On the Surface

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Chapter VIII

Fonwocket lead his group to Menzoberranzan, following the the female mage. Glimmil grumbled, he didn't trust the drow and stayed as far as possible from the dark elves. Which was not an easy task, the drow had them surrounded. The female drow lead them to the most remote part of the city, past all of the houses. Fonwockett saw old and abandoned temples that were once used to worship the Spider Queen. He hurried forward so he could speak with the female.

"M'lady, may I have a word with you?" She turned and glanced at him. "Why are we not going to your house?"

"My house no longer exists, it was destroyed sixty years ago by, the now destroyed, House Do'Urden." A malicious gleam in her eye appeared as she thought of the downfall of Matron Malice and her repulsive daughters. Fonwockett mentally sighed. He did not wish to make alliances with a mere powerless renegade.

"I am truly sorry m'lady. But, if you do not belong to a House, then, where are you taking us?"

"To go see a friend."

"And can your friend help us?"

"He has about as much power as Matron Baen're herself."

Glimmil stroked his bead and pulled Fonwockett back in the group to talk to him. "I don' trust these durned drow elves, Fonwockett. Why did we have to go an' ask for their help?" He tried to be as quiet as he could, but to no avail. All of the druegar around them plus many drow heard the loud creature.

"You have nothing to fear, my friend. We can trust them."

Glimmil gave a "Harumph!" and went back to stroking his beard as they walked into an old temple, coming to a door. A drow stepped forward and knocked in a certain order. The door opened a crack, and only a pair of eye's was seen, then the door opened enough for them to walk in.

"Lady Laelolin, we were not expecting you for another tendays." The drow at the door said, leaning on the door frame.

"Are you going to let me through Durdyn, or are you going to make me move you?" Laelolin calmly said. He quickly stepped back; Laelolin promptly walking in, the druegar and drow following.

Laelolin motioned for the group to wait, and she walked into the other room. The drow guarding the druegar dissipated. Fonwockett looked around the abandoned temple. There were dozens of drow, mostly males, talking to each other, sleeping, helping their wounded comrades, or staring strangely at the druegar. The few females he saw were in little groups together, whispering, occasionally looking over their shoulders at them.

"Keep together, we don't know what they be planning about." Glimmil told all the dark dwarves around them. None seemed to object.

Laelolin walked up to yet another guarded door. She looked up at the males. "I need to see Jarlaxle."

"Tell me again Drizzt, why have you decided to take me to this city?" Nieanna asked. Her and Drizzt was camped for the night, the winter air as chill as ever. He was taking Nieanna to go see the city of Silverymoon and to meet Lady Alustriel. Drizzt had'nt taken a trip to Silverymoon ever since Nieanna was welcome into the Halls, nad decided that it was about time that he took one. But this time, he brought one of his newest companions. He asked Catti-brie and Regis about the little trip. Regis said it was a wonderful idea, but Catti-brie seemed leary about only taking Nieanna and no one else. She said that Nieanna was not telling them the whole truth.The drow had no idea why Catti-brie would think such a thing, he just shrugged it off.

And, well, they found themselves camping on their day out, with only another day's walk ahead of them.

"Well, I want you to meet a friend of mine," Drizzt said. "And I want you to view Silverymoon for yourself."

The sun was just then setting, the horizons lit up beautifully with orange, red, and pink colors. Drizzt was taking his pack off and putting it on the ground, at the corner of his eye he could see Nieanna staring into the sunset. This time of the day never ceased to amaze Nieanna; if she had stayed in the Underdark, she would have never seen anything like this. She got up from the log by the fire to get a better view of it. Drizzt watched her, abruptly getting up to join her.

"You look as if you have never witnessed a sunset before."

"Everytime I see it, it is like the first time that I have," Nieanna said. "Did you feel the same when you traveled to the surface?"

Drizzt ran his fingers through his thick mane of hair. "Yes, sunrise and sunset was always beautiful to me." He looked up then tugged at her sleeve. "Here, let us get a better view."

He hoped onto the branch closest to himand held out his hand to her. "Care to do a bit of clmbing?"

Nieanna smirked and took his hand. He helped her onto the branch and the drow climbed up the tree. Nieanna and Drizzt had a spectacular view of the sky. The wind blew through their hair, sending goosebumps down Nieanna's arms and spine. They watched as the sun ducked lower and lower into the horizon, and they stayed up there until the stars came out.

"Wow, I could'nt think of-!" Drizzt covered her mouth before she could finish. He whispered into her ear to be quiet and turned and looked down at their campsite and the seven orcs that was ransacking it. Nieanna nodded and started to use the drow sign lanuage to speak.

I will conjure up a couple of spells to ge rid of them, distract them, she signaled to him. Drizzt nodded and unsheathed his scimitars. He lightly jumped to the ground and ran in closer, hiding in shadows a another tree. Nieanna closed her eyes and started to mutter a spell.

The orcs were oblivious to the drow just above, and the drow right behind them. Three were going through a bag of the provisions and the other four were taking guard around the perimeter. He waited for the orc not a few feet from him to turn and walk towards the other three, demanding his share of the loot. Drizzt took that chance and lept up and severed the orc's throat. He made a gurgling noise and fell; his companions looked back to what was the problem, but they were too late. Drizzt ran up to them both and jumped, kicking one in the side of the head and the other parrying a swing of its mighty axe. He saw the open spot and found the weak spot in the orc's armor and got it across the ribs and slashed him right across the eye's, blinding him.

The orc, whom Drizzt kicked, shook his head and got up, it's club raised to strike the drow. But a magic bolt went straight through his throat and disapeared as it struck the ground. He fell over dead. Drizzt heard another orc cry out in pain behind him as another orc feel to the ground. He saw Nieanna, her hands glowing a bright yellow, her lips still moving to the spell. She raised her hand and several bolts flew from her palm and to the orc near Drizzt. One grazed his shoulder, right through the armor. He howled in pain and clutched the wound. Drizzt struck him down immediately and turned to block another attack. Nieanna's magic bolts struck another two in the chest. The other two looked at each and ran, dropping both of their weapons to the ground.

Drizzt sheathed his scimitars. "Well, that was an annoying disturbance."

"Tell me about it." Nieanna waved her hands and the spell ended. Then she clutched her shoulder as the blinded orc slashed through it with his blunt axe. Drizzt unsheathed his scimitars, but Nieanna beat him to the doomed orc. She lept, taking her hidden dagger from her boot, and slid the blade cleanly in the orcs neck.

Drizzt ran up to her when she stood, holding her badly injured arm. "My fault, I should have known that he was sneaking up behind me."

"Shh. Don't worry about it. We have to get this wound closed before you bleed to death."

"It's that bad?"

Drizzt nodded. He led her over to a log and sat her down, and started to wrok on her arm. The loss of that much blood was finally starting to get to her,and she felt light headed. She tried to hide the fact that her head was spinning.

"Hold on, I'm almost done."

Nieanna nodded, but that action made her feel worse and she fell over; unconscious.