DISCLAIMER Numero Uno: I do not own Danny Phantom or any characters contained thereof. You know who does and thats that.

DISCLAIMER Numero Dos: No I am not insane, sick or crazy. I just call some things like I see 'em. This is how I see it. If you don't like the pairing in the story blame BlueMyst19 she told me to post it! ;-) If you do like the story, again you can blame that BlueMyst19...she told me to post it. Please keep an open mind here. This story seems to be mostly DXS anyway so if you don't like the other paring you can ignore it...maybe

DISCLAIMER Numero Uno: I do not own Danny Phantom or any characters contained thereof. You know who does and thats that.

DISCLAIMER Numero Dos: No I am not insane, sick or crazy. I just call some things like I see 'em. This is how I see it. If you don't like the pairing in the story blame BlueMyst19 she told me to post it! ;-) If you do like the story, again you can blame that BlueMyst19...she told me to post it. Please keep an open mind here. This story seems to be mostly DXS anyway so if you don't like the other paring you can ignore it...maybe

8-14-07 - Today I am embarking on a refurbishment of this story. I am grossly embarrassed by it's quality, and yet it's popularity will not let me delete it. So, as of this posting, this story is being rewritten, one chapter at a time.

Chapter One

The sky was a brilliant cloudless blue brightening the beautiful early summer morning, which seemed to be made to order for a day filled with happiness and promise and of course promises. Twenty-four year old Danny Fenton adjusted his tie in the mirror and surveyed himself thoughtfully then grimaced. He pulled the bow tie apart and frantically began trying to fix it. He had to look good today, as close to perfect as possible for the ceremony. It wasn't his wedding day however, it was Jazz's. Danny was doing nothing more but serving as a groomsman, but he knew what a perfectionist his sister was, and he really didn't want to stress her anymore than she was by showing up looking like his slightly unkempt self.

A knock on the door had Danny turning as Sam Manson, wearing an expression of petulant disgust trudged into the room. Sam had grudgingly agreed to play nice and wear the gown Jazz had picked out for her, but she refused to play nice in front of Danny. She shot him an angry look then flopped down on a nearby white love seat with little regard to the miles of pale pink tulle, lace and ribbons which made up her extremely prissy and foofy bride's maid gown, and pouted.

"You owe me big for this, Fenton," she seethed as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Danny smiled as he surveyed his best friend. She looked incredibly beautiful, and he was sad for a moment that she shunned the color pink. It looked so wonderful on her, bringing out the blush on her cheeks and the pink of her lips. Her hair was curled into spiraling ringlets and her head was crowned with a circlet of pink rosebuds and pale pink ribbon. Her off the shoulder gown revealed beautiful creamy shoulders and a long graceful neck that Danny longed to kiss. He sat down beside Sam gingerly took her white lace gloved hand in his own and smiled.

"You look beautiful Sam," he began, hoping that he didn't sound too breathless. Just looking at her on any given normal day took his breath away, but now he was knocked almost senseless. He repressed a wistful sigh, glad that he was in control of his ghost powers. In his youth, just one glance at Sam as she looked today, would have his pants down around his ankles. "I'm afraid I can't let you go out of the room looking like this. You're not supposed to out shine the bride."

Sam opened one perfectly made up lilac eye and gave him a pained look. "You should go down the hall and see Jazz. There is no way anyone is outshining her today." Danny grinned and watched as Sam fidgeted in the yards tulle and lace she complained was suffocating her. He sat beside her with the intention of telling her he loved her. How hard would that actually be? They were just three, extremely complicated, little words.

"You know Danny," she began almost shyly, as she looked down and plucked at one white satin glove. "When we get married. I'm not wearing some white frilly thing. I'm wearing black." Danny admired her thick dark lashes as her eyes fluttered shut and he grinned. He hadn't recalled making any type of marriage proposal. Not that he didn't want to, it was simply that the nature of their relationship left him unsure of where he stood. Danny wondered if her statement was her way of asking, or hinting that she wanted to be asked. She opened her eyes and met his baby blue gaze. Her cheeks flushed and he was tempted to kiss her, but knew that if he messed up one hair on her head his sister would have his hide.

"Where's the groom?" Sam asked trying not to sound shaky as she changed the subject. She looked around the room thoughtfully and Danny shrugged. "And Tucker?" Sam whispered softly, as if mentioning his name was off limits. "Have you heard from him? Is he holding up okay?"

Danny's smile faded and he frowned and let his shoulders droop in sadness. There were only two people who knew how Tucker felt about Jazz, and they were here in this room, sitting on the couch. Danny and Sam were very sad for Tucker, and Jazz in true Fenton style didn't have a clue. To her, Danny and Sam had discussed multiple times, he was Danny's best friend. She'd never look twice at him. He was two years younger than her, he drove her crazy, there was no way Jazz would ever see him as anything more than Tucker Foley, Techno Geek.

"Do you think he's even going to show?" Sam asked sadly as she fussed with one of the cuff links on Danny's dress jacket.

"I don't know," Danny answered tiredly. "You know Tuck, he's a glutton for punishment."

"Yeah," Sam said as she took a deep breath then stood and smoothed her dress. She turned and smiled at Danny then pulled him off the couch and tied his bowtie. "Come see your sister while she's still a Fenton."

"What do you mean while she's still a Fenton?" Danny asked. "She's always going to be a Fenton. There's no escaping that insanity."


Sam lead Danny into the bride's room and his mouth dropped open in shock. Sam had been right, Jazz was positively radiant, he'd never seen his sister look so beautiful. He titan hair was swept up into cascading curls and was dressed with white roses. Tiny curled ringlets cascaded down her neck. Her dress was a pure white strapless with a full skirt which was covered with a fine net which shimmered with light as she moved. Jazz turned smiled as Danny walked into the room, she carried herself with the grace of a princess, and Danny could hardly believe she was his sister, his dorky, annoying, lovable, know-it-all sister. He still saw her as a sixteen year old. Where had that girl gone?

"Hey little brother," Jazz started her eyes filling with tears as she took in the stunned look on his face.

"Now Jazz sweetie," Maddie chastised as moved to dab her daughter's eyes with a tissue. "No crying until after the ceremony." Jazz nodded her head then closed her eyes and took a deep breath in order to pull her emotions under control.

Maddie, like Sam and Jazz, looked stunning too in her flowing dark pink suit jacket and knee length flowing skirt. Sam reflected to herself that it was odd to see Danny's mother in anything but the teal hazmat suit, which was her staple uniform.

Maddie watched her children, he two grown children and sighed. "No ghosts today, right Danny?" she admonished softly

Danny shook his head and smiled softly. "No ghosts today," he said then smiled at Jazz. "I promise. "It's just Sam, Tuck and me."

Jazz's hand fluttered to her neck, in a futile effort to hide the blush crawling up her face. Danny frowned thoughtfully as he watched her eyes widen as she jabbered, "Tucker's going to be here? Have you seen him? I talked to him yesterday and he said he might not be able to make it." She looked toward the door and began wringing her hands in worry.

Danny watched his sister's face for a moment then gave Sam a questioning look. She smiled back and shrugged her shoulders. "Why did Tucker call you?" Danny asked his sister.

Jazz's blush deepened and she twisted her fingers harder. "He called to tell me he might not be able to make it," she replied then turned to leave the room.

"Jazz, Sweetie," Maddie called softly as she grabbed her daughter's arm. "I don't think you want to go into the closet."

"Oh!" said a flustered Jazz as the turned looking slightly dazed. "Thanks Mom."

Danny and Sam exchanged significant glances as Maddie closed the closet door. "What are you two thinking?" she asked softly as she turned to confront them. "I can positively see the wheels of thought spinning between the two of you." She put her hands on her hips and gave them a warning look.

"Don't worry Mom," Danny said gently, not breaking eye contact with Sam. "It's not what you think."

Maddie narrowed her eyes. "Then what is it?"

Sam watched as a devilish smile flash across Danny's face she narrowed his eyes at him and he grinned wider. "Sam says, that when she and I get married that she's wearing black." He winked at Sam who opened her mouth in shock and was out the door before she had a chance to yell at him.

Maddie turned to Sam, her eyes filled with excitement and joy. "He asked you?" she questioned as she clasped her hands to her chest.

Sam smiled wryly at Danny's mother. "No," she replied softly. "I'm sorry. It's just a joke."

Maddie sighed in disappointment then knocked on the bathroom door. "Jazz? Sweetie are you all right in there?"

"Yeah Mom," came Jazz's muffled reply. "I'll be out in a minute."

Sam bit her lip and watched as Maddie started to leave the room. "I'm going to go get Jack," she told Sam. "If she comes out, just keep her calm."

"I will," Sam promised then ran to the bathroom door as soon and Maddie was gone.

"Jazz?" Sam called softly. "Can I come in?" The door opened slightly and Sam slipped into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She looked at Jazz sitting at the sink, crying. Her make up was ruined. Sam frowned sadly then picked up a tissue and handed it to Jazz.

"Thank you," Jazz sobbed as she blew her nose. "I don't know what my problem is. I've been crying like this off and on for the last few days."

"Maybe you don't want to marry Todd," Sam suggested worriedly.

Jazz looked up at Sam with big watery eyes. "Of course I want to marry Todd," she said indignantly. "I wouldn't have gone through all of this if I didn't." She wiped her eyes again.

Sam opened her mouth to make another comment, but decided to hold her tongue as she sat on the stool next to Jazz. "We need to fix your make up," she stated as she began started running the water. Jazz nodded her head and turned to look at Sam.

"Thanks," Jazz said softly as she searched Sam's face.

"No problem," Sam answered cheerfully as she picked up a makeup brush. "What else are Maids of Honor for?"

"You're more like a sister to me Sam. I love you," Jazz said as she took the girls hand.

"Yeah well," Sam said feeling a little awkward at the display of emotion as she dabbed Jazz's eyes. "I must love you too. I'm wearing pink for you." Jazz started laughing and Sam smiled.


Sam exited the bathroom then stopped in her tracks as came face to face with Jack Fenton. He looked very distinguished and dignified in his black tuxedo as he stood waiting for his daughter to appear. There were few people in the world who could intimidate Sam Manson, and Jack was one of them. He smiled tenderly at Sam and she smiled back shyly.

"Is my Jasmine almost ready?" he asked in booming voice, though it was soft for Jack. Sam nodded her head in response then began fidgeting with her gloves. Jack looked around the room uncomfortably then adjusted the cuff on his sleeve. Sam could have sworn that she'd seen a flash of orange and smiled. It would be just like Jack to be wearing his hazmat suit under his tux.

Maddie appeared just as the silence between Jack and Sam had become uncomfortable, she walked in the room and eyed her husband carefully. He smiled at his wife as she straightened his jacket. "No weapons?" she asked in a stern tone.

"No weapons," Jack confirmed. Maddie narrowed her eyes at him and then turned to Sam. "Is Jazz ready?"

"Yes, Mother," Jazz answered before Sam could reply. Jack took one look at his daughter as she appeared, her veil perfectly arraigned and glowing as though she was the happiest bride in the world, and burst into tears.

"My little Jazzy," He cried as he held out his arms. "All grown up. A doctor. Getting married" He took her in his arms and as Maddie admonished him, hugged her, gently. "I remember when you were just this big." He motioned to the height of his waist.

"Dad!" Jazz said as she pulled away and dabbed at her eyes. "Stop or I'm going to cry."

"All right." Jack agreed hoarsely as he pulled himself together. Maddie handed him a tissue and he blew his nose. "I guess it's time to give my princess away."

Maddie took the lead and they followed her down to the large function room in the hotel where the ceremony would take place. Jazz gave Sam worried look and Sam winked at her in reassurance then took a deep breath.


Danny chose to arrive downstairs, without being seen. He remained invisible as he walked across the front of the hall, surveying the guests and looking for Tucker. He spotted the techno geek sitting in a distant corner, still wearing his ever present beret, and looking uncomfortable. Danny shook his head as he watched Tucker for a moment, he didn't think his friend would be able to stay away. The four of them had shared so much in the last ten years.

Danny heard music starting so he quickly walked back out of view so he could make himself visible. Todd, the groom, and his best man were talking not too far away with looks of smug superiority on their faces. Danny didn't know if he liked Todd, there was something about him reminded him of smarmy Vlad Masters.

Before he had the opportunity to talk to Todd, and threaten him appropriately if he didn't take good care of Jazz, Danny was ushered out to take his place next to the best man. He stood and watched Sam walk down the isle, beautiful in her pink dress, carrying a small bouquet of daisies. Danny frowned as he heard the best man lean in and say to the groom. "She's hot. What do you think my chances are with her?"

"Pretty good if she has any taste," the groom replied. "Unfortunately, she's involved with Jazz's weirdo brother."

"Excuse me," Danny said sarcastically. "Standing right here. Hello!" They both shot him a quick look then were silent.

Danny seethed. He had to do something to stop this wedding. There was no way he wanted Jazz marrying this jerk. But, what could he do? Jazz would just dismiss his complaints as those of an overprotective brother. He made eye contact with Sam as she stood across the way and gestured with his eyes to where Tucker was sitting. She followed his gaze then smiled slightly.

Danny decided he was definitely had to do something. The processional music started and Jazz began her walk down the isle on her father's arm, and everyone stood. Danny grinned in Tucker's direction. His friend was wearing his requisite red beret, and had forgotten to take it off, which struck Danny with an idea. No one was looking at his way, all eyes were on Jazz. He aimed with his finger and shot a blast at Tucker's hat. Through years of practice, he had become an expert shot, and Tucker's hat flew and landed perfectly at Jazz's feet. Danny had to repress the urge to cheer.

Jazz paused, gasped, then searched the crowd until she made eye contact with Tucker. He waved reluctantly at her and she smiled shakily. Jack pulled her along so she resumed her walk down the isle.

"Well," Danny thought in resignation. "That's the best I can do." He turned and found Sam giving him an evil glare told him she'd seen what he had done, and oh boy, he was going to be in so much trouble later. That was okay with Danny though, he liked it when he was in trouble with Sam. He grinned at her devilishly and she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Jazz on the other hand, had begun to look like a deer caught in headlights. She stopped dead in her tracks and refused to move forward despite her father's gentle prodding. She looked toward Todd, looked at her father, then at Danny, and back at Jack. Danny watched as she closed her eyes. Took a deep breath and swallowed hard. He could almost hear her thinking.

"Dad," Jazz whispered hesitantly as they stood together halfway down the isle.

Jack looked around uncomfortably then leaned down and said through a plastered on smile, "Yes Princess?"

"Will you let go of my hand for a second?" Jazz asked sweetly. Jack obliged wondering if maybe he wasn't squeezing her hand a little too hard, but before he could find out, Jazz dropped her bouquet of pink roses, hitched up her skirt, turned on her heel and began running.

The crowd gasped as she turned back quickly and said, "I'm sorry Dad. I can't do this!"

Danny looked at Sam who had put her hand to her mouth to hide her smile and repress her laugher. He directed his attention into the shocked crowd to look for Tucker….but Tucker was no where to be seen.

Danny moved across the room quickly. He grabbed Sam by the arm and pulled her into the curtains. "Going Ghost" he whispered then took her arm again as they became invisible and flew out of the building.

"Do you see anything?" Sam asked, not sure if she was amused or worried. Danny laughed and pointed toward the parking lot. There she was, the run away bride, Jazz. And who was holding her hand as she ran?

"Tucker!" Sam gasped then smiled. She and Danny swooped down closer, then watched as Tucker ushered Jazz into his car. He was wearing a huge grin as he nearly jumped over the hood and into the driver's seat, and Jazz was wearing a look of stern determination.

"Should we follow them?" Danny asked mischeviously.

"What kind of nutty question is that?" Sam exclaimed. "Of course we follow them!"


Tucker drove away from the church like the devil himself was chasing them, then spun to a stop at a near by park. Jazz covered her face with her hands and took several deep breaths.

"Oh, Tuck!" she sobbed brokenly. "I just couldn't do it!" Tucker put his arm around her and she leaned onto his shoulder. "I thought I could really. Thanks for coming with me."

"Yeah," Tucker said wistfully, smoothing Jazz's veil as he held her. "People are probably thinking you ran away with me though."

Jazz sat up and looked at Tucker. "Who?" she asked in surprise.

"Danny and Sam," Tucker answered. "They're on to me you know."

"Oh great," Jazz said as she looked around expecting them to appear. "They've probably
followed us." She then stopped and looked at Tucker in shock. "What do you mean their on to you?" she asked.

"Yeah," Tucker said then swallowed hard. "You know. How I feel about you."

"Oh!" Jazz said as she looked down at her hands and played with the tissue she was holding. "I thought maybe they were on to the way I feel about you!"

Tucker laughed, "Annoyance? Indifference?"

"Love." Jazz said then closed her eyes and looked out the window. "I know you couldn't possibly feel the same way about me. I'm your best friend's annoying older sister…."

Tucker started laughing. He grabbed his middle and laughed and laughed and laughed. Jazz moved away from him and looked at him incredulously, not sure what to think.

"Oh Jazz," he finally said after he gained control over himself. "I'm sorry." He moved to wipe away the tears falling from Jazz's eyes. "I'm not laughing at you I promise…it's just that I've felt the same way for so long that I've despaired of you ever sharing my feelings let alone telling you about them."

Jazz's eyes filled with hope. "Really?" she asked. Tucker nodded his head and Jazz jumped forward, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Tucker groaned in response, pulling her nearly on to his lap, holding her in disbelief and wondering if he was dreaming.

Danny and Sam had stolen silently into the back seat, and were quietly watching the exchange, both feeling a little shocked, amused and incredibly pleased. Danny squeezed Sam's hand then leaned forward between the seats and said. "And you may now kiss the bride" as he became
visible. Jazz and Tucker both let out a squeak of surprise as they broke their passionate embrace.

"You spying jerk!" Jazz yelled as she leapt out of Tucker's hold and turned to attack Danny.

"Hey watch it!" Sam said as she tried to move out of the way of Jazz's light punches. "You're going to ruin my dress." Jazz stopped her assault and blinked at Sam incredulously for a moment, then everyone laughed.


Sam, ever of the sound mind, talked Jazz into going back to the hotel and explaining to Todd why she couldn't marry him, and apologizing. It wasn't a hard argument. Jazz agreed with her that it was the right thing to do.
Todd, who was still at the church, looking extremely shell shocked, hurled around a few choice words about Jazz's character then left in a huff. Jazz simply apologized to him as she plunked the four carat diamond engagement ring he'd bought her back in his hand and he had left with his friends and family in an understandably angry huff.

"Look at all this food," Jack sighed as he surveyed the reception hall. "All for nothing." He shook his head sadly and Maddie soothed him by rubbing his arm.

"Oh Dad!" Jazz said softly, trying not to sound to happy, but unable to repress her emotion. "We can still party! I've invited our guests to stay and we can celebrate."

"What are we celebrating Sweetie?" Maddie asked as she read the happiness in her daughters face and smiled.

"My liberation!" Jazz yelled as she spread out her arms. Maddie and Jack looked at each other doubtfully and then the music started.

"May I have the first dance Miss Fenton?" Tucker asked as he extended his arm.

"You may," replied Jazz as she took Tucker's arm. The crowd whispered in bewilderment as Jazz and Tucker began the first dance of the day.

Danny put his arm around Sam. "So how about a dance my love?"

"Your love?" Sam asked as she arched one perfectly kept eyebrow. "You are daring to call me your love? When did I become that?"

"Hey," Danny replied happily. "If the little pink shoe fits…."

"I'm going to shove this little pink shoe down your throat," Sam said sweetly as she blinked slowly and smiled.

"See," Danny began as he put his arm around her waist and whisked her onto the dance floor. "You are so sweet and inventive, that's why I love you,"

"Oh I see," Sam said flatly, failing miserably at trying to hide her amusement. "You love me and so that's supposed to make everything all right?"

"Of course," Danny said then kissed her cheek. "And when we get married I want you to wear pink!"

"Keep dreaming Mister," Sam laughed as she cuddled closer.

"Dreaming about marrying you or dreaming about you wearing pink?" Danny asked seriously as he pulled away and looked into Sam's lilac eyes. "Because I do both."

Sam stifled a laugh and hugged Danny tight. "You can keep dreaming about me wearing pink, but I'll marry you if you're ever so inclined to ask me."

"Is that so," Danny queried as they continued to dance. "I thought you were already planning our wedding."

Sam pulled away and looked at Danny suspiciously. "When did I give you that idea?"

Danny chuckled then did a mocking impression of Sam's voice, "When we get married, I'm wearing black." Sam grinned and Danny's expression turned serious as they danced quietly for some time.

Danny grew more and more tense and Sam grew more worried. She frowned as she pressed her cheek against Danny's shoulder. "What's wrong?" She asked, feeling a little sad. "Is it a ghost?"

"No," Danny answered, then moved so he could look into Sam's eyes. He smoothed her black ringlets from her face then sighed and walked her from the dance floor.

"What's wrong, Danny?" Sam asked worriedly as he looked down at her thoughtfully.

"I was just wondering something," he started then paused and grew very silent.

Sam watched Danny curiously then waited and waited. "What is it?" she finally asked anxiously.

"Sam," Danny whispered softly as he took one of her gloved hands. "I was wondering if maybe someday, in the near future if you'll…."

"Yes?" Sam asked as her heart leapt into her throat. Her toes were curling and a smile spread out across her face. He was finally going to ask her, she knew it. Yeah, of course she could ask him, but she did have a somewhat traditional side. She wanted him to ask her.

Danny opened his mouth then looked over Sam's shoulder and frowned in consternation. "Paulina?" he questioned.

"Paulina?" Sam exclaimed, turning quickly to see the last person she ever wanted to see again. "Paulina! Ugh!"


Oh yeah, just so you know, this fic is the fic that started my friendship with Bluemyst19. She's my best best friend and I love her to pieces. The rewrite of this story dedicated to her.