Harry awoke abruptly to a pain in his back. Sweat covered his entire body like he had just run a marathon. He looked at the clock, and saw he had now been seventeen for little over a minute. For a moment, he wondered if he could finally leave the Dursleys, before the pain came searing back to him.

It had now spread from his back to his chest and into his neck. It felt like a thousand pins were sticking into him from every angle. Harry's body started to convulse and the sweat poured off him. He soon fell into blissful unconsciousness, away from the pain for the time being. Falling into his bed, he was positive he heard the grumbling of Uncle Vernon.

He woke up confused of his surroundings. To him, it appeared he was in Hogwarts Hospital Wing but his train of logic wouldn't allow it. He sat up in the crisp white bed sheets and found himself in a plain room with a door off to one side.

Harry slowly –as his back was still slightly stiff, got out of bed and, seeing he was only wearing cotton pajama bottoms he had fallen asleep in earlier, decided it best not to wander off.

As it was, he left the room and entered into a fluster of activity. There were nurses rushing past on every side, some yelling at others to do things, others listening intently for their instructions. One came up to him and silently ushered him back into his room, and shut the door behind them.

"Excuse me ma'am", Harry started "But could you tell me where I am?"

"Oh yes dear, you're the mystery case aren't you?" She asked "Well, to be honest, you were dropped off in our lobby with no identification and we can't for the life of us figure out what's wrong with you. Your symptoms aren't matching up."

Harry had decided from the beginning of her speech that he was definitely in a muggle hospital, obviously, since they didn't know who he was. It was one of the things he resented about the wizarding world. He couldn't go anywhere without being recognized.

However disturbing that may be, he at least knew that is the muggles couldn't find anything wrong with him, it must be some sort of magical malady. That, sadly, wasn't any more helpful because he wouldn't be seeing any wizards until he left for Hogwarts in about a month's time. Who knows what could happen in that time period.

"What's all this commotion about?" He questioned.

"Well, to be completely honest, it's for you. Some man just came in demanding to see you. He was informed of you condition and told he couldn't until you were awake. Well let me tell you, he did something unnatural. I wasn't there myself but the rumor is he shot sparks out of a stick and said some foreign words and was gone! Just like that!"

Harry was riveted. It had to be someone magical and Dumbledore was the only person he could think of that was always aware of where he was.

"Do you know what he looked like?"

"Apparently he was tall with dark hair and looked really scary. That's my friend down in the office that told me."

Well, thought Harry, that's certainly not Dumbledore. Dark hair? Scary? The only wizard he could think of that fit that description would be… Snape.

It was plausible though wasn't it? Dumbledore could have sent him in his stead. That would explain his irrational behavior of using magic in front of muggles. If he were that frustrated, and was turned down, he could see Snape doing just about anything short of killing someone.

No rewind, he could see the killing thing.

But why would he leave? Even if the muggles refused viewing, he was sure Snape wouldn't give up that easily. That thought scared him. To what lengths would Snape go to fulfill Dumbledore's orders? Of course, assuming he was on the right track and it was really Snape…

The nurse excused herself to go tend to an injury of the 'creepy man's sparks'. As soon as she left Harry heard a voice to his side say, "Come Potter, put some clothes on to hide your shame, but be fast, we have to get to Hogwarts"

Harry had jumped out of his skin at the disturbingly farmiliar voice. That hateful voice. He turned slowly in time to see Snape emerging from the shadows.

"Why are we going to Hogwarts sir?" He stalled, he wasn't sure he trusted him just yet.

"No time for nonsense Potter. We don't have all day" He drawled.

Harry reluctantly agreed thanks to the ever increasing pain in his back and figuring that he might get more answers when they got to Hogwarts, grabbed onto Snape for the passenger apparition and closed his eyes. Hopefully, everything would turn out.