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Hikaru quickly sat up in bed. It was the nightmares again. For the past year since her family deaths, Hikaru hasn't had a good nights sleep. Yet the dreams would always end the same.

Slowly getting out of bed Hikaru went to her closet to get her training gi. She then made her way to the bathroom.

Chapter Four: Hikaru's Powers, Flight of the Phoenix!

"HAAA!" Down went Peter Rasputin, as Kitty Pryde throw him to the floor in their daily training with Ranma and Ranko Saotome. The two got along yet they hardly ever talk to each other. During training they would take turn showing and explaining moves.

For two weeks They been training everyone hard.

"Yeah but when to we get to throw those cool moves you did in training?" Kurt Wagner asked one day. Shaking his head Ranma couldn't tell them the answer. The was a week ago and to Ranma The new X-men seem to be learning fast.

Hikaru especially. Since she was into Kendo Ranma hand reminded her that just like kendo She had to focus. Hikaru nodded and since then she had a learning curve just like Ranma had. What got Ranma the most about the training was how acrobatic Kurt seem to be.

"Hikaru your late." Ranko yell at the red head. "Hai, Sorry Sensi." Hikaru looked at Ranko. "I um fell in the bathroom and was knocked out." Hikaru told her, She hated to lie but the sheer back pain was increasing, well the part of her falling wasn't a lie. "Are you okay Hikaru?" Ranma asked.

"Hai." Ranma looked at her but nodded. Then the day went on. When they wasn't training They went to school at the local high school. Which was called Bayville high. Kurt had to use a Image Inducer to hide the fact he was a mutant. Oddly enough with the fact that there was no one trying to marry, kill, or Mallet him Ranma found school pretty neat. The fact that the teachers seem to care helped also.

As Hikaru walked to her next class she felt the pain in her back returning and stopped with a hand on a locker. Her breathing was heavy. Once the pain subsided she moved on.

The day moved on without any more pain.

Once back at the mansion Scott would have them to a danger room exercise. So they can get use to their powers. Sadly once again Hikaru powers didn't show. Once in the locker room Hikaru throw her uniform down after changing back into her cloths. "Why?" It was all she said before she left to go and do her home work.

It was like this for a month now. And the pain in Hikaru back just grew more and more. As she was practicing with Ranma, Ranma flip her to the ground. Hikaru cried out in pain. Kneeling next to her Ranma had a look of casern on his face. "Hikaru are you okay? I didn't think I thrown you that hard. Her knees shaken as she stood up. "I'm fine Just needed a breather." She told him and they went back to practice.

"See ya later Hikaru." one of the others students said as they left the class and went to the next one. Slowly getting up Hikaru made her way to her next class, Gym. Which she was looking forward to, seeing as how Ranma and Peter was in there as well.

As she was changing she felt a sudden wave of nausea, she hit her head on one of the lockers loud enough for the teacher to hear it. "Miss, Shindo? Are you okay?" The teacher asked. "Ha...Hai." Hikaru replied back. "Well please hurry up." The teacher said not noticing that on the young red heads was two scar like makes.

Back at the mansion Dr. Jean Grey Summers was rubbing her temples. For some reason Hikaru has been blocking her thoughts. She knew that the younger red head was in pain but she decided to hide it. "Jean is something wrong?" Kasumi Tendo asked. She two was worried about Hikaru.

Jean looks up at Kasumi and smiles. "Its Hikaru. There something wrong, and she isn't telling anyone." Kasumi nodded. "I been told that she has terrible nightmares about the death of her family." Kasumi tells her. Jean looks at her.

"Why isn't she telling anyone?" Jean asked. Kasumi shrugs. "Maybe it was because she felt alone and had to do this by herself." She said. "I do know that her powers are coming when I don't know." Kasumi said.

Out in the woods near that mansion Logan sat in deep mediation. Thinking over the last time he saw his daughter Nodoka. He remember happier time before joining the X-men. He was still looking for his past and the Adamantium transfer happen months before meeting Mariko Yoshida.

Bad then he knew he worked for the Canadian CIA. But after leaving he moved to Japan. Meet up with Mariko, who at the time was a daughter of a crime lord.

Even though he knew he was in high waters Logan fought for Mariko's hand, and won by killing her father. Later Logan help being honor to the Yoshida name, by then Mariko gave birth to Nodoka. For as long as Logan remembered He loved his little girl. Then one day Charles Xavier came to see him.

Logan left to help out a group called the X-men. But Something went wrong and Logan returned to Japan only to fine that a evil organization called the 'HAND' wanted Logan. In the fight Mariko was hit with a dart filled with blow fish poison. Mariko never told Logan that he had a son taken from her at child born. Truth be told that she was told that the child died. Mariko last words was that she wished for a fast death and asked Logan to put his claws to you heart.

With tears in his eyes Logan did just that, making Mariko's death fast and painless. Nodoka was moved to a friends house near Kimako Hungo, who later became Kimako Tendo. Later it was found out that Mariko made an arrange marriage between Genma and Nodoka. Nodoka married out of honor at first, but as time grew She fell in love with him. Now Logan's only grandson was a X-man.

"Hey you big goof, you been out here long enough." Kasumi yelled at her husband with a smile.

"Who you calling goof, Darlin." Logan said taking Kasumi hand then kissing her. After the kiss Kasumi looked at Logan. "The boy scout wants the old X-men to go to the training room, so get your butt moving." Kasumi said. "Why went I'm comfortable right ware I am?" Logan asked.

Kasumi pushed him back to the mansion. "Because if you don't he'll yell at you, you'll get mad, and run off later tonight when we have plans leaving crying and if Im Crying Im gonna make you life hell buster now move it!" Kasumi commanded Pushing Logan into the elevator.

It wasn't until later that the pain in Hikaru's back got worst. As soon as she stepped into the mansion she fell to her knees and let out a scream of pain. Ranma looked at her, seeing that she was on the ground he ran to her side. "Kitty get one of the doctors." Ranma ordered Kitty who nodded and ran to the med lab in the second basement.

Just after Ranma placed his hand on Hikaru's back that he pulled it away. Covering his hand was Hikaru's blood. Not one for panic Ranma asked in a calm voice. "What happen." Ranmas only answer was a scream and a bust of blood in his face. Ranma fell backwards.

Then his eyes widen as he saw the cause of Hikaru's pain. They speared about ten feet, Ranma eyed the wings. There was four of them. Then Suddenly the bust into flames. Soon the flames start to go around Hikaru's body. At this point Fuu walks in and dropped her books and gasps.

"What? What is it?" Ranma asked the blond.

Fuu looked at Ranma. "In Cerphio, Her magic powers was that of fire." Fuu said back. Fuu took a step closer to Hikaru, looking for the magic that had long since faded. Finding none Fuu stepped back. Hikaru's powers surround that of fire. Fuu powers was that of wind, and Umi's was that of water. Fuu's eyes widen. Aqua Was working for Magneto. Aqua Was Umi. "It makes Since why I can control wind." Fuu said. Fuu Stood up. Soon the Fire that surrounded Hikaru died down. Hikaru then fell into Ranma's arms her white wings hanged limped at her sides.

Hours Later.

When she opened he eyes she didn't Know where she was. Sitting up a little she place a hand over her eyes. She couldn't remember what happen. "Ah, Good your finally awake." A gentle voice said. "Left your head up please." Hikaru looked up to see Dr. Summers. Jean looked over Hikaru and wrote down some notes.

"Hmm, This is odd." Jean said. Hikaru looked back. "What is Dr. Summers?" Hikaru asked. Then a small amount of pain ran down Hikaru's back. "It would seem your wings have the ability to retract back into your back." Hikaru's eyes widen. "Wings? I have wings?" she asked.

The other red hair nodded. "Not only that but it would seem that you can also cover them in fire."

"I can what?" Hikaru couldn't believe it, Ranma might have been right. Cerphio was the cause of the Mutation in her body. But how. "Hikaru you back is still somewhat tender" Jean Said. "You covered poor Ranma in your blood poor guy looked like he was gonna lose his best friend."

"I...wha?" The young red head asked. After explaining what happen Hikaru blushed. "So I have wings and fire power? I think I know a nice codename." She says to Jean who smiled. "I couldn't agree more. How ever there was some problems with that name in the past." So Jean gave a full history report of when she was Phoenix.

It wasn't until two days later that Hikaru was allow out of the med lad in full health. Once she was back in her room and done with her make up homework Hikaru started working on costumes design for herself. Her eyes was close thinking about her uniform she had when she was a Magic Knight, how the red and gold fitted her. With a smile Hikaru started working on the drawing.

The upper part of the uniform was red and loss, in the front she made a design of a phoenix with the wings going over the shoulders, the tail going down her stomach. The sleeves of the upper part was short stopped just above the elbow. A golden belt at her waist and the classic X on the buckle.

The lower part of the uniform was basically red, on the side was also gold. The boots was pure red and going to the knees. When the Design was done she went to Dr. Summers for the uniform to be made. When Jean saw the design she told Hikaru that it was missing some thing. Hikaru thought about it and smiled she took it back and added a red and gold tiara. "That'll do I'll get to work on it right away, Hikaru." Jean tells her.

Learning how to fly was easy, it was the calling of her wings that she had a hard time with. When she was able to get her wings out for the first time everyone saw how beautiful they were. "Kawaii." Ranma said under his breath. "Have you decided on a name?" Peter asked. Hikaru nodded. "Phoenix."

Sometime later.

Ranma and Kasumi was running around the school track. Ranma was going at a slower pace then Kasumi. "You know I been meaning to tell you something." Kasumi said hardly out of breath.

"Heh, if your looking for me to call you Grandma, Kasumi forget it your too young." Ranma said back. Kasumi laughed. "No Silly, in a twisted sort of way The Tendo and Saotome School of anything goes is one." They both stop. Ranma looked at her. Then shrugged it off.

"But the Dojo was destroyed wasn't?" Ranma asked. Kasumi nodded. "So it doesn't matter, Besides. Ranma Saotome doesn't exist anymore." Ranma said going back into a run. Kasumi close behind him. "Why's that?" Kasumi asked while looking at him. She could see the pain in his eyes. "Because I let my mother die." He said stopping. Kasumi stopped next to him. "Ranma?"

"If I wasn't holding back She would be alive Kasumi." Ranma said with tears in his eyes. Kasumi walked up closer to him and hugged him close. "I'm not crying Men don't cry." He told her burying his head into her shoulder letting the tears and the pain of the last six months hit him.

Kasumi just held the young man as he cried for his mother.

Not far off Logan watch the two, and smiled. He was happy that his Grandson had Kasumi around. Logan looked the other way and saw Kidan walk up to him. "What?" Logan asked.

Kidan looked at his 'Father'. "We need to talk." Kidan said.

"We got nothing to talk about You look nothing like Mariko." Logan said. "Thats because Mariko isn't my mother. Does the name Silver Fox ring a bell." Logan looked at him.

Logan took a close look at Kidan, He could see just faintly a trace of Silver Fox in him.

"What the hell did they do to us?" Logan asked finally believing that Kidan was somehow his son. Kidan just shook his head. "No clue. The fact remains unlike X23 I am not a clone. They told me that You and a woman name Silver Fox are my parents." Kidan told him.

"How do you know this?" Logan asked. Kidan Smiled at him. "I have files on hard disk and Cdr's" Kidan said back. "I was more or less a experiment. At first I was so sick that they thought of killing me. But as the years went I got better with training. I was soon ready for the Adamantium transfer." He tells Logan. "Genetic alteration allowed me to age fast until I looked fifteen. You know that Sabertooth was to get the metal after you right." Logan nodded.

"What you don't know is the fact that I was to go before you. They needed a backup weapon incase the one the had failed." Kidan tells him. "They tried the memories implants and all that good stuff." Logan looked at him taking out a cigar, and lighting it. "So what happen?"

Kidan grinned. "They didn't count on my telepathy. I read their minds before they did it." Kidan said.

"Its hard to believe you know." Logan said. "Oh and don't tell Kasumi that Im smoking."Kidan raised an eye brow. "Lets just say that the last time I smoked around her it wasn't pretty" Logan told the kid. Kidan just laughed.

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