The funerals were short. Not nearly as sweet as they could be. Maverick and Ember were just two musicians trying to get by. No one really noticed them.

Mavericks mother was there, but his father was no where to be found. He had disowned his son for being gay. His little sister sat there crying, with the newborn baby she named after him.

Lex stood there, tears falling one after the other. Once he noticed Johnny however, he nearly killed him. He had to be escorted off the cemetery by police.

Embers father was there, shaking his head. "I knew leaving home was a bad idea. Didn't I tell you? You had to be so hot headed." He then chuckled softly to himself as a tear rolled down his cheek. "You're just like you father, no matter how much you hate it. You just like me Am- I mean, Ember."

Johnny merely shook his head, Kitty in toe. "Sorry it had to end this way Amber."


On the way to Kitty's motel, Johnny decided he would pick a fight at a local bar.

As they got back on the road, he noticed a car following them. All of a sudden, gun shots were fired, and before he knew it he and Kitty were in the ditch.

Kitty took her last breath, holding onto Johnny's hand. As everything went black, a wind blew that sent shivers down Johnny's broken spine. In the breeze, he heard these whispers:

"You will remember my name."