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She watched as the rain crept its way up the windshield, only to be forced down by the wipers. Again and again it tried and failed and Jordan couldn't, for the life of her, make sense of why something would keep trying to attempt the impossible when it had failed so many times before. In a way it reminded her of herself. She was the raindrops, forced up the front windshield by the blaring wind as they drove down the highway, pushed down and shoved back to the beginning, only to try and make the way to the top despite the fact that you knew it was impossible.

She looked over to Garret in the drivers seat next to her, his eyes focused unblinkingly on the blurry road ahead. Sensing her dark eyes on him, Garret turned and looked. He could see that the light in her eyes had faded considerably since that fateful night when Woody was shot. It was as though the darkness she had been fighting her whole life was starting to take over her bit by bit until there was nothing left.

"Are you ok Jordan?" he said, his fatherly voice one of the few things Jordan found comfort in nowadays.

She continued to stare at him in silence before turning her attention dark to road where the raindrops still insisted on attempting the inevitable.

"Ya I'm fine," she replied, putting on the facade she always maintained. "Just tired."

But Garret was smarter than that and could see right through her lie. However he was in no mood to argue a battle he knew he would loose and decided to leave it be. He pulled the car off the main road and drove to her building, stopping outside the front and shutting it off.

"Jordan I know this case was hard for you. My cellphone will be on all night if you need me. Call anytime," he said. Her silence was starting to scare him.

"Sure," she nodded. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek before grabbing her bag and running from the rain into her apartment.

The lights were all off and all was silent as she inserted her key and turned. Not even the blinking light from the answering machine was going off. Finding the darkness a comfort, she walked over to the answering machine and clicked it on. It was time to delete some old messages; wash away the last bit of hope she had been clinging to since Woody had been shot.

"You have no new messages," the impersonal voice said. "First saved message," it continued.

"Jordan it's Garret. Where the hell are you? You're an hour late!" Garret's voice rang out and reberverated off her dark walls. Jordan laughed to herself.

"To delete this message press 7. To save it press 9," the womans voice said again. Jordan pressed seven. "Next message."

"Hey Jordan!" Woody's enthuastic voice rang out. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard it, it was the message he had left for her on her birthday and she had been so mad at herself about turning down the ring that she couldn't bring herself to delete the message he had left before going to the office to surprise her. "Happy birthday!" Jordan could almost see the goofy little grin he surely had plastered on his face as he left it. On the outside it made her smile but a little piece of her heart broke off. "Just wanted to tell you that. Love ya," he made a kissy noise before hanging up.

Jordan deleted all the other messages on her answering maching excpet that one. It was the only thing of him she had left and she wasn't letting it go. A sudden realization dawned on her; she needed to see him. Knowing all to well that he would not be very happy to see her, she left her apartment and got into her car, driving the all-to familiar route to his place.

She raised her fist and knocked on her door, straightening her simple black long-sleeve shirt and smoothing out her darkwash jeans. Looking down at her black boots she heard the door open.

"Jordan," Woody's surprised voice answered. He was so caught off guard that he forgot to use the cold tone he normally reserved especially for her. She looked up into his peircing blue eyes and the two of them just stood there staring at each other. Woody didn't even think to ask why she was there.

"Do you ever just ..." Jordan started, not taking her eyes off his. "Not want to go home?" she finished, shoving her hands deep into her pockets and trying to keep the scared expression off her face. Woody's features remained emotionless.

"Ya," he answered quietly after a slight pause to contemplate her question. "All the time."

Jordan watched as he fidigted uncomfortably with the dish towel strewn across his shoulder.

"Hey who's there?" a voice from inside Woody's apartment answered. Lu Simmons appeared, her blonde hair thrown into a neat ponytail, her jeans and shirt covered in what looked like flour.

"Jordan hey!" she answered happily. "I didn't know you were coming. Woody's just teaching me to make apple pie. You should come in and help!"

Jordan was unnerved by the happiness in her tone. She looked uncomfortably around, her eyes all the while avoiding Woody's.

"Ummm ... thanks but no. I really have to be heading home. Just stopped to say hi," she said, plastering a fake smile that Woody could see right through onto her face and raising her hand to wave goodbye.

"No really!" Lu continued. "You live alone, it's pouring rain and you're going to be all by yourself. At least stay for a drink."

"Sorry, I really am. But I just finished a case with Garret and I'm totally exhausted and all I want to do is go home," she finished unconvincingly.

"But Jordan," Woody quietly interjected. "You just told me ..." he let the rest of his sentence hang.

"Oh look at the time," Jordan said, raising her wrist but not looking at her watch. "I really gotta go. See you around," she said to Lu, ignoring Woody completely and turning on her heel, walking the seemingly endless hall back to the elevator. She could feel both Woody's and Lu's eyes on her as she retreated. Sparing herself the awarkness and waiting for the elevator with them both watching, she walked past the sliding doors and took the stairs, the clicking of her heels on the cement doing nothing for the headache she had miraciously recieved.

Watching as she left without so much as a backward glance, Woody closed the door on Jordan. Instead of the other way around.