Title: Avaquetiel - Taboo
Author: Kwannom
Rating: M
Genre: Romance / Drama
Betas: Trek Queen
WARNING: Incest / Slash / Bi /Sexual Situations
Disclaimer: I own no one from The Lord Of The Rings. All the characters and place names displayed belong to JRR Tolkien. I do not intend to, nor am I making any financial gain from the writing of this story. However, the original characters are mine, and don't you dare put your claws into them:D
Summary: Elladan and the elleth Elwen are lovers, but their happiness ends when they find out that Elrohir is dying. What could be the cause for this? He loves the same elleth as his brother. Incapable of letting Elrohir fade, Elladan decides to convince his brother to take part in an act that is going to change their lives forever.


Originally this fic came to life under the request of some Brazilian ficwriters who wanted to see me to find a way to make the romantic relationship that had been formed among three characters in the group fic work out. It is a little corny, but, whatever. Love is corny.

Thanks to Elentari for creating the name of Thranduil's wife. In this fic she is called Urthala (steady-fire).

The song that Elrohir sings is the same used by Elentari in the group fic. Its name is Fascinação (Fascination), by Marchetti and Armando Louzada, one of the most beautiful Brazilian songs ever.

The scene of the threesome itself was inspired by the fic Life is Short, by Sinda, because I don't have any self experience in the group job field.

Elleth – she-elf
Ellith – she-elves
Ellon – elf
Ellyn - elves

Well, that is it!

Lore aka kwannom

In love with Derfel Cadarn, Saxon Captain of the army of Arthur ap Uther;
Infatuated with Hephaestion, Macedonian General and lover of Alexander the Great;
Protector of Wilrog and
Haldir's worst nightmare.

"Lovers can see to do their amorous rites by their own beauties".

- William Shakespeare


A noise.

A murmur.

A light flutter, like the trembling wings of a bird ready to take fly, irrupted in her dream, clamoring her presence in the world of men. A sweet singing – for now she knew that that sound was indeed a song – asked her to leave behind her refuge inside her conscience and to welcome with joy the sun rays that entered the rocky balcony and that warmed her face.

Slowly, Elwen's eyes permitted that the veil of sleep was raised from her eyes and the world began to take form in front of her. First, like a painting that still finds itself unfinished inside the artist's mind. Later, as an explosion of colors and sensations and smells: the finished work.

She could hear the tweet of the birds that sang on the balcony's rail.

She could listen to the rustle of the trees when touched by the wind.

She could feel the heat that warmed her cheeks when she noticed the sweet soreness between her legs.

Elwen smiled, stretching lazily amidst the linens of the enormous bed where she laid, savoring the perfume of another body – strong, seductive – that was ingrained in the sheets. Where are you, my love? When she turned toward the sunrays, the finery linens brushed against her nipples, bringing up a memory of another touch and making her body tremble.

While her eyes got used to the light, the song continued, conquering, enwrapping and making her more and more conscious of the world around her. The male voice – rich and imposing – seemed to possess the room, soaring above the mountains and the trees, as if it were rhythmic waves clashing upon the sand on the shore.

Elwen's heart was warmed by tenderness and peace such as the likes she hasn't known for a long time. Slowly, her bluish eyes focused and she could see the owner of the voice standing on the balcony, nude, with his hands on the rail and his eyes closed, completely absorbed in his song.

The note took shape in the singer's throat and it sprang fully formed from his lips and flew, soaring in freefall like a man launching himself off a precipice, gliding on thin air, indifferent to the inevitable death from the earth below.

My beautiful Elladan, thought Elwen while her eyes roamed with boldness over each detail of the perfect body of the Man in front of her. However… Was he a Man or an Elf? That has always been a matter for discussion.

In truth, Elladan was neither Man, nor Elf; he was simply the son of Elrond.

His dark brown hair, displaying slight waves – so different from the straight locks of the Elves – fell in waves over his broad back. The many hours spent in the open air made some locks become almost golden, because of the contact with the sunlight, creating a luxurious contrast with the rest of his hair.

Ears, partly human, partly Elvish, showed off a slight point that could almost make him pass for any mortal Man. Only almost, because he would be a mortal Man more handsome than all mortal Men. The masculine body displayed some battle scars, something never seen before in the perfect skin of the Eldar race. And, oh, the exotics of the sweet down that covered his arms, legs, adorning the potency of his sex, and that enchanted Elwen so much…

She sighed; neither Man, nor Elf, but certainly Elladan was a deity! That had been the God who had taken her in his arms and invaded her life. A few months ago, she would have never believed that she could have something more than friendship with her childhood friend. However, things had changed. Very.

Elwen watched her quiet life in Lord Elrond's home change abruptly after the day when Elrohir sang his desire for her in the Halls of Fire, while it was Elladan – the brother – whom she kissed in the gardens. Elwen surrendered her fragile heart to the most impetuous of the twins, Elladan, and with him experienced, for the first time, the pleasures of the act of making love.


The memory of the eldest of the twins made Elwen remember the reason for her not to be in Imladris now, but in Eryn Lasgalen, the palace of the King Thranduil. Months passed by and while her love for Elladan blossomed, Elrohir's soul faded. He began to seek loneliness more than usual, but, being of a more guarded nature, his silence passed unnoticed. However, little by little the watchful eyes of Elrond realized that there was something wrong happening to one of his sons.

Elrohir's laugh had died.

Nobody would hear any songs or jokes from his lips anymore.

The fire in his eyes had extinguished until it became a cold flame.

Elrohir was like a pale shadow, lurking in the shadowed corners of his home. He wandered about aimlessly with no memory of the imposing warrior who had given Elrond so much pride. Elladan, deeply worried, had attempted to find out what ailed his brother but to no avail, until the day when, weeping, Elrohir finally confessed to him what was destroying his soul.

He loved Elwen. It was not only a fool and fleeting desire to possess a female body. No… He loved her more than his own life and because of this, for his despair, he was dying.

Elladan filled himself with guilt, considering himself responsible for his brother's suffering, and such was his despair that he cried along with Elrohir while caressing his brother's hair, now pale and dull. How could he live without the other half of his soul? For he and Elrohir were like one, inseparable, eternal. If one of them disappeared from Arda, the other would follow for sure. Without knowing what to do, Elladan searched for his father's help and it was then that he knew the truth:

"Twin Elves share one soul and one heart, my son," Elrond had explained, mournful. There was nothing more certain than that statement, even in the matters of love, the two would be, forever, inseparable.

If that were the problem, Elladan would do anything, anything, to keep his brother alive. The first decision that he had made was to ask Elwen what she felt for Elrohir. She kept her silence, in order not to hurt him, but after his insistence she decided to confess the truth that was ripping her heart in two: she loved Elladan as much as she loved Elrohir, but in order not to shame them with an inappropriate relationship like that would be, she had opted for choosing one of the twins. I was such a fool…

Elwen remembered how Elladan had made love to her that day, mingling her tears to his in a tender act, but an incomplete one. For none of them could experience the sweet pleasure of sex in its full capacity anymore, knowing that Elrohir was alone and unhappy. Knowing that the other half of their souls was fading.

With Elrond's permission, after a conversation that lasted for hours and exhausted both father and son, Elladan came to the conclusion that there was no other solution for their problem, but to permit that Elrohir shared his love for the same elleth, since both of them loved her and she loved them in return. When he'd asked Elwen's consent to make it happen, she became scared of such an indecorous proposition. Sharing two Elves? Making love with two brothers? That was... inadmissible! Thinking about it was something completely different from making it happen.

But, in truth, what Elwen feared was to reveal her deepest desire. And this desire that burnt inside her heart and filled her with guilt was to have both twins in her arms, since she couldn't live without the two brothers anymore.

After receiving her trembling yes, that had been followed by the blush that heated her cheeks, Elladan tried to convince the proud Elrohir to agree with that idea. To everybody's surprise, the eldest of the twins refused to take any part in it, he refused to place Elwen, the elleth he loved, in such vile situation.

"There is nothing vile in love, Elrohir," Elladan had retorted.

"She is not one of the mortal whores that we have already shared in bed, Elladan!" Elrohir had hissed between his teeth and turned his back to the younger twin, ready to leave his brother speaking to himself, when he was pushed hard against the wall; a face exactly like his and gifted with sparkling green eyes, faced him fiercely.

"Speak of Elwen as a whore again and I am going to break your teeth!" Elladan shouted, holding his brother by the neck of his tunic. "You fool and spoiled whelp, you love her, as much as I do! And she loves us! Are you going to deny this!" In that moment, Elrohir did not answer, he only looked away, without knowing what to do. He desired Elwen more than anything in his immortal life, but the idea of sharing her with his brother left him uneasy, uncomfortable… Sinfully aroused.

It was then that Elladan knew what to do, he had seen the love and the desire and the confusion in Elrohir's eyes, so he made the offer. "Two months from now, Elwen and I will join the Circle of Life in Eryn Lasgalen to greet the coming of Spring. We will wait for you there. You better show up, because I do not want any brother of mine, or my wife, or myself, to have our souls extinguished from Arda."

With that threat, Elladan said farewell to his brother and that was how Elwen had left toward Eryn Lasgalen and now found herself admiring the perfect nude body of her companion. While she had been reliving the events of the last months, the music had stopped and a pair of deep green eyes regarded her from the balcony.

Elladan smiled from the corner of his mouth when he watched Elwen pull back the covers and stand up beautiful and naked to walk toward him. Her narrow hips swayed softly while her long legs went forward, making him notice a bruise in one of the inner thighs.

Elladan felt his loins tighten at that sight, for he remembered very well how his lips had created that bruise.

Closing his eyes for an instant in order to calm the reactions that his body threatened to show, he resumed watching the tall elleth who continued to cross the enormous room carved in rock. Elwen's long, black and straight hair cascaded over her shoulders, hiding the small breasts and emphasizing the paleness of her soft - and completely free of hair - skin, so different from his. The sunlight that entered from the balcony shone off on the rocky walls of the room and made the midnight tresses sparkle with a unique light.

What would have become of me without you… She stood in front of him, seeming a little bit shy at his bold perusal of her body, and Elladan offered her his hand. Even after being together for so long, you still feel timid. I wonder if you would be really prepared for what is going to take place tonight, my sweet Elwen, he thought, lacking the courage to ask that question out loud. Elwen didn't know the parties held in Eryn Lasgalen. Maybe, if she knew the ardor with which the Elves governed by King Thranduil greeted the coming of Spring, she wouldn't have accepted his idea so quickly. But Elladan wouldn't risk a denial from her part, he would have gone mad if she had said no.

Where did your mind wander to, Elladan? wondered Elwen when she noticed the far away look in her lover's face. Lacing her fingers with his, she let herself be enveloped by his strong arms, feeling her skin prickle when it touched the Elvish warrior's skin in the most intimate places. Elwen sighed, closing her eyes and smelling the perfume of Elladan's body, a light fragrance of pine.

"Do you think that he will come?" she asked while she nestled her face in her lover's strong chest and played with a long scar that rose angrily across his torso.

Elladan caressed Elwen's hair, trying to find an answer for her question, because what she had asked was one of his fears.

"Elrohir will come," Elladan said with a firmness that he didn't truly feel.

It had been one week since he and Elwen had arrived in Eryn Lasgalen and his brother still had not been sighted by the sentinels positioned in the forest. He is late, that is all, he thought, trying to bring some comfort to himself. Kissing the top of his lover's head, Elladan let that one more thought cross his mind.

For a long time he had asked himself why he and Elwen had not bond their souls and become husband and wife when they had made love and declared their mutual feelings. The Elves could have many sexual encounters during the course of their lives without really bonding; the true union only happened if the couple felt a deep and mutual love. But Elladan was sure that there was no love as great as the one he and Elwen shared, then why hadn't their souls bound? Could he have been mistaken about his feelings?

Months ago, when he said that Elvish twins shared one soul, did Elrond solve Elladan's dilemma. Only when Elladan, Elrohir and Elwen were together, and the divided soul of the brothers found its soul mate in Elwen, they could bind for eternity and Elrohir could be saved. Elladan rested his chin on the softness of the hair of the beautiful elleth in his arms and smiled. Despite all that had happened, he was happy and the peace of that morning enveloped and calmed his heart.

Elwen and Elladan stood there holding each other until the day's affairs interrupted their doubts and passions and made them leave the beauty of their rocky room. When they crossed the heavy door carved in wood, the couple was met by an Eryn Lasgalen that burst with life in its entire rustic splendor carved in stone. However, despite the magnificent atmosphere of the place, to Elwen, time took too long to pass. Anxiety ate her insides, while fear and insecurity made her hands get cold and the world around her lose its meaning.

The conversations with the other ellith seemed to hold no importance, the enormous and gorgeous halls of King Thranduil seemed to have lost their enchantment and she could only hear the deafening beating of her own heart that raced madly inside her chest. Many times she imagined what that night would be like, what the brothers would do to her and the heat that adorned her face at the images that entered her mind earned her jokes a little too wanton for her standards; which made her face even more red and turned her into a target for more new jokes.

Despite her insecurities, the excited atmosphere that seemed to have taken hold of all people in that palace made the passage of time become easier for Elwen to bear. The Elves chatted amicably and laughed in a contagious manner while making the preparations for the great party in honor the coming of Spring. Like every year, the festivities would take place in a clearing beside the palace, a point of vital energy of the forest. Fires were prepared, the best clothes were chosen and Elwen watched ellyn and ellith flirt openly in the halls without comprehending that savage behavior shown by the Sindar Elves, so different from the prudent nature present in the Noldorin culture of Imladris.

But, to Elwen's relief – and also to Elladan's, who was suffering from a similar anxiety while he conversed with the Elves of the palace – the sun's carriage finally started its descend across the sky, taking away with it the last Winter Day and bringing to Eryn Lasgalen a tired visitor who was anxious to arrive in time for the festivities.

His hair pulled up in a ponytail, a style Men often wore, his great bow strapped over his broad chest and the eyes that shone in a pale shade of green left no doubts:

Elrohir had just arrived.


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