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"Harry, what are you doing over there?" Draco's voice called from the kitchen.

"Hold on, will you? I'm just making sure the couch and the rug are aligned. Aren't you supposed to be the obsessive compulsive one?"

"Exactly, so why are you doing that in the first place?"

It was three days after Hogwarts graduation and Harry and Draco's first day in their new house. They had bought all the furniture earlier in the month but could only move in today. They had been fighting over room colours and placement of couches all morning and it had finally tapered off to a few choice remarks by mid afternoon.

"Well you weren't going to do it so I thought it'd better get done before they get here. What time is it by the way?"

Draco checked the clock on the stove. "Quarter to six."


Draco rolled his eyes. Harry needed to stop panicking. "Relax Harry. I've made the salad and potatoes, all that needs doing is the roast and I put Dobby on that two hours ago. We're fine." As Harry came over to the kitchen from the living room, Draco moved behind him and massaged his shoulders firmly.

He had learned that this drew an instant reaction of turning to goo out of Harry. As he had predicted, it was another thirty seconds before Harry was swaying precariously in front of him, relaxed to the point of falling.

A popping sound came from out of nowhere, causing them both to jump. Lovely, thought Draco, someone was early.

"Not to interrupt or anything, but... we're here!" Blaise's cheery voice sounded from the doorway.

"Blaise," Draco said, turning to look at his friend, "What do you find difficult about arriving on time?"

"We are on time!" He replied indignantly.

"No you're not! You're fifteen minutes early, for Merlin's sake. We could have been naked."

A disappointed frown leapt to Blaise's face and he muttered something to the effect of, "Damn, should've shown up earlier." He then said, in a much louder voice, "So, am I the first here, then?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Blaise, when you show up fifteen minutes early, there's a good chance you'll be the first to arrive."

He scoffed his contempt. "Slackers."

"Yes but fortunately for us, that means you get to help set up." Draco said smiling sweetly.

This didn't seem to bother Blaise as much as Draco would have hoped, as he started spelling the silverware into the dining room. With Blaise out of the way, Harry and Draco looked at each other, exasperated. Merlin knew they loved Blaise but sometimes...

A little while later, everything was finally set up and ready for company. If you considered the invitees to be proper company, of course. The guest list consisted of Blaise and Pansy – Draco's two best friends, and Ron and Hermione – Harry's best friends and currently a couple. Draco was positive that they weren't expecting some fancy dinner party, as demonstrated by Blaise showing up early, but they also didn't want to be bad hosts and had therefore put some effort into it.

Pansy had arrived a minute ago and they were now just waiting for Ron and Hermione, who would be coming together.

Sure enough, at six minutes after six, two pops sounded in the living room. Before anyone could say anything, Ron asked, "Is it safe?" He had his eyes closed tightly and his fingers in his ears.

"For goodness sakes, Ron! Yes, it's safe." Hermione cried, annoyed, yanking his fingers from his ears.

In late March, Ron had walked in on a rather unfortunate scene, involving Harry riding Draco. He had promptly fallen over, screamed and spoken to either of them for a few weeks. This was, of course, before Hermione had put Harry and Ron in a room together, locked the door, and left. Ever since then, he was always very careful and overly prudent when entering a room containing only the two of them.

Ron let out a deep breath and waved. "Hey mates, how are you?"

"Well actually," Draco started in a tone that screamed mischief, "I was just telling Harry how much I'm looking forward to having him lying under me tonight. I'm going to strip him down naked, then lick a trail-"

He was cut off by three things, all of which happened at once. Ron screamed and resumed his position of fingers in his ears and eyes closed, Harry elbowed him in the stomach, and perhaps most disturbingly of all, Hermione and Blaise leaned forward, apparently eager for more.

"Okay, never mind." Draco said in a tight voice. Apparently the elbow to the ribs had been a little harder than Harry had intended.

They sat down to dinner, Ron still looking suspiciously between the two of them. At last, Draco seemed to loose it and told Ron, quite firmly, "I was kidding Ron, get over it."

Harry turned his head to look at Draco, beside him. "You weren't kidding, were you?" He appeared to be concerned, but it was mostly for Ron's benefit.

"Course I wasn't." Draco slid a hand over Harry's thigh, making sure it was obvious to the table where it was headed.

Ron sat back in his chair weakly and whimpered.

"Ron, surely you don't find sex repulsive?" Said Pansy, obviously teasing him. "If that is the case Hermione, you have my deepest sympathies."

Ron sank lower in his chair, his ears turning red, but managed to mutter, "Course I don't find it repulsive," as Hermione patted his reassuringly.

Conversation continued around them until it was time for dessert. Dobby had been on dessert duty and Harry had been the one to inform him of the menu so it was even a surprise to Draco when he brought out his favourite- chocolate cheesecake. There was even a rich chocolate sauce to drip over it.

As the sauce reached Draco and he dribbled some on his piece of pie, and, under the cover of the others conversation, whispered in Harry's ear, "I'm going to lick this off your naked body later tonight."

Draco would later swear that Harry's face had turned the exact colour red of the napkins they were using.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Harry cursed himself as Hermione noticed something was obviously not right. He shook his head. "Nothing."

The occupants of the table shared glances.

"Please Harry, clearly there's something wrong. Now what?"

Harry once again, shook his head and said, "Trust me, it's nothing."

"Harry," Ron said, searching the others eyes, looking for a clue. "Is this something I could hear without fainting?"Harry couldn't stop himself. A smile tugged at his lips and he felt the desperate need to laugh. So he did, with Draco joining in a moment later. The rest of the table was still confused, although Ron's question and their reaction had spread some light on what was going on.

Draco was the first to compose himself and he told Ron, quite honestly, "I don't believe it is."

This earned three sets of raised eyebrows and one dry sob from Ron's direction.

"Okay well you can't tell us something like that and then not explain!" Blaise said earnestly, as he was the only person there who was desperately interested and not attached to another on any level higher than friendship. "What's going on? How did we miss something?"

"Really guys, please. Just leave it. I'll take it up with Draco later." Harry said, the smile still resting on his face.

Time sped by and the evening filled with stories from Hogwarts, both embarrassing and impressive from all sides of the room. Ron was just finishing telling the story of what had really happened with the flying car, Whomping Willow and all, when Hermione fell asleep against the couch. This unanimously deemed it too late to continue reminiscing and they took their leave.

As Ron was helping a barely awake Hermione through the Floo – something, Harry thought pityingly, that would be sure to jolt her awake – and thanking them for having them.

"You know, invite us back any time. We're still staying at the Burrow, you know, and Mum's not letting us sleep in the same bed. Not that that stops us of course, but... it's nice to have an evening out, is what I'm trying to say." He finished with a smile.

Harry laughed. "Ron, you're welcome anytime. But you still might want to be sure to warn us you're coming." He winked and Ron smiled back, a bit of a flush coming to his ears. "No problem. I won't be forgetting that in a hurry."

And with a yell of "The Burrow," they were gone.

With the house empty and no rushing to get anything done, Harry felt a lot more at peace than he had in awhile.

"So," Draco said, moving his hands around Harry's waist from behind. "What do we do now?"

"Well unless you were kidding about the chocolate," Harry turned around in his arms so that they were hugging, "I've got an idea."

Draco's eyes lit straight up like a child's on Christmas, only with a little bit of a naughty streak running through them. "I'll meet you in the bedroom." Draco said, and then rushed back into the kitchen where the remaining food was being kept.

Harry wasted no time in jogging to their bedroom and stripping out of his clothes. He lay naked on top of the sheets, playing with his treasure trail and waiting for Draco to catch up.

Draco did catch up in time to see Harry's fingers leaving the general vicinity of his groin. "Start without me?" He asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Couldn't possibly." Harry said. "Now that you're here however..." He moved his hand back down and this time, rather than teasing himself, took his length into his hand and squeezed firmly.

Watching this very intently, Draco started to unbutton his shirt.

It had taken Harry awhile to notice, but he had stopped wearing undershirts unless they were his only shirt, after the first time they had had sex.

Once Draco had removed all his clothes, he climbed gracefully above Harry and kissed him. It always took very little for them to become aroused. Even after half a year, all they had to do was look at each other and they were up for a go. Adding more stimulation, however, was more fun.

As always when they were together, Draco kissed their bond mark and sent tingles through Harry. It had never become any less sensitive, something that made Harry very happy. He bucked up to meet Draco, but the blonde kept moving down his body.

When at last, he had kissed his way to his nipples, he sat up, straddling Harry's legs and reached to the nightstand where he had left the bowl of chocolate.

Watching Harry, who was in turn, watching Draco's hand in anticipation, Draco dipped two fingers into the chocolate sauce and carefully brought them down to Harry's chest. The made one line of chocolate in the dip between Harry's pectorals, then crossed it with another line moving from one nipple to the other. Finally, to Harry's great relief, the place two large dollops on either nipple and replaced the bowl on the table.

Draco stared down at Harry's decorated chest before leaning in to begin licking. He started at the top of the line, slowly working his way down, open mouth kissing rather than simply licking. His tongue swirled around the sauce and he nursed the skin that was quickly turning pink from his ministrations. Not that Harry was complaining.

He was arching into the mouth that was slowly devouring him, and how could he not? Harry was actually starting to feel light headed from breathing so deeply as quickly as he was.

"Draco, slow down. I'm going to pass out here."

Draco only laughed and continued his journey south, though going slower as Harry had requested.

When he was finished with the line running down, he examined his work, the clean, albeit slightly sticky skin that was left behind. He then determined to start with the right nipple, and licked the trail leading to it quite quickly, but then paying minutes worth of attention to the area right beside his destination.

Harry was becoming desperate by now, Draco could tell by his bucking and pleading. Normally, he would feel bad and give in, but tonight Draco was feeling in more of a teasing mood. With that thought, he switched over to Harry's other side and licked away the chocolate trail that he found there.

"Merlin, Draco you're such a tease." Harry hadn't given in to begging yet. He was much too proud for that.

What his pride would allow, however, was physical begging. He obviously wasn't below urging Draco's head in a certain direction, or rubbing himself against the blonde in hopes of enticing him. But Draco held strong.

Harry's nerves were on fire, every single one just waiting for the moment of contact in which they could explode.

"Fuck Draco, please just get on with it." Harry ground out, unwilling to give Draco more begging than that. Not that he was confident in his ability to hold out on begging.

Draco seemed to consider this request for a second, mouth still latched onto a part of Harry's skin that was very near his left nipple. Instead of answering, he gave something better.

He moved his mouth slightly and descended upon the blob of chocolate.

Harry's entire body arched and was raised to meet Draco's. "Fuck. Merlin, Draco." He could feel his own cock twitching in response to Harry's words.

The chocolate was now long gone from the peak, but Draco was set on torturing it anyway. He nipped at it a couple times but when it didn't draw the reaction he was hoping for, he bit down as gently as he could, while still biting. Harry moaned out a couple sounds that might have been jumbled words but Draco couldn't tell. He loved how responsive Harry was to him.

Finally giving Harry a break, he switched to the other nipple and repeated the process. When he pulled away, he could see both of his nipples were swollen and might even bruise – particularly the left one, upon which he had spent more time.

He slid back up so they were face to face and kissed Harry, letting him taste the remaining chocolate in his mouth. Harry moaned into his lips and hugged Draco around the waist, not wanting him to move.

The perfect silence was interrupted with an even better – is possible – question from Draco. He was still trying to catch his breath from the kiss but managed to speak out, "Do you mind if I –"

Harry cut him off before he could even voice his question. He knew what was coming. The only reason Draco even stopped in the middle of making out was to ask the same thing.

Harry whispered, "Be my guest."

More than willing to take advantage of Harry's consent, Draco searched his mind for a place to bite. He usually saved the neck for special occasions, and they had actually resorted to using the wrists a couple times when they were in a rush and in a public place. It was one place that didn't arouse them.

It had recently come to their attention that Draco had more blood cravings than Harry did. Perhaps it was because of their positions in the bond, but Harry only needed to feed about half as often as Draco did. They did, of course, sometimes disregard this if they were in a particular mood.

So as Draco moved down the body, he chose what had become one of his favourite spots to feed from, just below Harry's bellybutton and slightly to the right. He had long ago noticed that Harry rubbed this bit of himself when he wanted or needed a bit of extra stimulation and it seemed a particularly sensitive place.

It was as Draco was toying with the skin that a thought occurred to him, involving blood and chocolate. Hmm.

He reached blindly down to the side of the bed and dipped his fingers in the remaining chocolate. He then quickly and carefully smeared the dark liquid onto Harry's stomach over the spot he had been sucking.

Harry looked down at the change in texture and temperature and quirked a smile. "Draco..." he seemed a little lost for words. "You make me laugh."

"Glad I can amuse." He smirked before resuming his task of seemingly trying to suck Harry's skin off. After all the chocolate was off – for the sake of cleanliness – Draco couldn't contain himself and broke Harry's skin with his newly emerged fangs. As he had had such a reliable source of blood, his needs had backed off and he didn't need to drink nearly as much as he had at the beginning of their relationship.

The mixture of the blood and chocolate had been a fabulous idea. They counteracted each other beautifully and the slight saltiness to the blood was thrown off by the sweetness of the chocolate. Draco sucked, what might have been a little more enthusiastically than usual, causing Harry's body to tense and his cock to twitch very near Draco's face. This effectively distracted him from what he was doing and kissed the wound shut.

Draco was just licking a path down to Harry's erection when the latter stopped him and, amongst the confusion, switched their positions.

Harry now on top, the straddled Draco, making sure their erections were close enough to rub. Draco reached to the drawer but Harry slapped his hand away, and reached for the lube himself. The former didn't have time to dwell on this, as he focused on Harry's next action.

Without looking to him for assistance, Harry deftly covered three fingers in lube and proceeded to slip two of them into his own arse, still straddling Draco. Harry had never done this in front of him before, despite much subtle pleading, yes, subtle pleading could be done, and Draco was about to go into heart failure.

He watched as Harry plunged them over and over into himself, obviously searching for his prostate. It was apparent when he found it, as he cleaned forward and gasped. He almost fell forward and had to brace himself, at the last minute, next to Draco's head. He now had to support himself fully on the one hand in front of him as his other one was otherwise occupied.

Draco gulped. He was staring wide eyed at Harry's face, which was contorted in unspeakable pleasure, eyes clamped shut and mouth fallen open. Harry was still humping himself back on his fingers and brushing Draco's cock at every thrust. He knew he would come if he didn't get a moment to calm himself and so, not wanting to ruin the moment, he tried to speak. It came out as more of a squeak which he honestly hoped Harry hadn't noticed.

He cleared his throat and tried again. "Harry..." The best he could do was pant, but it seemed to get his attention nonetheless. Harry stopped moving and withdrew from over Draco. He reached once again to the lube on the table and squeezed a liberal amount onto the palm of his hand.

Harry rubbed it into Draco's hard shaft, making sure it wasn't reminiscent of a medical procedure with barely noticeable flicks to the head.

"Would you beg me if I asked?" Harry said, looking for revenge from earlier.

"Probably." Draco's eyes were still fixed intently on Harry's body and on the hand still slathering his cock.

"Good enough for me." And with those words, Harry moved higher on Draco and let his body slowly engulf the erection.

Harry was still tight, by anyone's standards, but he had learned how to relax more so the cock had an easier passage than it used to and Draco was within him in moments.

How could anything be better than this?

Harry slowly started undulating over him, occasionally adding a bounce down to the action. He had leaned back just enough so that Draco could see his own wet cock disappearing into Harry, adding to the arousal.

Neither of them could take such a slow pace for long and as Harry sped up, Draco started thrusting up to meet Harry's own.

As the thrusts grew faster, they couldn't hold back, especially after the intensive foreplay and taking into consideration they were both still young adults, they came. Harry, all over his own and Draco's stomach, and Draco inside him.

They sat still for a moment, basking in the glow that was the aftermath of their orgasms. Once Harry had the energy, he rolled off to the right and landed by Draco's side.

They lay beside each other, the entire lengths of their bodies touching, and Harry spoke.

"So... I've been thinking..."

"Do you need a medi-witch?" Came the typical response.

"Shut it, you. Anyway, I was thinking that...I mean, since we're going to be together for the rest of our lives anyway..." He paused, thinking it was very obvious where he was going.

"Yes Harry? I can't read your mind just yet, you know?"

Harry sighed. Apparently making love had dulled Draco's intelligence.

"I thought we'd make it somewhat more official. Or something."



Harry heart was beating quickly in his chest. Was Draco cruel enough to actually make him ask?

"What are you talking about?"

Apparently he was.

Harry had decided weeks ago that when the time came, he would just go for it. Just ask. Do it, Harry.

He couldn't do it.

Harry shook his head. Yes he could! He turned his head to look at Draco, who was staring back quizzically if not a little frightened.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, would you do me the honour of becoming my husband?"

Draco's eyes widened.

For one terrible moment, Harry considered that he was going to say no. He had almost opened his mouth to take it back, ask that the entire thing be forgotten, when Draco spoke.

"Isn't that a little sudden?" He looked very embarrassed and not at all Malfoy-esque. "Can't this wait until morning when you're not confused by sex?"

Draco actually looked upset. He was, Harry figured, probably thinking that this had been a spur of the moment thing and that he couldn't possibly trap Harry like that. Or at least, that's what Harry hoped he was thinking because otherwise, he just flat out didn't want to marry him.

Thinking that he could quell at least one of these horrible thoughts, Harry reached into the drawer where they kept the lube, and withdrew and tiny box. Like the kind that held rings.

Draco's eyes welled up as he saw what Harry was holding, but the Gryffindor didn't notice.

"This isn't something I just decided, you know. I've been wanting to ask for weeks but we were still in school. But I mean, I'll understand if you'd rather not-"

Harry never finished his sentence because in the next second, he had a Malfoy attached to his lips.


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