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Sometimes she loved to watch him sleep.

Every night since she had returned to Keade house she found herself pulling up a chair next to his futon and simply watched him as he slept. She found herself memorizing his every movement while he slept.

He was beautiful.

His silken locks of hair was beautiful in the moonlight, and his face seemed so calm and relaxed as he slept, as if there were no troubles in the world.

Her favorite time to watch him was when Yuka wasn't around, like tonight. She found it to be quite irritating when Yuka would stumble into the room and demand that she leave. She would grudging comply since she didn't want to cause a ruckus that would awaken Kouta from his slumber... That and unleashing her vectors against the annoying young woman probably would not sit well with Kouta.

But when Yuka wasn't there, she could watch for as long as she wanted without interruption. She could even slip into bed next to him and fall into a blissful sleep without being dragged out of bed by her jealous rival.

She stared at him again, admiring the fact that he still looked so innocent, despite all the pain and sadness she has caused him.


She wished she could be like that. She had lost her innocence long ago, when she had given up her humanity to her other side and decided to live her life as a murderer to remake the world. She'd lost her innocence to the gnawing rage she felt inside of her heart because of all the misery humans had caused her.

She had caused Kouta so much pain, and in spite of that he was still so innocent and caring. Even after remembering the horrible thing she had done to his family he still excepted her with open arms.

She wondered if she would've been able to something like that, accept the monsters that took away everything she cared about.


She knew she could have done that and that was why she admired him so much, because he was everything that she wasn't.

He was everything she could never be.

He was kind...

He was forgiving...

And most of all, he was the most wonderful and compassionate person she ever met...and she loved him for it. She loved him because he was everything that most humans weren't.

She sighed.

She grew tense as she heard him murmur something in his sleep.


She watched him in shock, and found herself wondering what he was dreaming about.


She remains silent and stands up

She lets herself smile and lean down to place a soft kiss against his lips. She smiled again and laid next to him, like she did most of the time she watched him, letting herself drift off into a peaceful slumber.

"Sleep well Kouta..." She murmured softly as she let sleep take her.

Little did she know, she and Kouta were in for a rude awakening when Yuka arrived home the next morning.




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