Title:The Hunted II: Finding Dean




Summary:After feeling he was to blame for all the bad things that have happened recently, Dean has done what he thinks is for the best and removed himself from his brothers life. Now Sam has to solve his biggest case yet. Finding his brother before it's too late.

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The Hunted II: Finding Dean


Dean felt his heart start hammering in his chest at the sight of the girl. Wanting to disappear into the corner of the wall so she couldn't hurt him anymore, but he knew this would not happen, and he had to try and keep it together because his life wasn't the only one at stake now.

To be honest, what he wanted the most was to wake up and find that his baby brother was not really trapped in this hellhole with him, that he was off somewhere nice and safe, and wouldn't have to go through any of what he'd had to endure in the past days. He'd been so happy and relieved to wake up and find Sam's face hovering over him, hell, he'd prayed for it to happen even. To see that familiar goofy grin that he thought he'd never get to see again, and then all his brothers talk of getting them out of here had become infectious, that is until she came into the room, then reality hit him once again like a ton of bricks.

Sam was at the moment in much better physical shape than he'd been for a while, and maybe he could put up a better show of resistance to the little bitch than he himself had been able to due to his injuries, but in the end, his actions would only anger her and make it all the worse for him. So, Dean had to do what he'd made it his life's mission to. Protect his brother by any means possible. Which hopefully wouldn't include trying to fight her since he doubted he could stand up by himself, much less wrestle with psycho girl.

"Who are you?"Becky asked, turning her masked face towards his brother.

"Sam."was his only reply, staring with unmasked disgust, obviously sizing her up in the process.

"Why are you here? Why is he here?"she asked, directing the second question at Dean.

"Why don't you ask your daddy."Sam replied sweetly, before Dean could answer."Ask him about what the sheriff did to your grandpa while you're at it, or maybe they'll just bring him on by later and let you eat what's left of him."

"Shut up Sam."Dean ordered through clenched teeth, his head jerking towards him, giving him a warning glare, but he could tell by the all too familiar look of confidence that he himself had felt upon seeing her for the first time, what his little brother planned on doing.

"She's just a kid Dean. I can take her easily."he said smugly, not looking at Dean. Sure, he'd seen her face in his vision, but still... She couldn't be more than four and a half feet tall, and Dean had been sick when she'd attacked him.

"She's not just a kid Sam, so shut up!"he argued, trying to talk sense into him."Believe me, I know this for a fact." Then seeing the girl approaching them from the corner of his eye he quickly whipped his head back around to face her.

"Look Becky, don't pay him any attention okay, he just got hit in the head way too many times as a child, and has been a little,"he made the crazy gesture then, smiling at the monster as he continued. "ever since. So lets not hold it against him."

"I don't like you."she growled at Sam, stopping to stand in front of him and putting her hands on her hips.

"That's too bad. I thought I might tell you some stories. You do like stories don't you? All little kids do, and these are ones you can relate to I'm sure. They're all about how monsters like you murder innocent people, and then I kill them."He said, smiling defiantly at her, not looking the least bit intimidated.

"Sam, listen to me! Stop now!"Dean ordered, but his little brother kept right on, purposely trying to bait that girl, and Dean could see beneath his carefree demeanor that his body was tensed, prepared to fight with her.

Shit, Dean thought, waiting for what he knew was to come.

Sam's goading worked, but as he soon found, not to his advantage. One moment Sam was sitting beside his brother on the floor, and the next he was flying through the air, his head connecting with a thunk to the hard bedside table across the room.

He laid there dazed as the girl walked across the room towards him, removing her mask as she moved,and the look of shock on his face quickly replaced with one of fear when he saw her grotesque true self that laid beneath it for himself.

Seeing Sam was still too out of it though to move away from her, or put up a fight, Dean forced himself up from the floor and moved over to where they were.

"Hey Becky."he said coming up behind her and tapping her on the shoulder."I got a little something for you."and when she turned quickly around towards him, punched her in the face, using the element of surprise in his benefit.

She actually fell to the ground, and Dean marveled at the fact his strength had doubled when he saw her about to attack his baby brother.

"Nobody beats up my brother but me you freak."he said, kicking her in the side.

He'd kicked her twice when she suddenly rolled over , caught his foot mid-kick and knocked him to the ground.

"I thought we were friends."she hissed, quickly rising from the ground to stand over him."You're not my friend though are you Dean? Now you have to be punished again."she finished, as she grabbed his shirt, and drug him to the other side, away from where Sam was, and flung him against the wall.

"I've changed my mind about you Dean, you're a terrible brother."she said, then quicker than he could react pushed his head to the side and bit into his neck.

"Argh!"Sam heard Dean scream. That was all it took to break through his momentary stupor.

"Dean!"he yelled, jumping up and grabbing the lamp from the bedside table, and ran quickly, hitting her so hard with it that it shattered into pieces. He was rewarded by her falling to the ground, letting loose her hold on Deans neck in the process, where she now laid screaming and crying. Sam hit her several more times before he felt satisfied she wouldn't be getting up, at least within the next few minutes, and moved to kneel down beside his brother who lay on the floor, clutching his neck, blood flowing out around his fingers.

"Oh god, I'm sorry Dean."he exclaimed, seeing what his actions had caused. He'd promised his brother that he wouldn't let anything else happen to him, and then turned and did the exact opposite."I'm so fucking stupid."he muttered, tears coming to his eyes.

Crying isn't helping Dean, he thought, and quickly took his shirt off, then grabbed his brothers hand, trying to pry it away from his neck.

"Come on Dean, let go. I'm trying to help you."he said when his brother resisted him. This must have gotten through because he suddenly moved his hand, revealing the bite wound on his neck, and Sam was shocked by the size of it. How big was that things mouth?

"Sorry."he said when his brother whimpered as he pressed on the wound. Even though he hated causing him more pain, he knew it was necessary to staunch the flow or he'd die from blood loss. It looked like she might have nicked an artery when she bit him.

"We're getting out of here now."Sam said with determination. No way in hell was Dean gonna die after all he'd been through because of his pompus stupid actions. Not today, and not ever.

"Can you hold this on your neck for me? For just a minute? I've got a plan."he said, and was rewarded by Dean nodding his head, and then to Sam's surprise, rolling his eyes,and saying slowly,.

"You've got a plan? This should go well."but he took over his brothers hold on the shirt nonetheless, showing Sam that despite his ribbing, he was once again putting his trust into his abilities to do as he said.

"Hey Tom!"Sam yelled, after this, standing up and looked over at the girl thing that still laid where she'd fallen on the floor, and glancing quickly around the room, went to where the bedside table was and kicked it, breaking it into several pieces, grabbing one of the legs and holding it like a club in his hands."Tom! I've got your precious daughter in here and if you don't let me and my brother out right now, I'm gonna smash in her damn head!"he yelled again, and moments later, not only Tom, but his wife too, appeared at the door, matching distressed looks on their faces.

"My baby! What have you done to my baby?"the mother screamed, seeing Becky laying on the floor.

"What's it look like I did? Your baby was trying to eat my brother, and if you don't let us out of here now, I'm going to finish what I started."he answered, raising the table leg threateningly above his head.

"Go get the gun honey."Tom said to his wife through clenched teeth."I knew it was a mistake when Lou brought him here."

"Yeah, go get the gun honey, and as soon as you move I'll crack her skull!"Sam yelled, a crazed look in his eyes.

"You can't kill her anyway boy, she's not human."Tom said, glaring at him.

"Well looky there daddy, she's bleeding red blood isn't she? So that means she's at least part human. A fugly human, but still one nonetheless. So she can still die I bet."Sam said with a smug grin, then kicked her to accentuate his words.

"Oh god Tom, do what he says, let them go before he kills our baby."the woman said, turning pleading eyes on her husband, while at the same time, Becky finally regained consciousness and raised her deformed face up and said,"Daddy, help."before letting it fall back down with a thunk.

"Okay, okay."Tom said, his resolve melting when his daughter spoke."I'll let you go, but don't think you'll be able to get out of town boy. All I have to do is call Lou, and he'll pick you right up."he added, flinging the door open wide, and he and his wife stepped inside, moving towards their daughter.

"No, no, not yet you two. First I want you to help my brother out of this room Mr's Mathison, then you can come to her, and don't try anything stupid Tom, because I assure you my reflexes are much better than yours. Now get moving!"

He watched as the wife went and helped his brother up from the floor, and with him leaning heavily on her, led him to the hall where she left him propped against the wall for support, then came back in.

"Okay, now give my brother your keys Mr's Mathison."Sam ordered, kicking the girl again when they hesitated, saying,"Both of your keys."

"Here."the man said handing her his keys he'd removed his from his pocket, and she took them along with hers and gave them to Dean.

"How we doing out there Dean?"Sam yelled at his brother when the woman reappeared.

It took him a minute to answer, seeming as how he was fighting to remain conscious and all, but finally Dean answered,"Just peachy, but how about hurrying up please."

"Gotcha, be there in a sec." Sam said loudly, moving quicker after hearing how weak his brothers voice sounded."Alright people, this is where we leave, but don't worry. I wouldn't dream of splitting up your

happy little family."he said, then holding his table leg up in front of him, ran outside the door and closed it quickly."Give me the key Dean."he said when he'd done so, and turned to see his brother was now sitting on the floor where the woman had left him, eyes closed, his back and head against the wall,not moving. Feeling his heartbeat quicken with fear, a sense of dread growing in the pit of his stomach, Sam said in a louder, but wavering voice," Dean?" no answer.

"DEAN?"he yelled again frantically.

"Do you have to yell?"his brother asked, without opening his eyes, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Thank god."Sam muttered under his breath, then asked him,"Can you throw me a key? Princess will probably wake up soon, and I really don't think we want this door to be unlocked when that happens."

"Here."he said in reply, tossing a key ring towards him, not quite reaching the intended destination, but Sam held his foot against the door and leaned down and was able to reach it, hearing Dean mumble something about long legs as he scooped it up.

"You can't leave us in here."Tom was saying, now standing at the door, holding on to the bars as he pushed against it.

"Really? And why not?"Sam asked sarcastically after successfully locking the door.

"She hasn't ate in a month."

"What do you call what she's been doing to my brother for the past 2 days then?"he asked angrily in reply.

"That was just snacking for her."he answered."She has to eat a whole body once a month, and if you leave us in here, she'll kill us."he pleaded with Sam.

"Snacking, huh? Well, let me ask the snack what he thinks about letting you out."Sam said, and turning his head towards his brother said,"Well, what say the snack?"

"Fuck it, let her eat them"Dean murmured in reply, waving his hand in dismissal, then added,"Come on, I'm kinda bleeding to death here, among other things."

"You heard him, so see ya."Sam said, and not feeling the least bit guilty for what he was doing, walked over and helped Dean up. Then together they made their way slowly towards the front door, ignoring the angered screams and pleas from the man and woman they'd left locked in the room with the creature that they'd created, and walked out, Sam asking as they exited,"Where to now bro?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but take me to a hospital, please."Dean replied, then promptly passed out. Luckily Sam had been prepared for this and caught him before he fell, carrying him the remaining distance to the sidewalk before realizing one very important fact, the car was still in town at the inn.

Then laying Dean down, pulled the keyring from his pocket that one of the two Mathisons had been carrying, and saw the key to the Suburban sitting in the driveway, hanging on it.

"Thanks, I owe you one."Sam said, looking up as he did so, then got Dean and after putting him securely in the front passenger seat where he could keep an eye on him, got in the drivers side and drove to town, periodically reaching over to feel his brothers pulse to assure himself he was still with him, praying silently,"Just hang on a little longer."

He'd drove into town before realizing that there was no hospital there, but remembered seeing one in the neighboring one that wasn't far away.

Since he was already in town though, he decided to take the risk and stop to get his brothers car, knowing Dean would never forgive him for leaving it behind, even if he was in dire need of medical attention. So he pulled in front of the inn beside where he'd parked it, pulled the spare key that they kept in one of those magnetic holders from underneath it, transferred his brother over to the Impala, and took off, almost laughing when he saw Dean nuzzle his face into the car seat, a small smile appearing on his face, like, even though he was unconscious he still knew he was back in his own car.

Thats Dean for you, Sam thought. He now felt he'd definitely made the right decision in stopping for the car.

Driving out of Derry, Maine, Sam saw the police Chief standing outside of town hall, and couldn't resist honking at him and waving as he passed by, knowing the man wouldn't recognize who he was probably, since most the times he'd seen him he'd been walking, but still feeling triumph in doing so anyway.

A half hour or so later, he reached the neighboring towns hospital and took his brother into the emergency room.

(the next day)

"I thought I told you to go get some sleep."Dean muttered after opening his eyes to see his brother still sat in the same place he'd been the night before when he'd finally awoken.

"Yep, you sure did."Sam said in reply, looking up from the magazine he'd been reading and meeting his brothers eyes."But, I decided I'd stick around anyway. Just in case you woke up again and...um..needed me or something."

"I'm a big boy, and am in a hospital. I think they are..."Dean stopped short when he realized that he was saying almost the same things to Sam that he had the night he'd took off from the last hospital, and added,"Oh."averting his gaze from Sam's amused eyes.

"Uh huh."Sam said, raising his eyebrow at him.

"I'm not going anywhere. I promise."Dean said finally."Anyway, all I accomplished last time was becoming some mutant kids chew toy, and you'd just find me again with your "shining", so why waste the effort."

"Look Dean."Sam said seriously, putting his magazine down on the floor and leaning on his brothers bed with his elbows."If you really and truly want to stop looking for dad with me , then just say so,and I wont follow you again. If that is what you want, I'll go along with your wishes, but not without telling you that it's not what I want. Despite what you might think. I know I lost a lot in the process of doing so, but these past months have reminded me of something. In life you only have one thing thats more important than anything else, and thats family, and you, my asshole brother, are the only true family I have left, and before you say anything in his defense, yes I know dad's family too, but he's not you."

"Sam, before this gets any more like a bad Hallmark card, let me interrupt you. I guess, since you can't seem to manage without me and all, we're still a team."Dean said in as cocky a tone as he could manage at the moment."And I'm sorry for running off, so there you go."

"The Winchester brothers are back in business."Sam said with a smile, slapping Dean on the shoulder in a show of his happiness, then frowning after Dean let out a hiss of pain.

"Ow! How about not doing that again."Dean said with a scowl.

"Sorry."Sam replied, smiling sheepishly, then stood up."Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to go get some sleep since you're not going to up and run away again."he said, stretching his arms and yawning."See you later bro."

"Sam."Dean said, stopping him as he walked towards the door.


"Can you...um...stay until I fall back asleep?"he asked quickly, looking ashamed of himself for doing so afterwards.

"Sure, not a problem."he replied, sitting back down in the chair he'd just gotten up from.

"Thanks."Dean mumbled as his eyes closed.

"My pleasure bro."Sam said, grabbing his hand and giving it a quick squeeze, then picked his magazine back up and started reading it once again, feeling content for the first time in a while.

He knew things would still probably not be easy for him and Dean, but had a renewed feeling of confidence that whatever they came up against next, be it a demon, ghost, or their father. They could handle it. Together.

The End

Hope you liked my ending, I hadn't originally planned on this being the last chapter, but I was kinda losing steam and I knew if I drug it out much longer it might really start sucking big time, cause my stories tend to do that sometimes:) It might seem a bit rushed, but I think I tied up all the ends,except maybe the police Chief, but maybe my boys might still get a chance for retribution against him in one of their future cases, who knows! It's been fun! So until next time, ciao!