Like a Walk in the Park

Summary - AU The students of Shiniko High School and Takatori Academy are arch rivals. A over summer cruise is set out to attempt to change that. Sakura x Kiba.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of the characters.

A/N: Hello fellow readers! An idea that has been bouncing around in my mind for a while. It sounded too fun to give up on. There are going to be some original characters in this, feel free to give suggestions. The entire Naruto cast couldn't be enough for two schools. Enjoy!

Chapter One

The auditorium of Takatori Academy was racked with hyper and happy juniors. Who wouldn't be after being excused from your sixth period class? Loud conversations and laughter were heard throughout the room, with a bit of squealing and giggling here and there. All conversations led to one thing; Why were they here? It's not everyday the principal calls the whole year down to the auditorium without any prior notice. It seemed like nobody knew what was going on.

Camera zoom on a group of giggling girls.

"Like, I heard, that there was going to be, like, twenty hot transfer students coming!"

"But, like, that's impossible. There's only, like, two weeks of school left!"

"Like, hello? Does it look like I know?"


Camera zoom on the pranksters whispering.

"I heard Ms. Yameda got murdered."

"She's right there, you dumb-ass!"


Camera zoom on 'nerds'.

"I refuse to believe I got an 89 in math! 89! My parents will be disappointed."

"I only joined thirteen extra curricular clubs this year! Think about how mad my parents will be!"

Camera zoom on student council.

"Why didn't I know about this meeting? Why be in the student council, when they don't tell you shit!"

"Calm down now..."

"I need to have a talk with Principle Tsunade!"

"You do that..."

Camera zoom to random people.

"I heard they're getting rid of the uniform rule."

"Haha, let's not get that far now."

Camera zoom to a couple of people in the back.


Haruno Sakura turned around at her name being called. She raised an eyebrow at her fraternal twin brother, sitting a couple seats behind her. "What's up?"

"Do you know what this whole thing's about?"

Sakura shook her head, "I'm just glad to get out of physics. We were about to take a huge 'before-summer-torture' test that I had completely forgotten to study for."

"Sounds like something you would do," a cheerful voice spoke up.

Sakura's head snapped to the direction of the person sitting next to her brother and glared. Oh, how she wished he was within kicking distance. "Shut it, Inuzuka!" She turned her head back to her brother. "Seriously, why are you friends with that guy?"

Haruno Seiichi rolled his green eyes, the only thing the twins really had in common with one another. Appearance wise, at least. "When are you going to stop asking me that?"

"When you dump him!"

"That just sounded wrong."

Sakura felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned around to face her best friend, Tenten, who was currently smiling. "What?"

"Why do you hate that guy so much?" She asked, amused.

The pink-haired girl rolled her eyes. "I told you," she said. "He's an egotistical jerk. He thinks he owns the world. I'm here to remind him that he doesn't."

Tenten shook her head. "He's not that bad. I mean," she added hastily when Sakura sent her an incredulous look, "I was his lab partner once, and he seemed okay. Plus, he's cute."

Sakura sighed and smacked a hand against her overly large forehead. Why did all girls find him so cute? Were they blind? Or deaf maybe. She shook her head and gave her friend a sad smile. "Tenten dear, I'm sorry to say that you're another poor victim to his stupid charms. Another purpose for me in life is to save you." She patted her head, "And I will, don't worry." she vowed.

Tenten rolled her eyes. "Seriously though. You two have been enemies for what, eleven years?"

"Ten years, eleven months, two weeks, and four days." Sakura replied automatically.

Tenten gave her a look, then shrugged. "Don't you think it's a bit juvenile? What did he do to make you two enemies?"

"A lot of things. It'd take more than a day to list them." She paused. "Like one time when

we were six, he threw a snowball at my face."

Tenten raised an eyebrow. "But you love playing in the snow, Kura. And you were six!"

"That's not the point!" Sakura cried exasperatedly.

Tenten looked at her curiously. "Then what is?"

"We specifically agreed above the shoulders. And the snowball had a pebble in it. Now, tell me that wasn't nice!"

"It wasn't," Tenten agreed reluctantly, "but he was a little kid back then! I bet he doesn't even remember doing that."

"Oh, he does," Sakura retorted. "Trust me, he does."

"Yes, I do." came a voice from behind.

Sakura spun around and met dark brown eyes. A childish grin had settled itself on his mouth. One kick where the sun don't shine, and it'll be gone. Her eyes narrowed. Damn, too far away again. He'd probably dodge anyways. One thing she couldn't argue about was that Inuzuka Kiba was stronger than her.

"Mind your own business, Inuzuka." she said wearily, "Who invited you anyways?"

He shrugged in return. "It's not my fault you were talking so loud. By the way, I'm happy to hear you were talking about me. Really, I am. Glad to know that you're thinking about me." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Sakura only glared in return. "Yes, I am always thinking about you. Thinking about ways to torture and kill you, without anyone suspecting a thing. It gets more creative each time." She grinned maliciously.

Kiba shook his head and turned to Seiichi, "One violent sister you have there." he said amusedly.

Seiichi shrugged. He looked bored. "They're empty threats. The worst she could do is land a weak punch on you."

"Seiichi!" Sakura whined, "You're suppose to be on my side!"

Her brother feigned a look of bewilderment. "I am?"

"Yes! You are! You're—"

She was cut off by a loud screeching noise that echoed throughout the room. Everyone winced, some covering their ears.

"Testing, testing, one two three. Hah, I always wanted to say that and actually mean it." a voice said through the microphone. "Eh, sorry about that."

Chatter began to spread once again.

"Good afternoon, juniors of Takatori Academy!" A woman with long blonde hair in two pig tails greeted.

A couple of "Good afternoon, Principle Tsunade!"s were heard here and there.

Tsunade ignored the lack of enthusiasm. "Well, all of you must be wondering what this is all about," she said. Whispering started. "You lot, are going to be seniors of Takatori Academy next year. Well, most of you." She shot a look towards the people chatting in the back. "And you must be role models for the younger students. I'm sure you are all familiar with Shiniko High School?"

The moment she said that, there was an eruption of boos, choking noises, and hisses. One person even yelled out "Shiniko sucks ass!" And as sad as it may seem, most agreed whole-heartedly.

The principle smiled wryly and continued with her speech after the noise died down. "That very much proves my point. Takatori Academy has an extreme rivalry with Shiniko High School, and it has come to our attention that this 'friendly competition' is no longer very friendly. Because of this, we have decided to do something about it." She paused for what seemed like an eternity, "You are going on a cruise."

After recovering from surprise, there was an explosion of cheers, hoots, and applause. Though most juniors did not know how this was related to Shiniko students, the word "cruise" was enough for them. Some of the girls squealed and jumped up, screaming, "Like, I can't believe it! A cruise! Hot, half-naked men!"

There were some who did not join in the celebration, including Sakura. "There's a catch, dumb-asses,"she muttered.

The noise in the auditorium died down after a few minutes. When everyone was silent, Tsunade smiled at the student body, aware of what was going to happen next.

"Let me rephrase that." She paused. "You are going on a cruise with the students from Shiniko."

There were some scattered yells of "What the fuck?" and "This is bullshit!" Noise broke out once again, only this time, it didn't sound too happy.

"I'm not going to socialize with any of those jerks!"

"I can't believe they're doing this to us!"

"Eww! Shiniko freaks!"

"I'm not going!"

A woman with dark hair stepped up and muttered something quietly enough for only the principal to hear.

"Silence!" Tsunade called out with her loud, scary voice. Everything quieted down instantly. The principal always had this strange power on everyone. She was the type who could make a student cower to a corner with one fierce glare.

"Good," she said, complimenting the silence. "Now, the soon-to-be seniors at Shiniko will be joining you in this cruise. There, you will be forced to socialize nicely with them. By the end of the cruise, I expect you to be friendly rivals. Should you decide not to partake on this little assignment, you will do a heavy load of seat work. I think a cruise sounds more appealing than that, don't you? Anyway, the cruise will take up one month of your summer vacation. The costs, packing list, safety rules, and everything else will be discussed by your homeroom teachers. Good day."

She strutted out of the auditorium with a satisfied grin plastered on her face, looking very, very, proud of herself.


"I don't get what the big deal is." Sakura shook her head as the juniors fled out of the auditorium. Many of them were cursing the Shiniko students under their breaths.

"Because you're not in any sports teams," Tenten sighed. "I think you and I are the only ones that don't really care, even if I am on a team. It's just a stupid rivalry."

"It's not a stupid rivalry!" A nearby boy shouted, scowling. "Shiniko students are losers!"

Sakura rolled her eyes and tightened her hold on the textbooks in her arms. "I'm getting out of here."

Tenten nodded in agreement, then smiled. "I'll see you later."

"Bye." Sakura headed towards her physics class. I hope we don't have enough time to take the test. Maybe I can stall by-

"Hello, Princess Sakura!" An all-to-familiar voice called out.

She groaned loudly. Rock Lee. After saving him once from a dodge ball—she was really just passing by and got thwacked in the head when she bent down the pick up her fallen pen—he bothered her non-stop. "Princess Sakura! May I carry your book(s)?" "My cherry blossom, where are you going? Can I come?" "Sakura, may I walk you to your next class?" Sometimes she wished she hadn't just happened to walk past the gym.

She picked up her pace, hoping to avoid him as she pretended to not hear him.

Unfortunately, she wasn't lucky. He caught up in no time. No duh, Sakura, number one on the track team?

"Hey, Sakura!" Lee greeted, waving his hand slightly.

"Hi." She replied dully. She slowed her pace down because it would've been pointless to try to get away. She was fast, but not that fast.

"Can you believe it, Sakura? We're actually going on a cruise! Are you going? Well, you should go because you'll be doing seat work if you don't! I don't like the idea of talking to Shiniko students, though. I still can't forgive them for beating us at the track meet back in March! It was because of that Ayugai Eijiro! Didn't want to remove that lip piercing... Hey, have you heard of him?"


"Really? Oh. Anyway, I suppose it won't be that bad. But some students are pretty upset. I am a bit, but not that much. I think the ones that are most upset are football and basketball players. They're really competitive, you know? So are you upset?"


"Oh, that's good! There should be more people like you, you know. You're always so friendly. Oh, hey! Which class are you going to now? Can I walk you there? I don't care if it's far away from mine. I'll just follow you, is that all right? Oh! What did you get on your Macbeth test, by the way? I got a 95, which isn't too bad, but I could have done better. No… I should have done better! My parents are going to be pretty disappointed. They have high expectations for me, you know. I don't—"

"Go to class, Lee." said another all-to-familiar voice from behind.

Sakura stopped walking abruptly and turned around. "Oh, hey Inuzuka." she said unenthusiastically. "I don't have time."

"I'm not here to bother you for once. Just telling Lee here, to get to class."

Lee puffed up. "For your information, I'm keeping my darling Sakura company!" he said bravely, which was quite normal for him. He was always confident in himself.

Kiba raised an eyebrow. He stepped forward and pulled out a little card, making himself appear somewhat intimidating. Sakura watched with amusement as Lee gasped and almost felt sorry for him.

"My teacher made me hall monitor for the week, it's my job." Kiba stated lamely. "Besides, can't you see that she's busy and doesn't want you here?"

Lee looked positively shocked. "W-what? Sakura loves my company! I'm a good friend to her! I always help her with stuff, and not once have I gotten mad at her!" He turned to the girl in question. "Tell him, Kura."

Kiba chuckled. "Yeah, 'Kura', tell him."

Sakura growled. "Don't call me that. I'm leaving, neither of you follow me." For all she cared, they could argue all day, as long as she wasn't there to hear them.


Sakura and Tenten walked down the sidewalk, each holding an ice cream cone. She was looking forward to meeting Shiniko students. Sakura actually thought about going there at the end of junior high, but by the time she took it into consideration, Kiba and Seiichi had already had their hearts set on Takatori.

"You're going, right?" Tenten questioned as she fixed her navy blue skirt.

Sakura nodded, "Of course. I'd rather meet new people on a one month cruise than do seat work." she cringed at the thought. "You?"

"I'm not sure."

She gasped and turned to face the brunette. "Why not?" she demanded.

Tenten cast her eyes straight ahead. "I'm not sure if my parents could afford it..."

"Oh." Sakura mentally smacked herself. How could she forget that Tenten didn't have the money like she did? Her parents were barely able to pay for the tuition fee. They were not as well off as Sakura's family. She felt stupid now. Sakura knew money was a sensitive topic for Tenten. "Sorry." She paused. "Hey… my parents can pay for it!"

Tenten visibly winced. Didn't Sakura know how she just made the situation even more embarrassing? It was like damn charity! "No …that's all right."

"No," Sakura insisted. "It could be an early graduation gift. You know you're practically family, right?"

Tenten shrugged. "Maybe."

Sakura smiled, proud of her accomplishment. She blinked and her whole mood changed.

"Hurry up."

"What's the rush?"

"Kiba's headed towards this direction."

"How can you tell?" Tenten asked curiously.

Sakura sped up her pace, "I can feel the sparks."

Tenten grinned, "Sparks of love?"

She gaped. "No! Of course not! Sparks of hatred!" She corrected.


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