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Sara's head rested on Gil's shoulder as she looked at their entwined hands, her charm bracelet glittering a little in dull airplane light. The last couple of days in New York with Grissom were better than any fantasy. When he finally said those three magic words, she'd been certain, nothing could be better, but he'd proven her wrong. She sighed remembering the intense kisses, his nimble fingers removing their clothes as he guided her through the apartment and finally the passion as he loved her. The memory still brought a huge smile to her face.

Each day was more wonderful than the last, as they spent every minute together; sleeping, making love and exploring the city. But she wouldn't let him talk about work or the future, afraid that at any moment their 'clock' would finally strike midnight and break the magical spell they seemed to be under. Now as the moments slipped away she knew they needed to have the discussion she dreaded.

"Griss, where do we go from here?"

"Home; shower, bed, breakfast and sleep, not necessarily in that order and then back to work tomorrow night."

"That's not what I meant."

"I know." He squeezed her hand, "It's your choice Honey."

"Then let's take it one day at a time." Snuggling closer she squeezed his hand. "Today its breakfast at a restaurant since I doubt either house has any food. I need to grab a few things at my place before we head to yours."

As he nodded her soft tresses caressed his cheek, an understated reminder that he no longer had to wonder what it would feel like. Each new thing he learned about her was savored and treasured; the way Sara sang in the shower, would order salad only to steal his French fries, and preferred the side of the bed farthest from the door.

"What about the cash cab?" She asked patting her purse.

"Its all yours. Do what you want."

"I'm thinking a get away fund. Maybe Hawaii next time?" She suggested with grin. "White sandy beaches, blue skies and even bluer water."

"And you in a bikini. Okay new plan let's forget about work and go there."

She laughed at his playful tone. "Tempting, but I think we better stick with our original plan Gil."

"Okay, but you say the word and we're on the next plane to paradise."

Turning her face to his, she brushed her lips against his. "Who needs a plane, I've got you."