Amaya-Hehe It Konohamaru's birthday! Well its 11:52 pm at night so it might not come out till tomorrow but still NOW its his birthday So I wrote this little thing for him though it has absolutely nothing to do with his Birthday. Its about his brotherly relationship with Naruto. Enjoy.

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That's why your my Nii-chan

It had only been a few months ago since the Thrid Hokage died. This impacted a lot of people, almost everyone in the village and one of theses greatly affected people was Konohamaru, the grandson of the third. Many people offered their sympathy but he didn't want it. Pity was not going to bring his grandfather back and he was strong he'd make it through this but it being New years eve made it harder. Every New years him and his grandfather would spend time talking about the goals they've achieved during the year and what they plan to achieve that following year. Konohamaru loved his grandfather even though he was always trying to ambushing him and always calling him old man.

He died saving this village. He died saving him. This New years, he had a feeling he'd be alone. His parents had died when he was really young so he couldn't really rememeber them and his grandfather was looking after him and now he had no one. He was only eight and was already starting to feel horrible loneness.

He had to get out of this house. This house that he and his grandfather lived. He couldn't handle the memories that kept popping up.

He walked around Konoha which was still in ruins. Even after a few months, it was still in a horrible state. Konohamaru walked to his favorite place. It was the place his grandfather used to come and stare at the statues of the Hokages. Konohamaru stared at his grandfather on the rock. He looked so young in the statue, so youthful but he was an old man when he had died. Konohamaru felt tear prickling from his eyes. His grandfather shouldn't have had to save the village, he already protected the village so much before. Why couldn't he pick a 5th Hokage? Why did he continue to stay as Hokage even in old age? It wasn't fair! If the 4th were still alive then it wouldn't have happened!

"Hey Konohamaru! What are you doing?"

Konohamaru spun around. Could it really be..?

"Naruto nii-chan!"

Konohamaru jumped on him and they fell to the ground.

"Where were you? I looked everywhere but you where gone? Konohamaru asked his voice full of happiness.

"I was on a super special training!" Naruto said proudly

Konohamaru was now excited "Doing what? Tell me Naruto nii-chan!"

Naruto grinned. "I was looking for the next Hokage!"

Konohamaru eyes glazed over with sadness with the mention of the word "Hokage". Naruto noticed and frowned. Konohamaru got off Naruto and looked at the Hokage statue again. Naruto grinned.

"Konohamaru, Do you want to spend New years eve doing something cool?"

Konohamaru turned around with a confused look. "What..?"

Naruto grinned got even bigger, if possible. "Lets go get some Ramen! My treat!"

Konohamaro smiled. It wasn't a big exiciting thing. It was just getting some Ramen with Naruto but Konohamaru was elastic.

He wasn't going to be alone this New years. He was going to be his Nii-chan.

Amaya- I didn't know how long it took to find Tsunade because I haven't watch thoses episodes yet so I just guessed a couple of months Hoped you enjoyed.