Okay, this is my version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)...I'm working on doing Sonic 1 (Master System) and Sonic 3 as well, but this was the first one I managed. Just so you know, it starts a little while before the game does...hope you enjoy it and please leave a review :D

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.

Miles Prower, whose friends called him Tails (or at least, he liked to imagine that they would if he ever managed to find any friends) looked up at the star in question. He liked that star. He felt it was his star; as far as he knew, nobody else had ever wished on it, which meant it was more likely to be amenable to his request. After all, stars must like to feel special just like everyone else.

"Hi. It's me again. Caud an' his friends smashed my toy today. I'd on'y jus' finished building it too. He's real mean all the time. I got another toy though in my cave but I can't bring it out in case he smashes that one too. I know you're prob'ly real busy doing starry things an' shining an' stuff, but I jus' wanna ask you if it's gonna be like this forever. I know I'm on'y s'posed to wish on falling stars but you haven't fallen yet an' I don't blame you 'cause falling hurts. Last time I fell I scraped my knee real bad. I dunno if you stars have knees, but I know you move through the night so I guess you got legs, right?" The star twinkled down at him impassively and Tails sighed. "'S jus'...I'm not asking you to fall jus' for me, but can you mebbe talk to some of your star friends an' pass this on in case they fall an' I'm not around to see? That'd be okay, right? If I don't see 'em to wish but you do an' you wish for me? 'Cause you know what I want, I been wishing for it over an' over an' over. Well, 'cept for last night an' I'm real sorry about that but it was real cloudy an' I couldn't see you to wish. So anyway, yeah." He cleared his throat. "I wish someone'd come along who didn't wanna smash ev'rything I make. Someone to play with, 'cause the other kids don't want me around. Jus' someone who wanted to be my friend. Please?"

No response. There was no magical flash of light, no apparition. He sighed.

"Okay...well, thanks for listening anyway. I know you're trying your best. An' if one of your friends does fall, c'n you pass my wish on please?"

As if in answer to his request, something drew the fox's attention upwards to where a streak of bright yellow light was heading straight towards Westside Island. Quickly, the fox repeated the wish silently, just in case this was it. Again, there was no response, and Tails supposed it hadn't counted. You were only supposed to wish on one star per night. But falling was something people did all the time – at least, he seemed to, especially after pounce attacking someone – so stars probably fell just as much and maybe he could get in on the next one.

In this, Tails was completely and utterly wrong. Stars don't fall often; they only fall once, and only when they die. Falling stars usually leave a bright streak of light behind them as well, and are somewhat rare. Falling stars which leave a trail of thick grey smoke behind them are very rare indeed. Falling stars which leave a trail of thick grey smoke behind them accompanied by a sound like putta-putta-putta-CLUNK are even rarer.

And falling stars which leave a trail of thick grey smoke behind them accompanied by a sound like putta-putta-putta-CLUNK and which also scream at the top of their voices, "Oh crap not the water not the water please please please don't let me land in the water oh man I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonnaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAH!" are just about unique.

The object in question clipped the trees, spun over, bounced off three separate rocks and finally slid to a halt in a secluded cove that was really only accessible by air. If Tails had been there, he would have been in for one hell of a disappointment; the 'star' was no more than a red biplane, and a pretty battered one at that.

It was still capable of a little more drama, however, firstly when the one remaining engine cut out completely and secondly when the pilot's hand – which was running on automatic and a little bit behind current events – located the ejector lever and pulled it hard. There was a clank, a rapidly ascending cry of "Ohhhshiiii—" followed by a crunch as the pilot performed a second, more personal crash landing in the forest.

Some two hundred yards ahead and only vaguely aware of any of this, Tails was making his way back to his cave. The falling star had been pretty cool and had lent a bit of excitement to his evening, but now it was over. Time to go back, maybe put the finishing touches on his new toy. Tails didn't think the other kids would want to play with him any more than they had before, but he still lived in hope.

While he was making plans in his head – which often slanted off into wistful daydreams – he heard the sound of something coming up fast behind him. Afraid one of the kids might be trying to bodyslam him (which had happened before, on numerous occasions) Tails dived to his left, landing in a pricklebush just as whatever it was flashed past with a loud whoosh, scattering leaves all over.

Somewhat stunned, Tails turned his head a little in an effort to see who it was, but he was already too late; the runner was already out of sight and he had a more pressing problem, namely how to get out of this pricklebush without leaving chunks of him behind. His thick fur had protected him from most of the thorns, although a couple scratched his sensitive ears and he winced, then struggled to his feet, leaving a fair amount of tan fluff in the bush.

"Wow." His own voice echoed emptily in his ears after the rush of air. "What was that?"

There was no answer. Tails looked down at the ground, which had a scorched black trail behind it, then made up his mind and started to race along it. Maybe the star had fallen around here. Maybe if it was hurt and he helped it, maybe then it would grant his wish instantly...Tails ran faster, not stopping until he practically dropped with exhaustion down by the trail. Not good. Too tired to get to his cave, let alone his secret place...he'd have to nap right here and hope that nobody came along. Most people ignored him, but some would wake him and make him move and others would throw things at him. His cave was safer and his secret place was the safest of all but...Tails fell asleep while still wondering if he had enough energy to get to one of those places after all.

When he woke up, it was early morning and his fur was soaked in dew. Moving stiffly, Tails sat up and yawned. What was he doing here? Oh, that's right; he'd been following the star's trail, hadn't he?

The star! No longer sleepy, Tails scrambled to his feet and started to race down the trail again. He didn't know where stars went when the sun came up, but if this one was hurt, maybe it couldn't get there. Maybe if he helped the star it would take him too. That thought made him run faster.

The sound of approaching footsteps caused him to slow down and finally stop, glancing from left to right. A lifetime of being called a freak had left Tails with an innate desire to avoid people wherever he could and he dived to the ground, hurriedly wriggling under a bush and turning to look out.

A pair of red and white sneakers appeared in his line of sight a mere six inches away from his nose and Tails angled his head up, trying to see who owned them.

Whoever it was, he or she hadn't seen Tails; after a few seconds they started walking away and Tails poked his head up cautiously.

A hedgehog. That was uncommon in Emerald Hill Zone but not unheard of. At least...Tails supposed the stranger was a hedgehog, although it would probably be more accurate to say that he clearly wasn't anything else. The fox had never seen a hedgehog with so few quills, though – the seven or eight this guy had were somehow melded out of all the others to form blades more than actual quills – and a blue hedgehog...well, that was weird in the extreme.

A sudden thought struck Tails; maybe the star had sent this guy after all. Maybe that yellow light had been a star's form of transport or something.

Excited now, Tails started to pad after the stranger as noiselessly as he could. A blue hedgehog...something about that was familiar, although he couldn't think what.

A twig snapped under his foot and the stranger whirled so fast that Tails barely even saw him move. Frightened by the suddenness of the motion, thinking it to be the prelude to some sort of attack, Tails spun on his heel and bolted for the comparative shelter of a coconut palm, scrabbling at its trunk and ascending more through dint of sheer determination than any climbing skill. Once he was safely ensconced at the top of the tree, he risked peeking out to see that the person he'd been trailing after hadn't moved.

"Hey, easy there li'l guy, nobody's gonna hurt you." The stranger craned his head back, shading his eyes against the bright sun, and looked up into the tree. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you. C'mon down."

Tails shifted his weight, scrambling backwards, then turned and buried himself further into the palm tree. He knew both his namesakes were sticking out, but he couldn't do anything about that; coconut palms weren't exactly known for their thick foliage.

The stranger laughed, not unpleasantly. "Okay kid, you stay up there if you want. I gotta get going anyway; if I don't find a good repair shop, I'll never get off this island. A fox with two tails?" Tails heard him mutter to himself. "Man, that's weird!"

Tails cringed. Why, why did he have to notice that? It was probably best this way; if this new guy didn't see him again, he wouldn't be able to point fingers at Tails and call him a freak.

Why did he have two tails, anyway? Oh sure, they were good for flying with, but he'd trade the flying for being one of the crowd any day of the week. And nobody cared about all the stuff he could make either, except as something to smash. Tails had stopped offering to share his toys after the last one had been crushed, but it didn't make any difference; if they found them and him with them, they still smashed them.

As Tails watched, the stranger turned and jogged away. Curiosity temporarily overcoming shyness – Emerald Hill Zone didn't get many visitors – Tails slithered down the palm tree and started to pad after him again. Blue hedgehog...blue hedgehog...yep, there was something familiar about that. He knew he'd seen this guy or at least a picture of him before somewhere.

If he could just remember his name...

So it's kinda short, but hey, the first chapter always is. More will be along very soon ;) Anyway, hope you enjoyed it and if you read, please review!