Authors Note: This take place, 20 years after Harry and the others graduate. So Voldermot is long gone, and things are pretty peaceful. Harry and Ginny were married and had one child, Evangline; who, by the way, is the spitting image of her mother.

Chapter 1: Shocked

Evangline sat, staring blankly out the window, her nose pressed against the cool glass. Watching the, once bright, sun lower behind passing mountains, she found herself deep in thought. I can't believe that, this is my last year at Hogwarts.Evangline thought mindlessly, and worse, father is teaching … again.The sudden feeling of being pelted in the head awoke her, from her thoughts.

"Bloody Hell! What was that for Amy?" Evangline demanded, scowling

"You were off in la la land! Just wanted to make sure you were still alive" she said, giggling

Glancing around the room, Evangline noticed the many assortments of wrappers, "Amy, could you be more of a pig?" she questioned, with a smirk

Amy gave a hurt look, before popping another chocolate frog into her mouth. Glancing back out the window she saw, what appeared to be the station, "I'm going to go change into my robes". Reaching up, into the overhead compartment, Evangline retrieved her robes from underneath the dress her father and mother had got her a few weeks ago. An unexpected ball was being held, the first week into school. As it turned out, it was a masked ball, and you required a mask along with proper dress robes.

Evangline had picked out the most beautiful dress she could find. It was black, and came to about knee length. Caked with glitter, its ruffles at the bottom were loose and flowy. It was strapless, and had black high heels to match. Her mask, was black, as well, and caked with glitter. Heading towards the bathrooms, and quickly changing she headed back to her compartment, holding a bundle of cloths.

"That was quick" Amy said, just as Evangline entered

"Yeah, quicker than you!" she replied, throwing a sock at Amy, and hitting her square in the head.

The train came to a sudden halt, ceasing the cloths fight about to begin. Quickly gathering their few things, the two got off the train and headed for the carriages. As soon as they hopped in, it began moving, getting closer and closer towards Hogwarts. No, matter how many times Evangline had seen Hogwarts its beauty never managed to not amaze her.

Arriving at Hogwarts doors, the two girls headed for the Great Hall. Entering Evangline walked, gracefully towards the Gryffindor table, soon followed by Amy. It never ceased to amaze Evangline how the Slytherins never passed up the chance to give them a good glare. Slowly sitting down, she grazed the teachers table. Spotting her father, she gave him a sweet smile but, then noticing a new occupant sitting in the Potion's teachers chair; her smile turned into a frown as she cringed.

There sitting, next to her father was none other than Draco Malfoy. He was staring off into the distance, focusing on something but, Evangline couldn't spot what. Suddenly, Albus Dumbledore approached the podium, and gave his yearly speech.

But, also addressing the Masked Ball, "Now, as you know a masked ball is being held this coming Wednesday, and is only for seventh years. You are to be expected to wear appropriate dress robes, and as it is a masked ball, a mask. The ball will begin around 7 pm, and will include a dinner feast"

All the seventh years seemed to be beaming as he explained rules and regulations. As the last word fell from his lips, a feast magically appeared, caking the entire table. Everyone dived in, topping their plates with the many luxurious foods. Amy, had a mountain of sweets, piled off to the side. Along with the usual chicken, mashed potatoes, and salad. That was everyone except for Evangline; she was trying immensely to find out what exactly Draco was staring at.

"What are you looking at?" Amy asked, through a mouth full of food

Evangline snapped back to reality, "Oh, nothing … hey did you notice our new potions teacher?"

Amy's head went up, she glanced at the teachers table, as she spotted who Evangline was talking about a gasp escaped her lips. "Malfoy? You have got to be kidding me …"

"I know, now im going to fail potion's for sure"

"Oh, come off it. Your not going to fail … you're a genius when it comes to all that rubbish"

"I may be but, with Malfoy teaching he'll take any chance he can get to fail me. Especially since my father is his arch enemy!"

Amy gave a weak smile, before shoveling a spoon full of potatoes in her mouth. It was true, the Malfoys and Potters had been arch enemies since before Evangline had been born, and nothing but a miracle would change that. Soon after the girls finished, their dinners they headed up to the Gryffindor common room. As they entered, a familiar face greeted them.

"Oi! It's Potter and Weasley" a brunette called, running up to Amy and capturing her in his arms

"'ello there, Ben!" Amy giggled, kissing the top of his head. Ben was Amy's boyfriend, as of two months.

Evangline just smiled, walking past the couple as they caught up on a few things, and headed for her dorm. As soon as she entered, she went straight for her bed, plopping down on her stomach and closing her eyes. Just as she was about to drift off into a light state of sleep, Amy burst through the door.

Letting out a sigh, she plopped down on the bed next to Evangline's, "He is such a sweetheart"

"I bet he is …" Evangline mumbled through her pillow, still keeping her eyes closed

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, im just tired"

"Yeah, I suppose you would be …" By, this time Evangline was completely ignoring Amy, and had drifted off. Quietly getting up from her bed, Amy left the dorm, silently closing the door.


The next morning came quicker than usual, Evangline rolled out of bed, and dragged herself to the bathroom to prepare for the day. Soon, she was done and was back in the common room, waiting for Amy.

"Amy! Could you take any longer!" Evangline shouted up the stairs. She heard a crash before; Amy came rushing around the corner.

"What the hell took you so long?" she hissed

"Sorry, sorry I was … busy" she said, combing a hand through her hair.

It was then Evangline noticed, a smug in Amy's lipstick, raising an eyebrow, she gave a devilish smile, "Right …"

"Evang-" Amy began but, was cut off by hysterical fits of laughter coming from Evangline

Rolling her eyes, Amy pushed past Evangline and began making her way towards the dungeons. Evangline, soon followed, controlling her laughter. The two slowly entered the potions room, and took seats in the rear. Soon, other students stumbled in and took their own seats. It was then, that Evangline noticed a handsome bleach blonde enter the room. His appearance resembled that of someone Evangline knew all to well but, she couldn't put a finger on the person quite yet.

The boy took a seat in the chair ahead of her, and just as his body slid into the chair Malfoy came striding in the room, with a sour look upon his face. Pausing at his desk, for a few moments, he shuffled around some papers before turning towards the sea of students.

"As most of you know," he shot a glance at the boy in front of her; which puzzled her to no end. "I am Draco Malfoy, and I will be your potions teacher for the remainder of term" He gazed around the room, looking for reaction but, got nothing. "Now, if you will turn to page 394, we will begin our studies on a healing potion …"

Class seemed to drawl on from there, nothing to eventful happened; besides the fact Amy nearly blew her head off while concocting the potion and sooner than expected class ended. As people gathered there things, Evangline couldn't help but stare at the blonde. He looked so familiar, yet Evangline swore they had never met.

"What are you looking at?" Amy asked, pulling Evangline from her trance

"Oh, nothing …" she trailed off, shoving the last of her books into her knapsack and throwing it over her shoulder, walking from the room.

"Nothing huh? I think you were getting a pretty good look at that Slytherin boy" Amy smirked, nudging Evangline's arm

"Was not!" Evangline argued, although the blush creeping up into her cheeks disagreed with her denial

"Were too, I saw the look you gave him … you fancy him, don't you?"

"Amy, no I do not fancy him! One, I don't even know the blonde. And two … wait! Why am I explaining myself to you …" Evangline heaved a sigh, and began climbing the stairs towards her next class, Defense Against the Dark Arts.

While Amy trailed behind, "Oh, well don't get all moody on me now"

"I'm not getting moody!" Evangline huffed, practically running up the stairs now

"Jeez, what got your knickers in a twist?" Amy mumbled, trying to catch up with Evangline.


The next few days went by quickly, and the night of the ball was at hand. The girls had spent the last 2 hours, primping themselves for the upcoming moments. As Evangline, stood in front of the mirror examining herself she felt it was her mother she was looking at. Fiery red hair, cascading down into loose curls, shimmering chocolate eyes, and freckles sprinkled across her face topped off the look of Ginny Potter, her mother. Ignoring this, she applied a shimmering coat of lip-gloss and turned to examine Amy, who was applying a bit of mascara to her thin eye lashes.

Of course, Amy was attending with Ben while, Evangline was going alone. Though, the thought bothered Amy it didn't concern Evangline at all. She was positive she would have plenty fun, with or without a date …

But, seemingly she began to regret her statement as she sat alone, watching other students, enduring a slow dance. Getting up she headed over to the punch bowl, she gently poured some into a small cup, and retreated to her old post. She sat, sipping simply, watching her surroundings intently. Suddenly a light tap on the shoulder, made her whirl around. There standing before her was a slender, muscular boy. His blonde hair glistened in the candle light, and his icy blue orbs seemed to reflect her spitting image.

"Would you care to dance?" he questioned, offering her a hand

"Sure" she answered simply, letting a small smile play across her lips

He led her towards the dance floor, and suddenly a slow song played all around them. He pulled her close, which she did not mind, and slid his hands around her waist. Swaying side to side, she endured heaven it seemed. The music, absorbed her, and she lost herself. Time flew by rather quickly, and soon the music had slowed down to almost nothing. Guest had left leaving only but a few stragglers, and the candles were a mere bit of wax.

Suddenly the music stopped all together, and he pulled away gently "The music's stopped …"

Evangline's eyes fluttered open from her dream like state, "Oh, I guess it is" she whispered

"Well, I suppose … I better go" she said, not wanting to go but, sleep was willing her away

"I suppose, but, would you mind me asking … who are you exactly?"

"Hmmmm, I don't know if I should tell you …"

"Well, I think you should"

"You really want to know?" she mused

"Yes, of course"

"Evangline Po-" she began but, a voice startled her from behind. Striding up to her was none other than her father. Violently jerking her aside, he whispered in her ear "Why the bloody hell are you associating with … that … that thing?" he hissed

"What are you talking about?" she demanded

"He's a Malfoy for merlins sake!" at those words, her eyes grew large and a shocked look overcame her features. She shifted her gaze toward the Slytherin; and scanned him from head to toe. Then it came to her, he was the boy from class, the spitting image of … Draco Malfoy.

"I didn't think I would have to warn you but, I guess I do. Malfoy has a son, and he is attending Hogwarts for his last year, there for explaining Malfoy's sudden choice of teaching here!" Harry continually lectured, "And that thing over there is Malfoy's son!"

Evangline felt her heart plummet, into the depths of her stomach. A Malfoy, It continually rang in her ears. She had felt … loved, safe, secure in those arms but, now, everything was ruined and she had no one to blame but herself. Turning her head, she gazed at the boy that had made her night. Giving him a shocked look, she closed her eyes, and turned away unable to comprehend the meaning of those words. Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's son. Harry suddenly seized her arm and led her away from the great hall, dragging her towards his private quarters.

She looked back, for one last look and found him glaring at her father. Anger danced in his eyes, and his hands were clenched into fists, knuckles white. Suddenly, he ripped his mask from his face rather viciously, and threw it to the floor. Heaving a sigh, he stormed over to a near table, sat down and heaved a drink of punch down his throat.

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