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Konoha-gakure, the Hidden Village in Fire country was once again poised in the brink of war among its neighboring Hidden Villages. Spring and summer had come and gone with mounting reports of foreign ninja making unauthorized trips into border towns, and just recently, there had been reports that some of the more brazen ones were seen close to the heart of Fire country. Now that fall had come there were rumors that there had been an alliance made between two of Konoha's rivals, Rock and Sound.

Needless to say, patrols of Konoha had tripled since.

Ancient trees, massive and black made up the forests of fire country. As the sun rose above them light filtered softly through, lighting the reds and yellows of their fall leaves. Two figures made their way through the forests of Fire Country. "Nehru are you sure you we are going to find him here?" The one who spoke was a young man in his late teens. He had fiery red hair and emerald colored eyes. He was clothed in a red tunic and black baggy pants. His partner was clothed similarly, except the red was replaced with gray.

A resigned sigh, "Yes, Kura." Flicking strands of silver hair from her violet eyes in irritation, she continued to head towards where the chakra of her missing guardian was last felt. She came to a sudden and abrupt halt.

"What happened?"

"I don't know but his chakra vanished…I'm going to head to where I felt it last. You are to hang back and see if we are being followed, we've been gone for almost a month and I don't doubt Shimear has figured we left Moon's territories."

"Just be careful Nehru." In a whirl of fire the young man transformed into a catlike creature and vanished into the surrounding woods.


Several patrols of jounin and their genin charges came in and out of the massive gates marking the entrance to the Konoha. Nehru stalked around the edges of Konoha deftly weaving between the groups. It frustrated her to no end, that when she finally got a lock on her missing guardian it simply vanished. Sighing she ducked into a hiding spot and as a group of people entered the clearing she was about to cut through.

A tall silver haired man, and three teenagers filed into the clearing. The man with silver hair was reading an orange book, inattentive to who Nehru believed to be his charges. Casting a glance at each of the three genin, Nehru's attention focused on the blonde. Several hand gestures and the world turned into a myriad of color. Studying the boy's bright blue aura disappointed her, she could have sworn she felt something off about him. Lingering in the shadows a few heartbeats longer, she watched the group begin training before deactivating the jutsu.

Inwardly sighing she made to leave the clearing, only to come face to face with the masked ninja she had dismissed as inattentive. Glancing back into the clearing she realized he had come to confront her without the aide of his students. Taking that into account she bit her lip, "I suppose a parley would not be acknowledged?"

Kakashi frowned, the expression barely visible by the cloth that covered his face. "What are the terms you're looking for?"

Straightening she looked at him squarely, "My Hidden Village is looking for something, I know it is in Fire Country, your Village lets mine retrieve it and mine will help you in your war." The man stood before her for a few seconds indecisive before nodding once.


The cell door banged open, and an ANBU in a dog mask hauled the young woman up to her feet. Silently guiding her through the seemingly endless maze of corridors and passageways the ANBU kept a firm grip on her arm. Nehru worried her lip, the last time they had taken her out of the cell was during an interrogation session that she would not like to repeat. "That's a bad habit." Nehru jumped, not expecting the ninja to speak to her.

Sneaking a glance through her thick lashes she realized the Dog's body posture seemed exceedingly familiar. She gave a murmur of acknowledgment, amethyst eyes trained back to the ever-encroaching double doors. Pulling one of the massive doors open revealed the Hokage sitting serenely at his desk. The Hokage was an old fragile-looking man, his years clear to see on his weatherworn face. His silk robes of office were red and white, topped off by a hat that had the Kanji for fire.

Do-Gu kept his hand firmly on his detainee's arm, "Sandaime-sama, this is Nehru Kozue the nin found in training area 11." Pulling a drag from his pipe the Hokage examined the young woman who was escorted by Do-Gu. She was exotic looking, the curtain of silver hair contrasted sharply with the deep tan of her skin. Her Elvin face and amethyst eyes seemed to nudge a long buried memory.

"I have just received Morino-san's report on your terms of parley." He motioned for her to sit in the only other chair in the room, Do-Gu positioned himself directly behind. "Seems that even though you were truthful, it seems you forgot to mention a few key facts. Such as what are you are searching for and exactly what Hidden Village do you come from?" Inhaling the tobacco deeply, he patiently waited for her answers.

A few seconds passed as Nehru's eyes seemed to harden, "What we search for will not be named until true negotiations begin. On the other hand, my village's name is one the sands of time have nearly erased, Tsukigakure, Village of the Hidden Moon."

The Hokage put down his pipe to look more closely at the young woman seated across from him, "One of the two Primary Villages." A contemplative shine took to the older man's eyes, "My it has been a very long time since I have heard of a shinobi from either. D'sig ijo yae waumt sojo, Ghequqito?"

The young woman visibly tensed, "Hijegazu, what a long memory you have. I take it we have come to the true negotiations?" At the old man's nod she sighed, "What I am doing here, is looking for the Daemon Guardian, Cirri."

"What do you plan on doing with your guardian once it is found?" He steepled his large calloused hands under his chin, the pipe smoldering on the table long forgotten.

Shifting slightly, Nehru sat a little straighter in the chair, "He is to be placed on trial, depending on his guilt a suitable punishment will be doled out."

"If I were to tell you he was beyond your reach?"

"Do not play the senile old fool now, Hijegazu," Nehru locked eyes with the Kage. "If he was dead I would not be sniffing around your Village, much less during your petty squabble with Sound and Rock."

The Hokage sighed, "There is no reason to accuse me of playing games with you, Ghequqito. Your Cirri is currently contained under a seal made with the Shinigami themselves. I would like to believe the sacrifice made to stop your mistake from razing an entire city of innocents would be irrevocable."

She stood abruptly, Do-Gu forgotten in the background grabbed her by the arm, "Name your price, Sarutobi."

"For the duration of the 'petty squabble with Sound and Rock', two contingents of your Shadow Crescent and…" pushing the pre-made negotiations across the table "You."

"Do not think I don't know the only way for this seal to be performed correctly is on a live container," snatching the papers she read them thoroughly. Looking up from the papers she noted the resigned look in his eyes, "You are truly willing to give up this human?"

"There are always sacrifices to be made, one lost to save many," he turned to look out his office window.


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