(by archy the cockroach)

disclaimer: YEAH I DO OWN FRUITS BASKET. um, no.

warnings: shigure. he deserves his own warning.

a/n: okay, here's the fic for cheshirejin. she requested a shigure/mii fic, and here it is. i hope it's good for you. :D she did a wonderful fanart of kyou in a dress from cheerio my deario. it's a cute fanart, and the link is posted on my profile-thingy. hooray. also, look for another cheerio update soon, and a creepy demented update for all fall down.


"Shigure, I need that manuscript NOW," pleaded Mii. Shigure continued to hum and fold paper cranes, ignoring the half-finished manuscript laying infront of him. Mii groaned and collapsed to the floor, burying her face into her hands. "I need to get it in print, tomorrow!"

"So come back tomorrow."

"Tomorrow morning!" blubbered Mii, lifting her eyes to look for something on Shigure's desk with which to slit her throat with.

"Mooou, Mii-chan, you know I don't like to be woken up early," whined Shigure, giving her his puppy dog eyes. Mii felt like she was talking to a 2 year old who just happened to know a lot about sex.

"That's why you should finish the manuscript NOW," said Mii. Shigure blinked, as if he was talking to a gopher that didn't understand plain English and instead restored to waving her arms around in hysteria.

"Hnnno. Don't feel like it," said Shigure, going back to folding his paper cranes. Mii started to bang her head against Shigure's desk, wondering why this evil man had to write for her.

"What'll make you feel like it, then," said Mii, pulling out her last resort; bribery. If Shigure was a dog, his tail probably would've started wagging, Mii thought grimly. But of course, he wasn't a dog! Silly Mii!

"Kiss me!"

Mii lifted her head to look at him, disbelieving. He was wearing that 'I win' smirk, and looked very much like a kid at Christmas. But, before she gave into his wishes, she had the decency to ask, "Where?"

"Mii-chan's a pervert! Pervert!" said Shigure, covering his mouth like a giggling schoolgirl. "On the lips, silly." Mii rolled her eyes. "But, make sure you don't hug me or fall into my heartfelt embrace! You might get too attached!" Shigure winked like he was some sort of a playboy.

And with that, Mii crawled from her spot on the floor over to Shigure. "Ugh, I wish you were less of an asshole," she muttered, before initiating the kiss. She just wanted to get it over with. After a few seconds of tongue tangling with the author, Shigure pulled away, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Mii was bright red, staring at him with her angry eyes. "Finish the damn manuscript, Shigure."

"Righto," said Shigure, before writing in one word. The word 'end', "All finished."



And the rest of the day, Shigure spent running away from an enraged Mii.