A/N: I always thought it was cheap that poor Zelenka got jipped of a bigger part in "The Storm," because he kind of just disappears halfway through the episode. So I wrote this little scene to satisfy my own feelings of lacking. Enjoy!

A Job Well Unconcluded

Zelenka folded his arms across his chest. "What do you mean, I have to go?" he challenged.

"I mean," McKay said evenly, trying (and failing miserably) to keep his irritation in check. "You have to go. As in you can't stay."

"Why?" the Czech asked, giving his Science Department Head the patented over-the-glasses-rims glare.

Rodney let out an aggravated sigh, as if dealing with a preschooler asking why he had to go to bed. "Because you'll just be getting in the way!" he snapped, beginning to clear out his things that, throughout the course of the last twelve hours, had been spread all over the conference room.

"Then who will be staying in my place?" Radek demanded sullenly.

McKay sighed in irritation again. "No one is staying in your place, Zeplenka."


He waved a hand dismissively. "Whatever. Only Major Sheppard, Dr. Weir, and I will be in the city."

"But there are four grounding stations and only three people to couple them!" Radek reasoned with mixed irritation and concern.

The Canadian let out a snort. "Why do you think Sheppard's staying? He can do two," he said, as if the answer should have been completely obvious.

"Well, what if something goes wrong and no one can get to the other on time? There should be four people staying."

"You just want credit for helping to save the city," McKay said smugly with a triumphant smirk on his face.

"I want no such thing!" Radek cried indignantly.

Rodney didn't even look up from putting a laptop in his pack. "You're far too pessimistic," he said, perfectly straight-faced.

"Fine!" Zelenka snapped, throwing his arms up in a gesture of defeat. "I do not care any more!" He whipped around, snatched his laptop from the conference table, and strode out with a huff. Rodney let out a little sigh of relief at finally being alone. However, it was not to last, because a few seconds later, Radek stuck his head back into the room.

"Good luck," he said gravely.

McKay looked skywards, as if praying to whatever Pegasus Galaxy god was out there to grant him patience. "I appreciate the sentiment, but there is no need of it. Everything will go fine," he affirmed.

Zelenka growled in frustration and disbelief, letting out a low stream of Czech curses under his breath. He turned and stomped down the hall. Rodney looked after him, thinking more than he cared to about what the Czech had said. The man's feelings about wanting to stay were understandable. He had, after all, spent the last half day working on this problem. In fact, he was instrumental in solving it. It was natural he would want to continue to be involved in it. McKay began to consider that maybe he deserved it. In any case, it was a valid concern. If for some reason, Sheppard couldn't do two stations…

Stop it! he thought, abruptly cutting off that chain of thought with a small grimace before it could reach it's conclusion. Whatever Zelpenka…Zalmplenka…Z…whatever the Czech engineer's worries were, they were unnecessary. The plan was practically idiot-proof. He couldn't think of any disaster which would make it impossible to accomplish.

"Nothing will go wrong," he said out loud. Then, quieter to himself, he mumbled in irritation, "Now the pessimist has got me all worried." He made a mental note to give Zampelka a good "I-told-you-so" once this was over.