All to Sudden

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"Nothing paranormal happened this whole month." Cam remarked, stealing a french fry off of Zack's plate. Zack gave him an annoyed look and went back to his homework.

"It's the calm before the storm. I need to run more tests on you, Zack. How many questions do you still need to do?" Spencer asked looking over at Zack's textbook.

"Just three more to go...but, I still have that History essay to work on, and the science assignment that's due five days from now. Not to mention, the endless amount of chores I should have done a while ago."

Spencer rolled his eyes and looked around the courtyard. It was an average day. The skies were blue, the grass was green, typical lunch break noise was heard around them and if you were really observant, a quality Spencer obviously had, you could make out the sounds of birds chirping in the distance. Spencer closed his eyes, and then felt something unsettling. His eyes flew open and Cam let out a low whistle. Spencer followed Cam's line of vision, and saw her.

A brunette of average stature and big brown eyes. She was of course, somewhat above average in facial aesthetics as indicated by Cam's whistle. However, it wasn't her looks that had Spencer completely intrigued by her. It did help though, but it was more of the fact that she had a glow around her. An almost unearthly glow. Cam got up from his seat and walked towards the girl. Spencer and Zack looked at each other.

"I need to get this done. Save him." Zack pleaded.

Spencer gave him a nod and left Zack with his homework. It must be strange to hear this, and it was most certainly stranger when Spencer acknowledged this part of himself but...sometimes he liked seeing Cam crash and burn when it comes to male-female interaction. He was not a malicious person, but even the most zen person would laugh at the absurdity that spews from his month once Cam is in the company of females. That however, is not the funniest part. The funniest part is when the lady reacts in a negative way to his advances. That usually included some sort of cold beverage poured over Cam's head. Granted, his technique is not completely futile...he does have a 45% success rate according to Spencer's calculations.

"Hello, beautiful. My name is Cam, what's your name?" Cam said flashing his best smile.

The girl looked at him and was completely baffled.

"Wait, let me guess. It must be something really pretty, a name that conveys the glow of your skin, the pleasing pout of your lips; it must be a name that resonates in the ears of all, in resemblance of the warmth I feel around you" Cam said looking into her eyes. As stated before....his success rate with this technique is 45%.

"Don't mind him, he gets ahead of himself sometimes" Spencer said, stepping in front of Cam.

"Oh, that's okay" the girl replied a look of relief washing over her face.

"My name is Spencer. What's yours?" He asked holding out his hand. She took his hand and smiled.

"My name is Crystal"

They locked eyes, and Spencer felt a warm buzz from her hand. The air around him felt different, it seemed to feel like everything and nothing all at once. His vocal chords also didn't seem to be working, but somehow he didn't feel like he lost the power of communication at all. In fact, he felt the exact opposite. As quickly as this experience hit him, it ended. Spencer blinked at the loss of the buzz from her hand.

He quickly regained his composure and politely asked "May I ask why you're here at Horace White?"

"Student exchange program...but there was a mix-up. This seems to be an all-boys school, unless the girls like to hang out somewhere else on campus."

"Why don't we go to the principal's office to sort this out. I can give you a brief tour of the school while you're here" Spencer said smiling. Crystal smiled back and Spencer could feel the blood rush to his face and ears. The two walked away smiling.

Zack stood by the frozen Cam. Cam turned to look at Zack.

"Dude...did you just see that?"

"Yup" Zack replied holding his books.

"Spencer got a girlfriend!" Cam said grinning from ear to ear.

"It's too early to say that"

"Were you like blind or something? The sparks between them were electrifying!"

A few days later, and Crystal was enrolled in Horace White High School for the semester. It was much easier to let her in, than deal with all the paperwork for sending her back to her home school. Spencer and Crystal also developed a very close relationship the weeks that followed.

"Spencer sure is having a great time with Crystal" Zack said looking over at the couple from across the room.

"Having a great time? What are you talking about, he's having the time of his life! For once, Spencer is actually getting to know a girl without paranormal reasoning" Cam replied taking a sip of his drink.

"Something is strange about her, I have no idea what but it's unsettling"

"Probably the aftershock of Spence having a girlfriend, I was sort of surprised myself"

Then, Crystal walked into the room looking a bit worried.

"Hi, guys have you seen Spencer?"

"No, why did something bad happen to him?" Zack said

"I hope not, he was supposed to meet up with me in the library 15 minutes ago" Crystal said looking at her watch.

"Can I see that watch?" Cam said.

"Sure" Crystal replied.

"Umm, Crystal"

"Yeah, what?" Crystal replied.

"Your watch is 15 minutes early" Cam said and began fixing her watch to the correct time.

"Oh, that explains why Spencer hasn't shown up yet" Crystal said.

"Hey, Crystal what's that weird symbol on your watch mean" Cam pointed out.

"It's nothing" Crystal quickly replied and took the watch out of Cam's hand. "I just remembered I had to do something, see you guys later"

"Well, that was weird" Cam said watching her run off.

"See, I told you something is weird about her" Zack said."Everything seems all too sudden, don't you think?" Zack said taking a bite his pizza.

"No, it isn't, if it is Spencer will notice. He's the smart one remember, he'll know if Crystal is some sort of robot or something" Cam said sprinkling some salt over his fries.

"I still think something is really weird about her, like she isn't supposed to be here" Zack said taking another bite off of his pizza. "I have a feeling something big is going to happen and it's connected to her, like she's from a different time and place. Maybe it's just me, but I hope Spencer don't go head over heels with Crystal. He hardly knows her" Zack said.

"Don't worry so much Zack, Spence knows what he's doing" Cam said dipping a fry into ketchup.