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Stuck in a Bird Cage

(Yuki's P.O.V.)

We are cursed

Cursed souls always ask,

"Why me?"

What did I do to deserve this?

This hell

We are damned

Doomed to live our lives in fear

And in isolation

We're all stuck in a birdcage

A fence with barbed wire

Some accept it

And others run away

We cower in fear because of him

The ill-tempered sick child

I don't care

Let him rot in hell

It doesn't matter when he dies

We'll all still be cursed

There's no escaping this dream

This nightmare

What's there to live for?

Besides a lonely, empty life

There's no point in fighting

Just surrender

And live as expected in the bird cage

My prison

And the death of me

We are cursed

Why us?

Why me?

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