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"Oh, God!" Hermione shrieked in fear as she heard her best friend's anguished cries coming from down below near the entrance of the maze.

"Bloody Hell, Harry!" Ron stated in a horsed voice, eyes wide in shock as he held Hermione in his arms and gazed down at the sight below them.

"Why won't he stop crying, Ron?" Hermione whispered into Ron's shoulder.

Before Ron could answer, Harry's voice full of emotion exclaimed, "No!" as Minister Fudge tried to remove Cedric's body from him; This only made Harry clutch tighter onto the Hufflepuff's body, pulling him closer to himself. The crowd grew quiet as Harry gazed into Dumbledore's eyes, and stated with pain-filled, terrorized eyes, "He's back." Almost letting out an evil chuckle full of anger, shock, and sadness, Harry declared more steadily, "He's back. Voldemort's back." and began to cry out in anguish once again.

Hermione lifted her head and turned to face the spot where the commotion was coming from. She glanced at Ron whose focus was frozen upon the raven-haired boy. Both teenagers' hearts ached as they saw their best friend clinging onto Cedric's body as if his life depended on it. He lay on the body and allowed his heart to cry out in anguish. These were Harry's tears of anguish that had been built up for almost fourteen years now. Amos Diggory – Cedric's father – pushed his way through the crowd to where the two young men lay as Dumbledore gently grasped Harry's face, pulling him off of Cedric and comfortingly allowing Harry to fall into his fatherly embrace. Ron and Hermione continued to stare at the sight below them, and a sense of shock entered their minds as they caught Severus Snape giving Harry a quick glimpse of concern and sympathy. Professor McGonagall continued to gaze at Harry with tears in her eyes. The young boy had been through so much already, but any innocence he had left was taken from him today. Amos's pain-filled cries as he howled over the body of his lifeless son shook everyone's nerves. As he and his wife persistently wept, no one noticed as Professor Mad-Eye Moody led Harry away from the pandemonium, only to lead him to another place full of anguish.

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