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When she awoke, her head ached and her throat was dry. She began to cough but immediately stopped when she tasted blood in her mouth. She started wondering were she was but her aching head would not allow her to open her eyes. She started to try and recall everything that had happened and it slowly inched its way back into her mind.

'I woke up and decided to take a walk. I got further away from the village, farther that I have ever been before. I heard a twig snap but chose to ignore it. I kept walking knowing that someone was following me. Something went over my mouth and I started to cough and then everything went dark.'

All kinds of questions started to enter her mind.

'What happened to me?'

'Where am I?'

'Who was following me?'

There were so many questions and yet no answers. Her painful head seemed to never want to stop with the constant throbs it shot. She mentally decided that it was going to be a while before it would stop and that she should try and find out where she was located.

'Maybe I will know where I am. Maybe I'll be back at Kyoshi.'

Slowly she opened her tired eyes. Here eyes seemed to have to adjust from her "sleep" that she had been in. she saw swirls of green and brown. She closed her eyes once again and opened them one more time. She stated to make out trees. Tons and tons of trees.

'So now I'm in the forest' she thought.

She closed her eyes and started just listening, trying to hear any sounds of footsteps or something to indicate that someone was near by. She could hear no one. The only think she could hear was some of the trees rustling because of the wind. Her headache was starting to go away but just slightly. It still was excruciating. She started to notice that her hands were tide around a tree with her back against the bark. She had been lying in such an awkward manner that her back was aching as well. She adjusted herself so that she was sitting Indian style on the ground. She started to mess with the ropes that bound her hands together in an attempt to free herself. Just like everything else though, this did not work.

'I'm so stupid' she thought angrily.

'If I would have never yelled at the master, if I had kept my temper in check, I wouldn't have had to worry about him being upset with me and I wouldn't have gone so far away from the village.'

He sat in the trees about staring at her, watching her. He had found her walking along the beach. She hadn't seemed to notice he was following her until a twig snapped from underneath his foot. She didn't seem to mind though and went right back to walking.

'Who is she?'

'Where did she come from?'

'She's probably another spy the Fire Nation sent out. I saw one of there boats come to shore with a group of soldiers a day or two ago. They may still be here.'

He accidentally slipped causing part of the bark from the tree to fall to the ground. Fortunately for him, he was able to regain his balance on the tree branch that was located high above the ground. What was unfortunate though was that the girl below heard it.

As she was wrestling with the rope she saw something fall to the ground. It wasn't a leaf. It made to much noise when it landed to be a leaf. She looked up at the area it had come from. She searched for someone, something. She didn't see anything though.

He held his breathe. He saw her begin to look up. She started to look around into the trees. She seemed to be searching for something. Then her gaze stopped as if she had found it.

"Who are you?"

'Does she really see me?'

She couldn't see if anyone was there. She thought that if she pretended long enough to know that someone was there then maybe they would actually reveal themselves to her. She kept pretending.

Her gaze never faltered. Her gaze never let up. That's it she's seen me. What do I do now?

She heard a rustle from the tree above. Down cam a boy from a rope that couldn't be much older than herself. He landed with his back facing toward her. She felt herself become curious. She really wanted to know who this boy was. Slowly he started to turn around until she was looking at this gorgeous face. This boy was tall, had a lovely shade of brown hair and was very muscular.

"I'm Jet. Who are you and were do you come from?"

She kept on a neutral face the whole time. She did not know this person. She didn't know whose side they were on. The Fire Nation side or Earth and Water Nations side.

"Katara and I live here."

"Where do you live?"

She still didn't know who this person was and if he was from the Fire Nation she was definitely not going to let him find out about the village.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because I need to."

"I forgot."

He could tell she wasn't going to say anything. Whether it was because she was afraid of him or she was really from the Fire Nation he couldn't tell. That mask that was settled upon her face though didn't give him much faith in believing that she was telling him the truth. She was hiding everything from him. He couldn't trust her.

Immediately he went behind her and untied her hands only to tie them back when he removed them from around the tree. He then sent back toward the rope and tightly held her waist. He looked down at her and looked at her face. She was definitely sending him daggers with her eyes and saying 'what the heck do you think you are doing'. Then the rope started to bring the two up higher and higher off the ground.

She looked down and immediately felt the butterflies start to fly around in her stomach. They were so high. The death grip he had on her waist did not help much either to satisfy the fact that she was up as high as she was. One arm holding on to her waist, one wrong movement and down we go. She felt sick to her stomach. Suddenly, they stopped moving upward and a firm hand pushed her forward. She landed roughly on some sort of landing area that lead into a hut.

'A tree house?'

The look on her face was amusing. She looked absolutely puzzled.

He got off of the rope and tied it tightly around something and then walked toward her. Her picked her up and carried her into the hut. There he again untied her hands and the tied them tightly around a wooden post. The hut wasn't small but it wasn't large either. You definitely couldn't see it from the ground which is the reason why none of the Fire Nation soldiers had ever found it before. He was about to say something but she cut him off.

"Do you live here?"

"No I just brought you up hear."

"I was just asking."

"Let me ask the questions."

Again she gave him the death glare.

"Where did you come from?"

"A village."

"What village?"

She still did not feel that she could trust him. He obviously lived in this tree house but she still didn't know if the Fire Nation had made him live here as a scout to try and find out were the village was. She did, however, decide that she could tell him the name.


He stared at her silently. It took her long enough to answer.

'Was she telling the truth?'

Just then he looked into her eyes and for the first time realized they were blue. Very beautiful ones too.

'She's probably not lying. The Fire Nation wouldn't dare put a Water Tribe or Earth Nation person to be in their army.'

'Not unless they knew that we would think that way and give into some innocent looking Water Tribe girl.'

'Argh! This is going to be so confusing.'

"Who brought you here?"

"I was born here."

'What is he trying to figure out?'

"You know what I do?"

'hmm let me thinkā€¦NO!'

She didn't answer and still kept her neutral mask on. After a long moment of silence he began to speak.

"Let me tell you. Every Fire Nation soldier that I find I kill. That is one reason why Kyoshi has never been found. So tell me, why should I treat you any different? Why are you turning against your own people for the Fire Nation? What deal did they make with you?"

'What in the world is this guy on?'

"Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I would ever give into the Fire Nation! I do have morals you know and yes I do want freedom but I have it. The Fire Nation could never give me what I could want"

'My family.' That part she kept to herself though. He didn't need to know that.

He looked her up and down. She seemed for a second to have dazed off some where. Her eyes glazed over with water. As soon as that look came though, it left. He started to take her words into consideration.


He went around behind her and untied the ropes.

"You need to get some rest. I will take you to the village tomorrow.

She stared at him intently.

'What made him change his mind so quickly?'

"Thank you" she said gratefully. This time she allowed a weak smile to slide onto her face.

He nodded and then asked her to follow him. He led her towards a bed and she gladly laid down in it. He gave her something to soothe her head and a glass of water. Before she new it she was in a steady sleep. Something she hadn't been in for so long. This time she didn't have to.

There were loud noises from down below. Clanging of medal and yells from people could be heard from below. She started to toss and turn in the bed and quietly asked the voices to stop and go away. When they didn't she started to become more awake. She opened her eyes. She could her a commanding voice. A boy sceam out in pain. A smack. She couldn't hear any thing else. She sat up in the bed for a moment listening intently. She heard something. The rope slowly started to move pulling someone from below up. She stayed in the bed and watched carefully. The body of someone slowly started to rise. She couldn't really make out the form.

"Jet" she whispered.

She heard clanking from the footsteps the figure made as it came closer. Then its hand made light.

Her eyes widened with fright.

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