True love

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Chapter one: REMEMBERING

On a dark night in konoha people heard the rain cry and so the villagers went to their homes seeking for a nice warm place to stay. One man in konoha known as Sasuke Uchiha was in his house (author note: I mean mansion) thinking still about the lost of his dear family.


It all happend when Sasuke was 20 years old. Sasuke was known to the whole village of konoha as Brave, Strong, and lastly very handsome. Sasuke who was married to a beautiful woman named Sakura had a happy life and only Sakura was the only one that could make him smile.

One night when Sasuke and Sakura were having dinner he to told his wife Sakura that he was going to a mission with his best friend/rival Naruto and it was going to take about 2 years.

"Sakura" Sasuke said in a serious tone of voice which he rarely uses on her.

"Yes hunny" Sakura said in a yet still happy voice but still noticing the serious tone he used one her.

" I have some thing to talk to you" a hint of sadness spread to his voice.

To this Sakura heard and saw the sadness so she to became serious.

"What is it" Sakura said fearing what was to come.

" I have to go to a mission with Naruto an.." Sasuke was interrupted when Sakura said something else.

"Wow thats great Sasuke, you and Naruto can work together again like old time when we were all genin" Sakura said in a happy voice while smiling.

" Ya, but then I have to leave tomorrow and I'll have to come back 2 years from now" More sadness spread in Sasuke voice and gloss in his onyx orbs.

It took a while for Sakura to answer but then she spoke again in a cherryfull voice with a hint of sadness. "O, don't worry about me Sasuke-kun, I will always wait for you even if it takes 2 or even 5 years Sakura said while a sad smile crept on her beautiful face.

" Ya, but I will always see you in my dreams Sakura and that will make me miss you more than ever." Sasuke said not even bothering looking in her beautiful shinny greens emerald orbs.

"Sasuke don't mind me, I'll be safe and besides I am to an ANBU so don't worry" Sakura said showing a even bigger smile.

All Sasuke could do was just well nod.

2 years later...

Sasuke and Naruto were walking in the streets of konoha back from their mission, When Sasuke heard Ino calling "SASUKE!SASUKE! Come look at your house!" with that Sasuke ran as fast as he can while Naruto and Ino were behind him trying to catch up.

When they were in the front of the door, Sasuke opened he door and there they saw the house was a mess vases broken, windows broken and smoke. Sasuke, Naruto, and Ino ran up the stairs and opened the door where the smoke was coming from. Sasuke, Naruto ,and Ino saw fire everywhere and in the fire there was a brunt body. That was when Sasukes world fell to pieces once again with a sobbing Naruto , and a to shocked Ino with him .

(End of flashback)

OH, how Sasuke miss sakra whispering sweet stuff to his ear and he just cant help bot to wonder if the baby with sakura even survived.


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