On the Surface...

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Chapter I

Drizzt Do' Urden had fought bravely amongst his friends to get Mithral hall from the druegar. Bruenor finally stood at his rightful place as King. The dwarves and barbarians alike were still battle wary, but they drank and laughed, congratulating each other on their victories.

On that night, Drizzt climbed from the halls to get some fresh air upon the surface. It was worth the freezing temperatures to witness the beauty that was the stars and moon. Nothing matched their beauty. A fresh sheet of snow blanketed the ground and not a soul had walked on its surface. The drow did not dare not walk out to far; he didn't want to ruin the snow.

"We have survived ,yet another war Guenhwyvar" , he said, looking down at the onyx statue of his panther. "You have fought well, my dear friend."

He pocketed the statue and looked up at the stars again. There was but a couple of clouds floating overhead. His keen drow eye's spotted smoke from a campfire not far from him, just off to the east. Drizzt glanced over his shoulder at the halls before setting off to find the source of the fire. He couldn't understand why anyone would be outdoors on a chilled night such as this.

The drow stepped into the little grove of tree's. Without a sound, he crept closer and closer towards the campsite. Huddled close to the fire was a robed figure. A slender hand reached out to poke at the fire once or twice as Drizzt watched. The figure had a slander frame with visible curves. He decided that the figure must be a female, probably elven. The figure slowly looked in Drizzt's direction.

"Who is there?" The figure spoke in drow. Drizzt's lavender eyes widened when he heard it.

"What are you doing on the surface?" Drizzt asked in a calm tone, speaking drow as well. After all these years, it was odd speaking in his native tongue.

The figure stood. "You must be Drizzt Do'Urden, am i correct?"

Drizzt nodded, resting his hand on Twinkle. "Why are you on the surface?" He repeated. He racked his his mind for a reason why a female drow would be up on he surface. Perhaps, she was a rouge like himself. Or she was running from someone, or something. Or, possibly, she was sent to hunt him down. Whatever the reason, Drizzt had to know.

"I am looking for you, Drizzt...", she said, her delicate hand reaching up and pulling the hood from over her face.

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