"Come on Amber! You're not seriously going to try to be a rock star now, are you?" shouted Mr. McLean from their living room. Sitting on the couch was Mrs. McLean, so drugged up on alcohol that she really was incapable of doing any thing of real use.

Amber just snorted. "It's not Amber! Not anymore. I'm Ember now. And yes, I'm going to be a rock star! I don't care what you say. Gary Elmond thinks I have potential, so why shouldn't I? He's a big producer and your just a… your just not a producer okay?"

Amber, or Ember now, was on the verge of tears. So it wasn't exactly the truth on who it was that she was going to let manage her. Anything to escape from her hell-hole of a house.

With her guitar slung over her back, she ran out the door, onto their bus parked outside. As they drove away, Ember looked back to find her dad shaking his fist, then waving slightly before flipping them off. Daddy Dearest.

She looked back to all the people on the bus with her. People she barely even knew yet seemed to know everything about.

There was the bass, Lex. He died his hair blonde to black because he heard Elvis did the same, but he didn't play the 'regular' guitar because he wouldn't want to even try to remove such legends from the spot, to move them so as the populace never remember the names that were all the rage in just a short span of fifty years. Oh, to you it may not seem short, but really fifty years goes by fast. It's really amazing how short of time half a century really is.

Then there's the lead guitar Maverick. He never told her his real name, nor any one else for that matter. However, he was always the one to tell you what was what. Never, not even Seinfeld, knew as much about absolutely nothing then Maverick.

Johnny: the drummer. Her personal favorite of the all-male trio. He was always such a gentleman to her. Always was the first to make her laugh too. One of the few things that can is one of Johnny's semi-vulgar joke.

"You okay Em?" asked Lex, "ya seem tense love."

Ember looked at him. She had to admit that the British accent made him somehow sexier.


"Yeah, I guess," she responded, "It's all good though. We're all going to be on tour, and I'll never have to hear my dad tell me I'm no good ever again." She then threw her self on a stray mattress.

"Well that's good," said Johnny who sat down beside her, a beer in hand. Maverick, who was driving, then hit a speed bump. This caused Johnny's beer to go spilling every where.

"Bloody hell!" cursed Lex, "Johnny Thirteen strikes again eh?"

Johnny blushed slightly, as humerous looking as you think that is, and got up to get some paper towels in the cupboard.

Ember just watched as he bent down to pick up the spilt alcohol. Poor guy. He didn't ask for his bad luck: it was as if a shadow of sorts was following him. Then again, it seemed to protect him, because whenever something seemingly unlucky happened it subliminally made things better for him. Like the time that he was thrown into the music store into a drumset, which ultimately broke and had to be paid for. It wasn't damaged as bad as was thought though, and it was easily repaired. It was Johnny's drumset at that very moment.

Hours and hours pass by. "Are we in California yet?"

Maverick, tightening his grip around the wheel, swung around, "No! God Damn it Lex! No, no NO!"

Lex shrunk back a little. "Was just asking. Boy is someone cranky. Why don't we pull over and hit the sack, eh love?" he continued to Ember.

In reply she yawned, "Yeah, I'm fucking beat man."

Maverick then pulled over on the highway, placed the keys in his pocket, and crashed on the couch. Lex took his place in a sleeping bag. As Ember lay on the mattress she found that Johnny had no place to sleep, not relieving his spot in the passanger's seat.

She looked from Lex to Maverick, then back to Johnny. "Don't you have a place to sleep Johnny?"

He nodded then kicked back in his spot. "Right here Em."

Ember shook her head. "No man. You can't sleep there." She then hesitated as she suggested, "You can sleep with me."

Johnny smirked and looked at her. "If you really want me too. We should wait though or we'll wake the others. I've been known to cause girls to scream when I…"

"Not that way you sick bastard!" she whispered harshly. They then both laughed.

He smiled at her. Making his way to the mattress, he snuggled under the covers with her. Ember moved over subtly.

As they fell asleep, Lex looked at them. "Lucky bastard."