Chapter Eighteen

Evangline sat, curled up on a plus pillow she had placed in the window sill earlier that evening, watching the rain patter against the cool glass. More than once, had she found herself perched in the window, and she had learned it really helped to calm her emotions. Something about it just soothed her soul. Evangline watched as a small droplet of rain glided down the window, and fell the great feet before hitting the earth below.

A low humming creak, echoed throughout the room, and Evangline turned her eyes searching for whoever had entered. Her features slowly contorted into a frown, as she saw no one. But, just as she turned back to the window, she felt hands upon her shoulders, and jumped.

"It's only me Evangline" Darren said, smiling.

"Bloody Hell Darren, you scared me to death" Evangline said, holding her hand to her heart

Darren grinned, chuckling lightly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" he said, planting a chaste kiss to her lips.

Evangline smiled pleasantly, and shifted in the seat, making room for Daren to join her. "If you had told me you were coming I would have-"

"No, no it's fine. Don't worry about it" Darren smiled, wrapping his arms around Evangline securely

Evangline beamed happily, layering her arms over Darren's muscular ones. Leaning back, she rested her head on his shoulder, and her eyes drifted closed. It amazed her just how happy she could be in his presence, how the slightest touch of his hands on her made her insides twist like crazy. How the smallest kiss, could make her day. It was all too good to be true, and Evangline thanked god she had someone as special as him to be hers.

"So, how are you feeling?" Darren asked, running his fingers through her hair gently

"I'm fine … I suppose, what about you?" Evangline answered

"Fine? Evangline, what's bothering you?" Darren questioned a concerned tone to his voice. It always left Evangline puzzled at just how well he knew her; he could tell when the tiniest thing was out of place in her mind.

"I'm just thinking about my mother, that's all …"

"Evangline, I know it's hard but you have to try and focus on other things. I hate seeing you like this …"

"I know Darren but-" Evangline sighed. "It's just so hard … everything and anything reminds me of her. I can't go anywhere without having some memory popping back into my mind!"

Darren's grip on her tightened, "I know … I'm sorry …"

"Sorry? Darren, you don't need to be sorry. It's not your fault"

Darren grinned weakly, "Thanks Eve. I'm just-"

"You're just what?" Evangline asked, lifting her head from his shoulder in order to face him.

"I just cant bare to see you like this … It's so hard on me to see you feeling bloody horrible, and know that I cant to one thing about it! I try and cheer you up … and sometimes it helps but-"

"Darren, you just being here with me makes me happy. I can't not be happy when your around" Evangline said, smiling. She tilted his head down, and pressed her lips to his. Darren smiled against her lips, and pulled her closer against his body. After a brief moment, Evangline pulled away, pressing her forehead to his, she gazed into his icy blue eyes.

Darren smiled and lightly kissed her nose. At this Evangline's smile broadened, and she giggled. To two remained tangled in each others arms for the remainder of the night, until the rest of the Gryffindor girls began retiring to the dorm. Darren left Evangline with a passionate kiss that made her mind fall at ease, making it much easier to fall asleep.


Evangline slowly walked along the corridor, on her way to Transfiguration, her least favorite class. She held her books tightly to her chest, as she turned a corner when suddenly a foot slid directly into her path, making her tumble to the floor. Laughter rang out, echoing off the walls, and ringing constantly in Evangline's ears. Glancing up, she saw Lucy Chang, glaring down at her. Evangline glared back, and quickly picked herself up off the floor.

"Have a nice fall Potter?" she teased, in her overly-chipper voice

Evangline scowled at her, gathering up the few books that had fallen to the floor, along with herself. "What do you want Lucy?" she growled

"Nothing …" she said innocently

"Then why have you been pestering me the past bloody week, I haven't done anything to you" Evangline countered, raising a challenging brow

"Oh, you have done something to me … you've stolen my man" she snarled.

It had become apparent only a few months earlier that Lucy had a thing for Darren but, Evangline had thought nothing of it. Lucy's tricks were never that horrible or continuous … until now. It seemed as though every corner Evangline turned, there was Lucy just waiting to drop her next plot. She had been desperately trying to gain Darren's love in the past week, and Evangline was becoming quite annoyed.

"Your man?" Evangline said, looking utterly disgusted. "If I'm not correct, I was one caught half naked in his bed, was I not?" This fact had come in handy, very often against Lucy, and Evangline got a good smile out of it every time. A smirk curled upon her lips, as she watched Lucy's face contort into a look of disgust.

"He-he was probably just … drunk! He would never want you! You're nothing more than a worthless pile of dung!" Lucy hissed

Evangline's blood reached its boiling point, and she suddenly lost all self control. "Dung!" she screamed, hysterically. "At least I have someone who actually loves me! Instead of boys just wanting me for bloody sex!"

Lucy's eyes grew wide, and marched up to Evangline's front. Her posse hung behind her, watching intently as the fight grew to a new heat. "The boys I-those boys do not just want me for that purpose! I give them pleasure, something to look forward to!" Lucy boasted, trying to mask her true self disappointment.

Evangline just rolled her eyes, "Lucy you can try to hide the truth all you want, but it just wont work"

"And what, truth are you talking about?"

"The fact that you're a stupid, bloody sex whore!" Evangline spat, before storming off down the hall way, proud she finally said what was floating around her mind.


Transfiguration was a very interesting class, that's if you consider listening to McGonagall lecture the class about completely finishing essay papers. Apparently half the class had begun the essay but not completed it. Evangline, who had completed her essay, sat doodling hearts on the corner of parchment, as her mind wandered off. Her thoughts eventually lead to the argument, in the hall before class. A smile slipped onto Evangline's lips, as she imagined the look on Lucy's face when she told her how she was a 'stupid, bloody sex whore'.

Suddenly a large text book was dropped right in front of Evangline, making her jump. "Ms. Potter, did you just hear one word I said?" McGonagall demanded, hotly

"Yes Professor, I did."

"Then how did you manage to cover your parchment in senseless hearts, while also listening to me?"

"I multi-tasked …"

McGonagall heaved a sigh, "Potter … I'm sorry but, I'm going to have to give you detention"

Evangline's face quickly filled with shock, and anger. "What? Why?" she demanded

"Because, I don't believe you heard a single word that came out of my mouth. Which means, you were ignoring me!"

"But, I completed my essay! So technically, I shouldn't have received that lecture"

"That's it detention, tonight! Meet me in my office after dinner" And with that McGonagall strode back to her desk. Evangline stuck her tongue out, a very childish manner she knew, but she could have cared less. Taking a deep breath she calmed down, and began gathering up her things. Class was over within the next minute, and Evangline had a certain someone to meet in the library …


Evangline peered around the sharp corner of a tall, bookshelf and a small smile played across her lips. There was Darren, studying a small text book very intently. His face was contorted of that into a frown, and every now and then you would see him lean over to scribble something on the parchment beside him. Slowly Evangline crept up unnoticed, and slide into the chair to the right of him.

"Hi Darren" she whispered

Darren jumped slightly in his chair, before gently laying the book down on the table. "Hey Evangline," he pressed a light kiss to her cheek. "You're earlier than usual" he said with a grin.

Evangline smiled, "I know … just thought I might come a tad bit earlier so we had some more time alone. Considering I have detention tonight …"

Darren frowned, sighing. "What happened?"

"McGonagall, that's what" Evangline snapped angrily, laying her books out on the table.

"Do you … ummm want to talk about it?"

Evangline shook her head, "No … I have enough depressing things in my life. So, how was your day?"

Darren gave a weak smile, before answering. "Alright … although I have a load of homework. Personally I think its all rubbish but, you know teachers."

Evangline smiled, "Yeah … very well actually." She said indicating to the fact her father was one

The two finished up their potions essay together, before setting off on two completely different assignments. Eventually they had completed every ounce of homework they had been given and decided a walk around the lake would do them some good. After being cooped up in a dark, chilly library anyone could use some fresh air; that was unless you were someone like Hermione.

The day's weather couldn't have been better. The sun was shinning high above the castle, and a slight breeze kept it from becoming dreadfully hot. A small cluster of clouds would pass over the sun every now and then, giving the couple an enjoyable shade and even as the two neared there third time circling the lake, they couldn't help but want to continue to stay outdoors.

Evangline watched as her reflection flickered onto the glistening lake, and she smiled to see Darren watching her with a smile on his face. "Impressed?" she questioned with a smirk of satisfaction

"Huh?" Darren asked, now out of his transfixed state

Evangline just laughed, "Nothing … never mind."

Darren grinned, and looked up towards the sky. "You know, when I was little I remember my mother taking me out on days like this. She would lay out a blanket in our backyard, and we would sit and watch the clouds. It's kind of funny to think that my father could never enjoy such pleasures. I mean it's just so-"

"Beautiful …" Evangline answered for him, her voice trailing off her tongue and melting into the wind blowing past her.

"Yeah, exactly. I wonder why he never wanders outside …" Darren pondered aloud

"Maybe the outdoors brings back … I don't know, bad memories or something. Lots of people don't like being outside, the open space sometimes scares people. Knowing that something or someone could be lurking around any corner gives people an unnerving feeling" Evangline guessed. Bending down she gently picked up a smooth rock, running her fingers over its smooth surface just before tossing it into the blue depths of the lake.

Darren smiled, mumbling. "Maybe …"

Evangline starred at the lakes rippling surface, watching each continuous ripple get so large, before disappearing all together. Suddenly she felt large hands, slip around her waist and another body pressed against her own. She smiled, and laced her fingers with Darren's. How could I have ever thought I could continue on with life without him? She thought, considering her previous thoughts. In the end she decided her original plan; of breaking up with him was complete rubbish.

The two stood like that, in each other's arms for quite sometime before finally heading back towards the castle for dinner. The whole time, as Evangline's feet continued to carry her closer and closer to the great hall she dreaded what was to become of her night. The last thing she wanted to do was help McGonagall categorize text books or put away the goblets used for transfiguring.

Evangline took her time, finishing up her meal, eating as slowly as she could, before she finally gathered up the will to go to McGonagall's office. As she made her way down the corridor, the dread continued to pile up until she finally reached the door. Gently, she knocked.

"Come in!" I voice hollered

Evangline slowly pushed the door aside before, entering the room. Her eyes met those of Professor McGonagall who was busily writing away on a piece of parchment, at her desk. The room was very dim, only lit by a few candles, and Evangline had a bit of a time trying not to walk into anything while approaching her desk.

"So, you're here to serve your detention?" McGonagall questioned, peering over her large spectacles

"Yes," Why else would I be here?

"Well, you can start by rearranging those text books, there out of alphabetical order. Then when you finish that, you can organize the goblet cabinet" She replied, glancing over towards a pile of large, heavy text books.

Evangline smiled fakely, "Oh, alright Professor I'll get right on it"

Evangline tried to contain her anger, as she briskly made her way over towards the books and began organizing them alphabetically. She angrily shoved each book into place, making sure the spine was "right side up" as Professor McGonagall had continuously reminded her. This continued on for quite some time, until finally she was dismissed.


As Evangline strolled down the hall, her hands shoved casually into her pockets, she couldn't help but wonder what Darren was up to. It had been a while since the two had met up, well … if 4 hours was a long time. But still, she missed him. Then, out of now where Darren appeared, and he looked like he was in a hurry. Evangline smiled, and waved at him. Darren's eyes lit up with relief and he rushed over to her.

"Hey Darren, what-"

Before Evangline could utter another word, he covered her mouth with his, pushing her into a crack in the wall. Evangline's eyes widened in surprise, just before an annoying voice rang out through the hall … It was Lucy. Evangline slide her hands between the two, slowly trying to ease Darren off of her but, he just wouldn't let go. It's like she was his air, and if he stopped breathing her in for one second he would die.

The two continued kissing, as Darren's grasp on Evangline tightened. Slowly, the Lucy's voice grew faint and distant, until it was nothing but a murmur in the castle. It was then that Darren, slowly pulled away grinning. "Sorry bout that … she just can't seem to keep her hands off me"

Evangline raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you know what I mean Eve." Darren said annoyed

Evangline grinned at Darren, "And you can't seem to keep your hands off me, either now can you?"

Darren chuckled, and slipped a hand around her waist, leaning in towards her neck he whispered. "No, I most certainly cannot." And slowly trailing kisses up her neck, he eased his mouth on her own in a passionate kiss.


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