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I'm sorry! You will hate me so much after this chapter! TT this is the final chapter of Unrequited love. However, I will make a sequal just as I promised. I'm calling it Mystery of the Sphinx. You will understand why when I begin making it. I'm almost done with the first chapter of it for you all too, but it will have more adventure and action than anything. Of course, I suppose that this story had mostly action in it anyways. Curses, I love action. 8) I also love Romance. I'm thinking about making one with nothing but romance in it but I have to think hard about that one.

Well anyways, without further wasting of your time, here's the final chatper 14!

I've redone this chapter because there's this thing where the question of how all the Raven's inside Raven changed into Slade. How?


"Raven?" Starfire asked, "What has come over you?" She was almost in tears as Raven walked over to her and kicked her. Her eyes were red, just as Cyborg's and also Robin's, though they did not know about them. "I am not here for your pleasure! Shut up." Raven ordered them disgustedly. "What's come over her?" Terra asked. "You too!" Raven yelled.

It was as if Raven was nothing but hatred now. "Girls, take a look at my new apprentice." Slade said. "What!" Terra asked, "I didn't expect her-"

"Raven isn't Raven anymore. You Glorgbag! Monster!" Starfire spat at Slade. He only snickered to her surprise. Terra just stood there, watching this go by. Nothing made sense anymore, as her life has been turned upside down. The last thing she had remembered before becoming stone was just getting over being Slade's apprentice. Now the backbone of the Teen Titans was Slade's apprentice? It just didn't make sense!

Raven kicked and punched Starfire a few more times for calling master Slade a glorgbag. She then retreated to Slade and watched them suffer. Red X stated, "You won't get away with this Slade." "Your usefulness has run out for me." Slade countered. He pointed to the lava below, and the robots threw him in. As Red X attempted to teleport, another robot jumped on him and prevented him from doing so.

"No!" Red X yelled as he was covered entirely by lava. Starfire and Terra constricted their eyes from seeing such violence. Raven and Slade watched and enjoyed his screams of torture. The traitor would learn his lesson.

Like that, Red X was no more. Only Starfire and Terra were left to see Slade and his triumph over mother Earth. "It's a pity that all of your friends have gone away, but I'm sure you'll understand when you join them." Slade said.

"Starfire, Slade's killed-" Terra said, afraid of what might be the answer. "I'm not sure. I do not know where the others are." Starfire said just as clueless as she was.

Raven went over to the exit where Terra used to be. "So you have let her go? Why?" Raven asked. "I wanted them to see me take over the world, and I also wanted them to die together." Slade said. "I see. . ." Raven replied.


Beast Boy was everyone's last hope. If he had known, he would be cowering right now. He took the orb and threw it at all the Slades, hoping it would break. The Slades caught it, afraid that it would break. Beast Boy kicked them, taking a few down. He reclaimed the orb and ran out, with eight Slades on his tail.

Why wasn't he possessed just as his two friends were? He would try to figure that one out later. He had much bigger problems to attend to. For starters, getting out of here!

The Slades quickly caught up with Beast Boy. He had no choice but to fight. He changed into a piranha and bit down on one of the Slades. He attempted to get Beast Boy off of him. Beast Boy changed into a Whale and crushed the Slades.

"Easy enough," Beast Boy said as he changed back. He grabbed for the orb and took it wherever he could go. As The Slades got up and scurried after him. "This is insane!" Beast Boy screamed, "What are these guys made out of!"

Suddenly, when he got to the top, Cyborg and Robin came out of the tower the held Raven's mind together. Beast Boy ran to the edge and, being scared, yelled, "I'll do it I swear!"

Just then, Beast Boy was blasted by some green laser. "Star!" He shouted as the orb fell into her hands. She had the same red eyes as Robin and Cyborg did. Beast Boy backed up into a corner, and then saw Terra. "Terra!" He asked.

"Beast Boy what's going on! Starfire and I were outside and then we got sucked in by some portal or something!" Terra cried back, but then shot down by a red blast. "What's going on!" Beast Boy screamed as things just kept getting funkier and funkier.

Slade, the real one, had done it. "I believe that your are our pest problem." Slade said as he got closer. "What?" Beast Boy asked. "Well, how do I put it? You've been giving Raven nasty head aches." Slade said. "No you have with this dumb orb thingy!" Beast Boy roared with sudden rage.

"Well, I must destroy you because you seem to be unaffected by the bug now. I don't understand why, but I'm sure I don't really care." Slade chirped. Terra rushed in and threw a rock at Slade. Robin jumped up and hi kicked Terra. She fell down, now involved in a fight of her own.

Cyborg shot a beam at Beast Boy, avoiding that and Starfire's newest attacks. Those green lasers and Cyborg's cannons were really getting on Beast Boy's very last nerves. How can he expect to save the world like this?

Beast Boy turned into a mole and snapped the yellow sphere out of Starfire's hands and made a run for it. He jumped down, off the building, leaving poor Terra to fight Robin. Beast Boy changed into a hawk and flew back up, grabbing Terra by the shirt and trying his best to stay away from everyone.

Just when he thought he was safe, he was forced down by a black aura. "I was Slade's first apprentice, no one else! You can't expect to know Slade better than I do! I want you to go away. My mind does not belong to you!" Raven yelled.

Apparently this was the Raven from the outside. Beast Boy recovered quickly with Terra beside him. He still had the orb in his hands. "Raven. . ." Beast Boy said, seeing his beautiful girl be tormented by this madman. Slade was an evil person, undoubtedly now.

With all this chaos, Beast Boy needed to end it. He needed to end this for Raven. She must be dieing to see all of this occur in her mind. Beast Boy had to end it. He threw the orb down onto the ground, just as all nine Slades, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire came to stop him.

The orb shattered into millions of pieces. Nothing happened. "You were to late, fool!" the real Slade yelled. All of the Slades that convoyed with him became Ravens once more, each representing a different emotions.

Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire all lost their red eyes and became normal titans again. Raven, the person of Beast Boy's dreams, became normal again. Slade found that he was the one in danger instead of Beast Boy.

"Who's the fool now?" Beast Boy asked. "You beat me this time punk, but next time it won't be so easy!" Slade bellowed. With that, Slade was gone and out of Raven's mind. Terra had watched awestruck at it all, unable to even make a word.


It was a few more days after the whole incident inside Raven's mind before everything started to get back to normal. Terra was admitted back into the Teen Titans as an honorary titan once more, having to do what Beast Boy had to do.

"No fair yours was so much more easier." Beast Boy hollered. "You're just jealous." Terra stated sticking out her tongue. Terra had taken on the role of prankster and the two brought double the mischief only Beast Boy brought. Though, they did not allow it to become evil as to hurt the others.

Cyborg joined them a couple of times to get everyone a laugh or two. Terra, however funny she made her jokes, and making Beast Boy's funnier, still held her own personality of kindness. She wasn't evil, and often she only helped Beast Boy out with his jokes, improving them.

Raven was even more annoyed than usual at the ever increasing pranks inside their own home. Everyone's life styles seemed to return to normal, for the most part.

Raven, however much she wanted the joking to stop, was still happy with Beast Boy's improvement to make her laugh. "Come on Beast Boy. Quit it. . ." Raven giggled as Beast Boy began tickling her. Beast Boy found out, through much of her despise, she was very ticklish.

Her powers became to much for her to handle, and soon everything was surrounded in a black aura in her room. Everything started popping as if they were bubbles. They didn't explode, but they acted like they were about to.

Beast Boy refrained from tickling Raven and sighed as he fell on top of her. "Beast Boy. . ." Raven said. "Oh right," Beast Boy said as sweat poured down his face. He jumped up and like that, he wasn't laying on her anymore. She reduced to more giggles as she said, "Not that. I wasn't angry. Anyways, how are you?"

"I'm ok, I think I got my memory back completely now." Beast Boy said. "That's good." Raven rejoiced over this. Raven was about to ask a question that would determine their lives for the next. . .well, their entire life times, but was cut off by a giant uproar.

Raven and Beast Boy ran down to the common room to see what the trouble was about. Robin and Starfire are having a fight? Raven thought as the two were at it, just as Beast Boy and Raven were at it before Beast Boy left the team and became Slade's apprentice.

"Fine I quit!" Starfire screamed as the now panicky Robin lain on the couch. "Don't do that Star," Terra and Cyborg said trying to convince her, in unison of course.

Starfire remembered what happened when Beast Boy quit and she then sighed. "Very well, but don't expect me to talk to glorgbag Robin." Just like that, they prevented another possibly evil plot unravel.

Starfire left the room and recoiled in her room. "What was that all about?" Raven asked. "Robin denied her of something important to her." Cyborg explained, making it real short. He didn't want to talk about it, in truth.

Raven noticed this, and delving into his mind figured out the reason. We shouldn't go further into this, Raven thought.

"So Raven, can you tell us exactly what happened inside your mind? It's kind of awkwurd how everything just happened." Robin explained a bit of what happened. Raven went through it a little and came up with a simple, yet annoying answer. "Well, when my emotions were attack by that orb that caused everyone to get sick, The same effect of what happened to you and Cyborg took place. Slade ended up controlling my mind, just as he was you and Cyborg through the bug."

"How come they weren't all infected at once?" Robin asked, annoyed at her answer. "Remember, my mind is split up. Individually, he has to overcome them, and the first few were a snap, I suppose." "But then why wasn't I infected like everyone else?" Beast Boy asked. "Maybe it was because you had amensia and couldn't be attacked by it or something." Cyborg cut in, while playing a video game.

"Dude, that doesn't even make any since!" Beast Boy shouted, "Shouldn't I have been taken control of none the less!" "Yes, you should have, but you weren't. I think when Starfire attacked you in your Beast form, or because of your Beast form, that the bug that was passed onto you was destroyed somehow." Raven explained.

"Ok, so what about the bugs in our minds?" Robin asked, "Were they destroyed when the original was?" "Yes, I think that was true. Remember when Red X said that Slade could sort of send objects into my mind. I think it could also send messages back and forth between its creations as well. Just like computers do." Raven replied.

"Computers are so complex!" Beast Boy interjected. "Unlike you." Raven declared.

"Let me get this straight. Slade was controlling us? Dude! That's scarier than the time Beast Boy was inside of me!" Cyborg yelled. "That was awesome!" Beast Boy shouted with glee.

"Any chance he could do it again, friend Robin?" Starfire asked. "Not a chance Star. We won't let him." Starfire had been listening to their conversations and decided to come back in, and looking a little more calmer too. Robin was glad that she had forgotten about their fight. At least for now anyways. Once she would remember it again, he'd have to run for it!

Raven went into the kitchen to prepare herself some lunch, with Beast Boy following. "Raven, I know you already know and I already know you already know I know, but I want you to still hear it. Raven. . ." Beast Boy stammered as he began blushing, "I love you."

Raven stopped what she was doing and looked over to Beast Boy. She knew it to be true, as he showed it several times already. "I love you too Beast Boy." Raven exclaimed, in undeniable love for the silly guy. They kissed once more, enjoying each others company, and forever feeling peaceful.

The End.


Wow...I kinda left it wide open for the next one as to why exactly were Starfire and Robin fighting. I hope I don't screw that up and make the fight something cheezy. lol, I did that a bit with this story didn't I?

Well, remember all that the sequal's name is Mystery of the Sphinx. Just in case you want to read it too!


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