TITLE: Shattered Illusions
AUTHOR: Matt, December 05
SUMMARY: Sam realises she doesn't want to be alone, but is she having second thoughts regarding her actions?
SEASON: late season 8 onwards, after Threads
DISCLAIMER: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of MGM et al. Writer makes no money from the use of them and this piece is purely for enjoyment.
THANKS: To Allie, as always, for picking up on the things I missed.
FEEDBACK: Is always welcome.

When Pete left, Sam discovered something. She was lonely.

It was unexpected; prior to Pete she'd been used to it being just her in her house. But with him gone, it was extremely quiet. Being the woman she was, Sam decided to do something about it.

For a time, life was wonderful. If Pete had been good for her in any way, it was to show her that she wasn't supposed to be a solitary person. Now that she had company again, she could see that so easily.

There was no reason for her to stay late at work. And so, she left at a decent hour knowing there would be someone to meet her at the door. He'd smile broadly at her, letting her know just how pleased he was to see her.

They had fun together. She was never too tired to wrestle with him whenever the mood took them. On clear days, they'd walk in the park across the street. They even went jogging at night together. Then there were the times they'd just curl up on the couch together and watch the television. Life was good.

But life has a habit of not staying the same. The novelty has worn off. He no longer meets her at the door. Indeed, she's lucky if he looks up and acknowledges her when she arrives home. She's contemplated working late at the SGC, and then feels guilty for leaving him on his own. These days, she's fortunate if he even acknowledges her at dinner.

He falls asleep on the couch and snores loudly, interrupting her favourite shows. When she suggests going to bed, he merely looks at her. This is his couch and he's staying there.

When he goes out, she thinks about locking the door behind him and never letting him back in. It would be so simple. But then she sees him, standing on the step with those chocolate eyes staring sorrowfully at her and she relents. She opens the door and he bounds inside.

Friends have commented on the oddity of their relationship. They're surprised that she went for him; after all, he's not really her type. But there was something that made him irresistible to her. And it's good to know she's not alone. When she hears him padding around in the kitchen, she feels safe.

Still, the next time she visits the Humane Society, she thinks she may come home with a cat instead.