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Better Summary: Ana is a princess. It's that simple…well, to her it's not. Etiquette classes and learning to be a lady have never really been her thing. So once she get tired of it she runs away to the village in search for more thrilling life. There she meets an interesting group of guys that like to cause trouble…now what?

Oh and this is rated T for cussing later but I might change it to M later im not sure but just warning ya.

Just Wanna Be Me

Chapter 1: Another Day as Me

Ana slipped into her dress. It was simple and pale pink, with long sleeves, and hung off the shoulders.

There was a knock on the door, "Can I help you, Miss?" a 16 year old girl asked. Her name was Mariah and she had pink hair with hazel eyes.

Mariah walked up behind Ana tied the back of the dress.

Ana was also 16 and lived in a castle. She lived with her mom and dad who were the King and Queen. She also had a 13-year-old little sister named Skye.

"Miss, your majesty would like to see you in the throne room," Mariah said once she was finished.

"Yes, thank you Mariah," Ana said and the girl left the room.

Ana brushed out her long white hair, put on her earrings, put on her shoes, then left her room.

Ana made her way to the throne room and found her mother.

"You called?" Ana asked.

"Anabell I wanted to remind you that you have etiquette classes today, and please behave and don't try to skip I this time," her mother begged.

Ana hated etiquette classes and trying to be all proper and stuff. She rather just do what she wanted, whether it be playing in the mud, running around, or just being lazy. Ana knew her mother wanted her to go so she usually toughed it out.

"Yes momma, but how many times do I have to tell u: call me Ana," Ana said.

Her mother sighed, "Ana how many times do I have to tell u: Anabell is your real name and it's much more proper. You are older and are becoming a lady, people are going to start calling you that… including myself."

Ana smiled and laughed, "Ok fine," then she walked off.

Actually Ana was pretty used to be called something other then her name. Her mother and father called her Anabell, people from other kingdoms called her your majesty, and everybody else called her princess. All except Mariah who was new and Ana planed on making friends and changing 'Miss' to just 'Ana'.

Ana met Mistress Platel, her etiquette instructor, in the ballroom.

"Evening Mistress," Ana said.

"Evening Princess, let us get started," Mistress Platel said after she bowed.

The first thing Ana had to do was put books on her head and walk around. She was doing pretty good until she had to dance with then on her.

Ana sucked at this kind of dancing. She was better at 'dirty' dancing or that's what her friend called it. Her two real friends worked in the garden, they were the only ones who called her Ana. They were Hilary and Tala. They had both visited the village many times, so Hilary showed her how to dance and Tala showed her how to use a sword and a bow and arrow, (in secret of course.) Ana was better at those things then etiquette junk, well actually those things and singing. Ana loved to sing and she was very good at it, she especially loved making up her own songs.

After her dancing lessons, Ana had to sit down and practice her table manners.

She thought she was sitting up straight, but according to Mistress Platel Ana was still slouching.

Once that nightmare was over Ana finally got to the part she really enjoyed: her singing lessons.

A professional singer came in named Miss Noud. Miss Noud came in once a week to help Ana improve in her singing.

Miss Noud told her to sing from her diaphragm.

"Beautiful!" Miss Noud exclaimed.

When her lessons were over, Ana went back up to her room.

She put on her old black dress that came a little above her ankles and put on her boots. Mariah then came in to put up her hair in a braid.

Ana then went outside to find Hilary and Tala.

She looked for a little while but couldn't find them, but just then a hand popped out from behind a large bush.

"Over here Ana," someone said.

Ana walked over and saw that it was Tala who was busy digging a hole.

"Hey what's goin on?" she asked.

"Nothin much, how was etiquette classes?" he asked.

Ana rolled her eyes, "What'd you think?" she laughed.

"That bad huh?" Tala asked.

Ana nodded, "Always been that way."

Ana stood there for awhile, but soon got bored. She sighed and picked up some dirt then threw it at Tala.

Tala turned around, "What was that for?" he asked.

She shrugged "Your boring, when your busy," then laughed.

Tala sighed then picked up some dirt and threw it at Ana and soon they were in a dirt war.

When they were tired they collapsed and laid in the dirt.

Suddenly Hilary came around the corner.

"Hey Tala …oh hey Ana, umm what are you two doing?" Hilary asked looking at them.

"We had a dirt war," Ana answered.

"Obviously," Hilary laughed.

They talked foe a while until the sun started to go down.

Ana sighed, "I think I better go inside," she said.

"Yeah me too. I didn't ant work done, I at least need to finish this stupid hole," Tala said getting up and starting to dig in the hole he was working at earlier.

" Ok see ya Ana," Hilary said.

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