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The sun silently crept across the bedroom floor and over to the sleeping girls bed. It gently moved across her body until it finally settled on her closed eyelids. She began to stir and her eyes started to flicker open and close.

'Morning all ready' she thought lazily.

She stretched her arms high in the air and yawned. She got out of her bed and opened her dresser drawers and began to pick out an outfit for that day. It was just then that she realized that last night she hadn't changed into her nightgown last night. She wish she hadn't noticed that because then she recalled everything that had happened the night before.

'Ouch' she though mentally.

'What could have made me blow up like that?'

She opened her door and headed out to the kitchen. Of course, she was again the only person up at this hour. Probably in an hour or two everyone else would be getting up. She grabbed a fruit from the fruit basket on the kitchen counter and decided she really did not want to stay here and wait for the master to get up. He would probably be very angry with her and want to have another one of his discussions with her again.

These discussions usually went on for hours but how bad her behavior was and how she always mentally hurt herself. She didn't know why he would really care about her wellbeing but always listened to what he had to say and after he was done saying it, dumped it in the pile of garbage that was located in the back of her mind with everything else he had to say. She looked up to him because of his willingness to help others and willingness to try and understand what other people were going through. He always tried to help make things better. This she thought was what made him a great leader to Kyoshi. There was one thing she new that was for sure though, he would never be able to understand her.

The only person she could ever really show her true feelings to was Suki but even then she was extremely careful about what she said. She didn't really trust anyone and didn't know why. Was her fault? She never really thought anyone let her down. In fact, she thought the people that did things for her, did way to much. What did she ever do for them? She let down her family that was now gone. She never was able to protect them. They always told her they loved her, did she say she loved them back? She hoped she did. These questions always haunted her in her mind. She wanted so badly to be with them again. She needed them more than anything. Even more than she needed the water.

Realizing she was just about done with her fruit, she quietly walked over to the front door and turned the handle. The door gave a slight creek as she pushed it opened so she stopped for a second and listened. No one in the household seemed to have heard it so she walked out the door and closed it gently behind her. Today was such a nice day. The wind blew softly making the trees rustle, the birds sang a beautiful song, no one was out, you could here the ocean rumble and crash, you could smell the ocean and taste the wind. She looked up and the sun hit her face with its beautiful and powerful ray. She smiled and decided to take a walk.

It was not safe to leave the safety of the village walls but she had done it over and over again. She loved to feel on the edge. Anyways, the walls of the village would not allow her to see or go to the place she loved the most. The sea was her air. With out, she wouldn't be able to live.

The island that Kyoshi was built on was very large. The Fire Nation constantly stopped at this island searching for the village but to no avail they would leave empty handed. Kyoshi was hidden from the view of any ships hidden underneath she canopy of trees.

The cool sand ran in between her toes and tickled her feet. The sky was so blue. So pretty. The day was perfect. A sudden gust of wind made her have to regain her balance and she gave a sad laugh. No one was hear to enjoy this day with her.

She looked down at her feet and saw the wonderful shells scattered all along the wet sand. She had never seen these shells before but then again, during high tide, the shells would probably be covered by the magnificent water. She started to pick up a few of the shells. All of them wore different colors and shapes. Yellow, pink, purple, blue, brown, honey, light green, lavender, and many more colors were found among the collage of shells. One shell however caught her eye. It was a beautiful spiral shell. It was the color of every shade of blue imaginable. It was so soft and smooth, light and comforting.

'Wow! This is so pretty!'

She smiled gently to herself and pocketed the shell for safe keeping. Just then she saw a seagull plunge into the water and gather a crab. It flew around for a second until it dropped the crab onto a rock and with a hard 'smack!' the crab no longer moved. Katara stared bewildered for a moment until she shook her heard to get her blood flowing again.

'Eww!' she thought.

She took her head and looked up toward the ocean. 'So peaceful'. Then she looked towards the trees. She had ventured farther out into the island than she ever had before. Time really went by fast. Instead of turning around though, she ventured farther and farther.

'Nothing happened to me before. I doubt anything will happen to me now.'

The day was way to beautiful to even worry about anything. Why dwell on things that probably won't even happen? No, instead she would reflect on her life. She still struggles with her past. Everyone keeps pushing her forward. "Move on". That's what they say. The only words she ever hears. "Don't dwell on the past". How do i not? I never was able to move on. Never able to cope with what happened back then. How do I cope with what is happening now?

Slowly a frown made its way onto her face.

Her father always used to tell her she looked like an angel. Her pretty eyes, her soft tan skin, her never ending smile, and her silk long brown hair. She was gorgeous. When her dad was around she often wore her hair in a braid and he would say:

"You look lovely with your hair down, Katara, why don't you leave it that way."

"But dad it always gets in my way."

"All I'm saying is you look beautiful. Not that you don't now but you look so much like your mother when you have your hair down."

"What was she like dad?"

"Your a spitting image of her."

"Dad, what happened to mom? Why don't I know her?"

"Not now sweetheart. Not now."

Her dad always replied with those same words. It bothered her to no end. Why was her dad hiding something from her. What was her mom like? She never knew her mom. She died a year after she was born. The only thing she had of her mothers was her necklace. A smooth silver stone with a light blue ribbon. She never took the necklace off. It was the only thing she had left of her family. No matter how small it was. She spontaneously brought her hand up to rub the sleek stone and sighed. Just then she heard a twig snap from behind her. She turned around quickly but no one was there. She silently glanced over towards the trees. She could see no one. Her first instinct was to run back to the village but she knew if someone was following her she shouldn't go back to the village immediately. She needed to be safe.

She turned back around as if nothing had happened and started to gaze back at the ocean while she walked. She knew she was a great distance from the village. Not the best circumstances.

'Oh, great'

She listened carefully for any more sounds that would confirm that she was being followed. Sure enough she could here the snapping of branches and the rustling of leaves.

'It's just the wind. It's just the wind. It's just the wind.'

She repeated this over and over in her mind but there was to much rustling of the leaves and snaps of branches to be made from the wind.

'I really wonder who it is.'

Her stomach was doing cartwheels and back flips and she really was starting to get scared. She couldn't go back to the village though. Not until she new for sure that this was some kid from Kyoshi was trying to scare her. Mr. Kyon was going to be so mad at her.

'It was probably someone he sent out to find me' she thought.

Before she new it something went over her mouth. It was disgusting smelling and she started to cough and cough. Everything began to collide. Her head felt light and her throat felt dry. Everything was dizzy and circling each other. Swirls of colors formed in her head. The next thing she saw was darkness. Nothing but dark.

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