Amaya- Hello! This is about Naruto but it has some Naruto and Iruka relationship. Not lover but fatherly. Done in Naruto's POV. Enjoy. Just a small 15 min drabble so its not that great.

Disclamier: I do not own Naruto


Some people would say I'm cursed and feel pity if I told them my story. The story of my childhood. Others would say tough luck, thats life. I say I'm lucky.

Now your probably wondering why would the vessel of Kyuubi would say such a statement. I say this for the mere fact its true. I am lucky. Damn lucky.

I have been through lots of pain, I admit. Pain that I didn't think I could handle at the time. It was over bearing like it was slowly eating me and my compassion for everything. I hated them at first, the villagers that is. I detested them. I wanted to destroy the villagers and anyone that would look at me with those eyes. Eyes that loomed over me with hatred and waited for me to do something that would get me kicked out of the village or better for them, get me killed. They wanted me to snap so they could use it against me. And I would have. I would completely gone insane and lost all sense of the word compassion. I would have thought they won't have deserved any and they all were filled with hatred. But Iruka-sensei thought me different. He thought kindness and cared for me as if I was his own son.

I know I wouldn't be the same Naruto without him. Though I know my team cares for me, they only met me when I was twelve. And before I met them I would have a been a shell of hatred like Gaara. Gaara is lucky too though, that I got through to him. I understand him perfectly though. When absolutely no one cares, you are alone and you only have yourself. I wasn't alone though. Iruka cared for me at a since I can remember..

When I found out that Kyuubi had killed his parents, that monster inside of me killed them, I loved him even more. He took care of me even when he knew that kyuubi lived within me. He loved when he knew kyuubi lived within me. I wanted to be just like him, a man that can be so kind. He didn't have to care but he did.

New year's eve is tomorrow and Iruka and me shall spend it every year as we did as long as I can remember,together. But this New year's other's will spend it with us like Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, Sasuke-teme and even the other teams and I'm pretty sure old man Hokage will be there too.

Because we are family even if sometimes we yell and scream at each other, I still would protect them with my life because I care.

And I am lucky cause I know they do too.