them from somewhere in the house. Up until then Kitty and Jean had enjoyed the sun outside, lounging on the front lawn. They had in fact silently agreed to ignore the boy's muffled shouting until a cloud of black smoke came in the way of their sunshine.

"Like, what do you want Kurt?" Kitty asked annoyed, as she franticly waved his smoke out of range from her face. Kurt muttered his apologies in German before grabbing hold of both girls.

"You have to see this." he insisted just before he teleported them to, well, they weren't quite sure.

The girls looked around the room, which they both individually assumed was the attic, and their eyes rested upon a model village set up on a table in the middle of the room. Evan and Scott were both busy examining the table, while Kurt was exploring the rest of the attic, particularly interested by a television set standing in the corner.

"What is that?" Kitty asked slowly, taking a few steps closer to the table, her head cocked to the side as she took in the sight in front of her.

"I don't now..." Kurt said from across the room, crouched down as he examined the old TV.

"Not the TV!" Kitty muttered. "That!".
She pointed at the model village

"What does look like?" Evan shot at her, not taking his eyes of the tiny white house he and Scott were paying particular attention to.

"I know what it is!" Kitty snapped as she leveled her head with theirs. "I just don't understand what's so, like, interesting about a model of some town."

"It's not just 'some town'" Scott said matter-of-factly as he looked up at Jean and gestured at her to come look at it as well.

"See that house there?" he asked her as she came closer. She nodded, but didn't seem to realize what the fuss was about.

"That's our house." Evan supplied, "and that," he pointed at the rest of the model town, "is a perfect replica of Peaceful Pines, Connecticut."

Kitty's eyes widened whilst Jean let out a small 'wow'.

"Whoever made this must've had serious issues..."

Before any of the boys could argue with her, a sharp southern accent cut them off as Rogue appeared through the door of the attic

- "You gahs are never gonna guess what Ah just found out."


The young X-Men sat down in the covered furniture of the attic. It was rather nice, a little more light and some brighter colors and it would have been just like the rec. room back at the Institute. There were two couches and three big chairs, all covered by by white sheets to keep them from collecting too much dust. Rogue was sitting cross legged in one of the chairs, arms folded over her chest and with eyes closed as if in deep thought.

"Well?" Kitty asked, tapping her foot against the woodwork floor. Rogue had been sitting like that for ten minutes now.

"Well, what?" Rogue shot back, looking annoyed.

"Jeez Rogue, are you going to tell us or not?"

Rogue frowned, rising from her seat. Those chairs really weren't that comfortable. And then there was something, something that broke the light from the window. Rogue blinked hard. She walked across the attic to the small window, with a view over the town, she could have sworn she saw some kind of movement there.

"Ah found out about the people who used tah live here." she said silently, her hands on the windowsill. "There's somethin' weird about this place..." she muttered to herself.

"Well, what happened to them?" Jean asked.

"The first couple, the Maitland's" Rogues eyes wandered from out the window back to her friends. "They dahd. And the next family, the Deetz's, their daughter, she just disappeared."

"Wadda ya mean, disappeared?" Evan asked, immediatly perking up at the idea of an unsolved mystery.

"That's the weird part, nobodeh knows! She disappeared, just laihk that!" Rogue snapped her fingers to further illustrate her point.

Kurt shot up from his seat then teleported to Rogue's side. With one hand raised dramatically he proclaimed;

- "I say we ineveztigate this mystery!"

To which Evan replied by pumping his fist in the air and Kitty began to giggle. Scott's eyebrows narrowed over the rim of his glasses and Jean seemed to be thinking whatever he was thinking (or reading whatever he was thinking for that matter.)

"I don't think that's such a good idea." she said, carefully pushing strands of red hair behind her right ear. "It's really not any of our business. Her family might not appreciate us doing that."
Kurt and Evan exchanged glances, looks of mischief playing across their faces. Both Jean and Scott sighed.

"Hey, does anybody else think it's kinda weird that that Jane lady didn't, like, recognize any of us?" Kitty's unmistakable voice cut through. A new discussion fired up, and Rogue was the only one that didn't participate. She was too deep in her own thoughts to care about whether the population of Peaceful Pines knew about their powers or not. All she wanted to know was what had happened to that girl.

"Children!" Ororo was calling for them from downstairs. "Cleaning time!"

The others groaned and while shuffeling their feet over the floor, they began down the stairs.

Rogue glared at the others from her position leaning against the window. 'Maybe y'all can relax in this house, but Ah can't.'


(1.1)Right, so since I didn't want to give up the crossover cartoon's title (though it was kinda obvious) in the Disclaimer I'll put it here.

Disclaimer; X-men characters and places belong to Marvel, and Beetlejuice characters and places belong to Tim Burton.

(1.2)In the comics the Massachusetts Academy was run by Emma Frost. Her trainees there, the Hellions later became rivals of the New Mutants, many of which were part of the New Recruits in Evolution.

(1.3)The last four lines of the paragraph were a copy right from a scene from Tim Burton's movie Beetlejuice, part of a conversation between Lydia Deetz and her father when they had just moved into the Maitland house.

Oh and there's a The Ring quote in the begining of the story, too...

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