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It was the night of the full moon and it filtered through the high canopy of ancient oaks and pines. Nehru led Naruto further out into the outskirts of the village. As they broke through the tree line Naruto was surprised to see that the clearing he was taken to was littered with silver and gold orbs that floated lazily. "Wow!" Naruto excitedly ran up to the closest sphere and touched it. Yelping when he heard a girlish giggle come from it he turned to Nehru, "What are these?"

"Will-o-wisps, spirits of the departed." Nehru sighed, "You don't know where we are do you?" Glancing around Naruto took in the clearing, looking past his silent audience. The earth bore the marks of war, giant grass covered grooves spread out from a still scorched epicenter and he knew where he was in an instant.

"This is where Kyuubi was sealed."

"That's right. I need you to understand we are here to reverse time. To do that we need to be where it all began and ended. So stand in the center of the scorch mark and whatever you hear or see do NOT move or your life will be forfeit." The will-o-wisps formed an intricate pattern of silver and gold as soon as Naruto did what he was told.

"Are they from when Kyuubi attacked?"

Nehru solemnly nodded, "Some of them are, but most I called here. They wonderful for channeling when they are behaving. Now try and relax." She began to sing. Her song started a strange stirring in the land around them. Naruto felt the vibrations flow up from the soles of his feet and wished he knew what she was saying. As the mysterious melody reached its crescendo a chorus of long-ago voices began to chant.

"Omwum'th imw Zotammum'th," A small breeze ruffled Naruto's golden locks, power swirling around his form. Nehru raised her arms until they became aligned with the core of that pulsating power. "Wibbpumt Digoj ga Wim'xumt Vujo. Hapuw Oijgs ga Hellpo Ne'em" A heavy mist poured out of the sky, Naruto stood transfixed as a glittering path began to show through the mist. Power began to sizzle and spark as two indistinct figures made their way down the now substantial path.

Naruto's seal flared and the duo stopped at the edge of the path. Nehru lowered her hands, bringing them together she formed a cup. The residual energies in the clearing began to pool and coalesce into a delicate ball of pearlescent light. The air began to grow thick and heavy as she moved in and out of the intricate pattern the will-o-wisps held. When she reached Naruto she gave him an apologetic look before plunging the ball into his navel. "Nojjy noog, nojjy lijg, imw nojjy noog itium…"

Naruto tentatively opened his sky blue eyes. Blinking up at the white fluffy clouds and occasional bird he rolled over to see that there were others in the clearing with him. He noted Nehru arguing with a blond and redhead, and stood up. Wobbling on weak legs he shouted, "Oi! What just happened last night!"

The trio turned to look at him and Naruto nearly fainted, "You! You're…Him!" Spiky blonde hair that framed sky blue eyes in a face that was forever etched in stone, The Yondaime, was standing only five feet away, alive. "How? Wha…?"He was poking and prodding the man while alternating between questioning noises and delighted squeals. As amusing watching the boy was, Nehru scowled. She had not meant to bring back the dead shinobi and visibly twitched. This was going to cause a lot of problems.

"Naruto! Hey listen to me," She grabbed his whiskered face and drew him close. "We are going to Sarutobi now that you are finally awake. Stop squealing and molesting him like a fan girl."

Naruto had the decency to blush.


The Hokage's Tower was the scene of the miraculous, the whispers spread that the legendary Yondaime had returned from the Great Beyond. The group heralding the news had met and spoken to the Sandaime at length. Do-Gu had escorted all but one out of the Hokage Tower. The customary pipe was replaced by several bottles of heated sake once the elder Hokage realized just who his dog ANBU had led into his office that afternoon. "So where does this leave us in our negotiations, Nehru?" Sarutobi realized that this was a truly complicated matter. Would Yondaime feel loyalty to his old Hidden Village or would hid honor demand it be given to the one who had given him a second chance at life. Hearing him defer to the woman as -sama was disheartening, when he still addressed him in a familiar manner. He did not want to think what the Council, much less the villagers, would think or do if the man turned his back on Leaf.

Nehru ran her hair through silver locks, "My intent is still only to take Cirri back. Naruto can stay here as my ambassador once it's all said and done with. Keep your Yondaime, I don't care. I don't need another to bear my family's curse."

"I hardly believe the immortal life is such a curse when those closest to you are afflicted."

Cocking her head to the side, "Ah, is that why you sent the boy to me? You do realize I may have a body a few years older than him, my mind is millennia older. What happened in his childhood that you would want him to live forever?"

"It is nothing he did, it is that no one here can ever understand the burden he carries. I know he no longer holds the fox spirit, but the Village will still look at him as the one who destroyed so many lives all those years ago."

"Ah, so you believe that we would know any better? Treat him any better? I'm sure he has friends here," she thought back to the duo she had to shake before getting Naruto to the clearing. She took a sip of sake, "He has memories here, who am I to rip him away?"

"He wants to be the next Hokage. When he was younger he was such a troublemaker, outgoing, full of life" Sarutobi swirled the clear liquid before taking a sip, "He would shout that he would be better than any Hokage, before or after him. He doesn't boast about that anymore," Leveling a look at the Kage seated across from him, "I haven't heard him even mention he wants to be a Hokage, much less the best. This village may hold his memories and his friends, but it's killing him slowly."

Nehru put down her sake, "If I take the boy, I take the father." Seeing surprise in the Hokage's eyes, "Don't think their family resemblance is going to go away just because the boy has some facial tattoos."

All the Sandaime could do was ask for some time.


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