Okay, here by popular demand is the sequel to my story "The Hunted". It is mostly about Sam and Dean, but I have some OC's mixed in that I hope aren't too annoying, and a healthy dose of the Supernatural thrown in too!

Title:The Hunted II: Finding Dean




Summary:After feeling he was to blame for all the bad things that have happened recently, Dean has done what he thinks is for the best and removed himself from his brothers life. Now Sam has to solve his biggest case yet. Finding his brother before it's too late.

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The Hunted II: Finding Dean


Sam reached the front door of the house, raising his hand to knock, but it was opened before he had a chance to do so.

"Well boy, are you gonna stand out here on the cold porch all day, or are you gonna get your skinny butt inside where it's warm?" Missouri asked in greeting, holding the door open in invitation.

"You already knew I was coming ? You're one heck of a psychic."Sam said, stepping past the woman into the entrance hall.

"Yes I am, but the fact you tripped over my flower pot outside and busted it was also a dead giveaway." she replied with a stern look."And you are going to clean up that mess young man, kicking it off the porch, hoping I wouldn't notice, that just ain't gonna cut it. Now come here and give me a hug."She said, and he walked forward to be engulfed in her arms."You get better looking every time I see you."she said, holding him at arms length.

Pulling away, Sam blushed, then looked at her solemnly before saying,"Look Missouri, I'm sorry for showing up unannounced and all, but I didn't know where else to go. You see..."

"Your brothers gone."she interrupted, finishing his sentence."I know baby."

"Has he been here?"Sam asked hopefully.

"No, and I don't imagine he will come here Sam, or anywhere close to the place that brings him such painful memories." she answered with a apologetic smile.

"Oh, well. You haven't by chance had any psychic visions telling where he is then have you?"

"You know it doesn't work that way Sam Winchester."

"Right, you did mention that last time, didn't you."he said sheepishly, and added with a sad smile,"Well, I guess I'll be going then. I just figured it was worth a try stopping here."and he turned to leave.

"Now you hold on just a minute. I know you don't think you're leaving without telling me what's going on do you?"she asked indignantly.

"You mean you don't already know? I figured you did since you didn't look surprised to see me, not to mention you already knew Dean was gone."Sam replied, turning to look at her suspiciously.

"Don't you stare at me like that. I might be psychic, but that doesn't mean I know everything. Yes, I did expect you, and I also knew your brother ran off, and most importantly I know that he needs you more than ever right now, but what I don't know is why these things are, so you better just sit on down and fill me in right this minute."she said, closing the front door and nudging him towards her couch.

"I don't have time for this Missouri, you said yourself he needs me, so I should really be out tracking him down, don't you think?"Sam said a bit sarcastically.

"How long has he been gone?"she asked, ignoring his last words, sitting across from him in her favorite chair.

"Two days."he replied with a sigh. He was here, so he might as well tell her what happened he supposed.

"What did you do to him to make him leave?"She asked bluntly.

"Hey! What makes you think that it's my fault?"he asked defensively.

"Is it?"she asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"No, well kinda, sorta. Okay, yes it is! There I said it, are you happy?"he admitted reluctantly.

"Sam, you do love your brother don't you?"she asked out of nowhere.

"Of course I do. What kinda question is that? If I didn't would I have come all the way back here looking for him?"he answered, obviously angered by her asking that.

"Okay then. You'll find him baby, but first things, as I already asked, What did you do to him?"

Taking a deep breath, Sam gave her the cliff note's version of the events of the last few days, and then filled her in on what had happened at the Asylum so she could completely understand the situation.

She didn't interrupt once, just sat there tsk, tsk'ing and shaking her head until he was finished.

"Are you sure it was your father Sam?"she asked when he was through.

"Well, he was a good distance away, and I might possibly have seen wrong."Sam answered, a thoughtful look on his face.

"But you don't believe that do you honey? You know it was him."Missouri said with a look of understanding.

"Yeah, I do. I saw him you know. It was a side view, but I'd be willing to bet my life it was him."Sam said, looking away, making it apparent that their was more to it than just seeing him from a distance.

"Tell me."Missouri ordered.

"Tell you what?"he asked, looking confused.

"Tell me how you know it was John?"she replied with a stern look

"You're creepy sometimes Missouri."Sam said with a chuckle."I sure feel sorry for anybody who ever

attempts to lie to you, and for your poor kids, if you have any, never being able to get away with anything because their psychic mom knows what they're planning to do before them even."

"Don't change the subject Sam."she said, giving him the evil eye.

He pouted for a second, but finally answered her question.

"I knew it was him because I sensed him somehow. That sounds crazy doesn't it?"Sam asked,

"Sugar, nothing has sounded crazy to me for the past I don't know how many years. I am a psychic you know. So there's not much I haven't seen or dealt with at one point or another."

"But what I don't understand is this, if it was dad, why didn't he come to make sure Dean was okay?

His son could've died, and he didn't even care. He just killed those things and walked off. Why would he do that? All his life Dean has done everything our father wanted him too. He stayed there to help him with the hunting after I went to college. He's the one my dad should have saved, not me, yet he didn't."Sam said in exasperation.

"I don't know what's running around in your fathers crazy mind Sam, and when I see him again, he's going to get an earful for what he's done to you and your brother."she said haughtily."Anyway, first thing you're going to get freshened up a bit, then you're gonna take a nap.


"No butts young man. Anyway if we're gonna try and find that brother of yours we need to be in a relaxed state. It's easier to get visions and such that way."she said, then got up, walking into the hall.

"Aren't you coming? In order to take a nap, you have to get to a bed, and I ain't carrying you."she said after stopping to look behind her and seeing Sam hadn't moved from his seat.

He reluctantly got up and followed her to the guest bedroom.

"Here you go. I'll come wake you in 2 hours, then we'll get down to business."

" 2 hours only though."

"You got it."she said, walking out and closing the door.

Taking a deep breath, she leaned against the closed door, and started massaging her temples.

She had lied to him about not having any visions of Dean. He was either in trouble or would be soon, which one she wasn't sure, but the most vivid vision was one that had broken her heart. He was scared, upset, and all alone.

"Don't you worry baby. We're going to find you."she whispered softly,and for what seemed like the millionth time, she cursed herself for not being able to track where the emotions were coming from. He could be anywhere.

(Dean pov)

"Doo-doo, doo-doo. doo-doo, doo-doo, doo."Dean sang the song from "Deliverance" aloud as he walked down the long, dark, seemingly endless country road , his duffel bad slung over his shoulder.

"Definitely not one of your smartest moves Winchester."he said aloud after tiring of the song, referring to the fact he'd left all the money he had except 200 bucks behind for Sam, and now after only two days he had less than 15 of it left. And here he was in the middle of Bumfuck with no car and not even enough cash to rent a room for the night if he, by gods grace, happened to find a town somewhere down the road.

If only he'd at least kept his car, his one true possession. Just thinking about it almost made him want to cry. Now that had really been a dumb decision. No Dean, he chided himself, Sam needs the car a lot more than you if he ever hopes to find dad again.

Why should I care if he finds that asshole or not? Dean thought with a frown. He obviously doesn't care if I live or die, so why did I leave my car for Sammy to use finding him?

Because your stupid ass still loves him, and Sam, regardless of how they feel about you.

He felt his eyes filling up for what seemed like the hundredth time, but quickly blinked them, embarrassed by his show of weakness, even if no one was around to witness it, saying aloud,"Quit being such a pussy Dean. And why are you talking to yourself anyway?"he added as a afterthought.

Feeling a sudden onset of nausea, he stopped walking and leaned over at the side of the road, then promptly threw up all the small amount of food he'd been able to eat earlier that day in the last town he'd passed through.

He stood there shaking for a moment after finishing, taking deep breaths as he waited for the nausea to pass, then stood up straight, running his hand through his sweaty hair, then continued walking.

Yep, yet another dumb thing he'd done. And this one really took the cake.

He'd lost the bottle of antibiotics the doctor at the hospital had given him in the town he'd left his brother in. They had been for just in case he got an infection from where he'd almost been gutted by a not so nice mutant kitty.. He'd hoped, after realizing he lost them two nights before, that he wouldn't have needed them anyway.

Of course he'd been unlucky yet again, and now, along with everything else, was sick as a dog.

Ain't life a bitch sometimes, he thought as he pulled out the bottle of pain pills he'd been fortunate enough to not lose, and popped two in his mouth. He was only supposed to take two a day, but instead was taking them whenever he felt he needed too. Maybe he would accidentally overdose and put himself out of his misery. He didn't even want to think about what he would do when he eventually ran out of them, which would be soon since there was only 6 left in the bottle. At least he knew that things couldn't possibly get any worse for him, or that was what he thought at the time.

A bit later he was surprised to see a truck coming towards him. It was the first vehicle he'd seen in hours on the road, and he quickly decided to try and hitchhike. What did he have to lose, who knew how long it could be before he found another town traveling on foot, and he was gonna fall over soon if he didn't get to sit down.

He walked out in the road a bit so they could see him and held his thumb out, silently praying for whoever was driving to pick him up.

They slowed as they reached him, and he let out an inner whoop of joy when the truck stopped alongside of him.

The electric window on the passenger side of the truck rolled down, and he was met by the sight of an old man's friendly looking face smiling at him as he said,"Hop on in son."

"Thanks a lot sir."he said politely after getting in the truck."I've been walking for hours."

"My pleasure son."he said in reply."Where you headed?"

"No where in particular. You can just drop me off at the next town if you don't mind."

"Can do."the man said, and Dean leaned back in the comfortable seat and closed his eyes, falling asleep minutes later.

He was awoken by the sound of the mans door opening and blinked his eyes, looking around sleepily.

They were at a large farm house, not a town, he realized looking out the front window of the truck.

"Hey, where are we?"he asked the man after opening his door and getting out.

"Just needed to drop by home and tell the missus that I am carrying you to town. It'll only take a minute, so come on in where it's warm while I talk to her."he replied

He blamed his illness for not immediately sensing that something was off about the whole thing, and like a big dummy followed the man inside the house.

"Now you just wait here and make yourself comfortable."the man said after they entered into a big den area."I'll be back in a jiffy."

"Ok."Dean said and when the man left the room, got up and started roaming around, looking at the pictures hanging on the walls as he did so.

There was one in particular that caught his eye. It looked like a family portrait, except for the fact that the child in the picture had what looked like a mask on their face. He could tell it was a girl because her hair was showing under it, her parents standing on each side of her with a hand on her shoulders.

Why would someone wear a mask for a picture?he wondered, all the suddenly feeling very uncomfortable with where he was.

He was so caught up in pondering this that he didn't notice the man coming up behind him until it was too late.

Right after a mind numbing blow to the head, he thought one last thing before crumpling to the floor, succumbing to the darkness.

Didn't your dad tell you not to except rides from strangers?

He really should have listened to these words.


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