Title: Avaquetiel - Taboo
Author: Kwannom
Rating: M
Genre: Romance / Drama
Betas: Trek Queen
WARNING: Incest / Slash / Bi /Sexual Situations
Disclaimer: I own no one from The Lord Of The Rings. All the characters and place names displayed belong to JRR Tolkien. I do not intend to, nor am I making any financial gain from the writing of this story. However, the original characters are mine, and don't you dare put your claws into them:D
Summary: Elladan and the elleth Elwen are lovers, but their happiness ends when they find out that Elrohir is dying. What could be the cause for this? He loves the same elleth as his brother. Incapable of letting Elrohir fade, Elladan decides to convince his brother to take part in an act that is going to change their lives forever.


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- Nietzsche


Elladan only stopped running when he reached the bottom of the stairs that led to the talan that he had left prepared on the top of a huge tree.

"Come on!" he shouted, waving to the couple that came running and laughing to meet him.

Before Elrohir and Elwen could reach Elladan, he climbed up the stairs that swirled around the huge trunk tree with the agility of a feline. Minutes later, he already was at the top, disappearing through the small entrance of the talan's floor.

"Ladies first," Elrohir said with a playful smile on his lips when they finally stopped in front of the stair. Elwen hesitated for a moment, but soon walked past him and started the climbing, to Elrohir's pleasure. The corners of his mouth curled. From the privileged position where he was, he could admire the long legs that were hidden under the feminine skirt. "I can hardly wait to feel these Goddess legs of yours twined around my hips, sweet Elwen."

Elwen slipped on the stair, startled by that bold comment. "Elrohir! Do you want to see me fall?" she scolded the warrior who climbed behind her.

"Do not fret," he said when he stopped by her side. "I would catch you," he spoke and his hands caressed Elwen from ankle to hip, making her tremble in pleasure. Their eyes met, incapable of looking away, and Elrohir almost lost control of the desire that made his groin throb and the base of his stomach clench.

As if she understood his despair, Elwen resumed her climbing and he smiled when she lifted her skirt a little higher on purpose, only to clear the view for his hungry eyes. When they finally crossed the talan's small opening, Elrohir's eyes widened in astonishment and Elwen uttered a surprised exclamation. Leaning against the only side of that building that had walls was a large mattress covered by the finest mantles. There was no roof, but only the ceiling of the sky above and, leveled with the tree's top, the forest stretched for miles and miles like an enormous dark-green rug under their feet.

But there was no time to enjoy the gorgeous view. The desire of the trio was latent in the air. Desire of three bodies that craved to feel the pleasure of an orgasm. Desire of three souls that craved to become inseparable. Elladan approached them and Elrohir kissed the forehead of his little brother, who smiled. Elwen watched everything from a distance.

"Surrender yourself to our love, Elrohir," Elladan asked and Elrohir held him in a tight hug, breathing deeply in order to contain the happy tears that threatened to roll over his cheeks once again.

"You are mad, Elladan, and I love you for having the courage that I did not to make this happen."

For one more moment, Elwen watched the two brothers stare at each other. They were so similar yet so absolutely opposite! Elladan was light, and impetuosity and affection. Elrohir was mystery, aloofness, passion. Both of them approached her slowly and displaying equal and boyish smiles. What are you two up to now, my naughty lovers?

"Undress him," Elladan asked in a husky voice inside her ear while his strong hand caressed her body under her clothes.

Elwen obeyed him, her legs weak with pleasure, and unfastened the knots of Elrohir's pants, thus removing the offensive garment that restrained the potency of the warrior's want. She had to crouch to make his feet pass through the pant's legs and, when she stood up, she saw that Elladan was already equally undressed. Elwen admired them nude, smelling the musky scent of their desire invade the air, but without feeling any kind of shame.

I desire them so much... Smiling, she silently thanked the twins for having undressed before she did, making her not feel so vulnerable. Then Elladan stood in front of her, removed the tiara made of flowers that still adorned her black hair and caressed her tresses with a tenderness that only he possessed. When Elwen realized, Elrohir was behind her unlacing the back of her dress.

His rough fingers brushed the tender skin of her back and each touch made her breath get caught in her throat. Moments later, warm lips touched her skin through the cloth of her dress and Elwen moaned. Not being able to wait anymore, Elladan reluctantly freed her and his hands slid the straps of her dress over her delicate shoulders, exposing her firm breasts and flat stomach.

Elrohir moaned at that sight. Valar, I am going to die of pleasure, and not of unrequited love… His body trembled when Elladan knelt down before Elwen and pressed his lips against her stomach to suck the delicate skin in a wet kiss. She groaned and Elrohir held her by the shoulders to keep her standing. What this son of a Balrog is up to? he thought. As if he had listened to Elrohir's thoughts, Elladan winked at him and blew on the wet spot he had produced on her body; that action made Elwen's back arch. Then he placed his hands on her hips and laughed as her breasts bounced over his head. Oh, so that is what he wanted?

Elrohir pressed Elwen's back against his body and she whimpered.

"Let me breathe…" she protested and Elrohir plunged his hard mouth down on her delicate lips. It was a short but firm kiss, just to remind her that he was still there. It was not only Elladan. That night, it would be different.

When Elrohir pulled back, Elwen rested her head on his shoulder and took deep breaths, eyes half-closed. She is a Goddess-She-Elf indeed, he thought while he reached around her torso and started fondling her. She is so soft…

In the meanwhile, Elladan continued to kiss her stomach, his fingers plucking at her dress so it would give out and fall to the floor. "What… do you intend… to do..." Elwen stammered looking at them.

"What do you want us to do?" Elladan asked quietly.

Elwen looked frantically back and forth between Elladan and Elrohir. The eldest brother stroked her stomach and pulled her closer again to his chest, his body trembling with desire. Valar, I would like to see her making love to Elladan while I… No, not even in thoughts Elrohir dared to describe his dream. He was Elwen's slave, and that is why he would give to her the choice of what to do. "We are at your service, my love," he almost grunted, such was the tension in his body.

Elwen blushed and Elrohir watched her close her eyes without answering. Elladan, still knelt down on the floor, took her free hand and gently kissed her palm while he, Elrohir, softly caressed her flustered cheek. Then, Elwen opened her eyes, turned her face so she could kiss him on the lips and bent to do the same with his brother's lips. Her delicate face blushed even more furiously and she licked her dry lips.

"Do not fear what you desire," Elrohir murmured against her ear. Yes, do not be like me, do not be afraid. "This decision is yours, do not think about us."

Tension filled the air while the twins waited for an answer. Elwen swallowed hard, her lips trembling. "I want… I want you two. At the same time."

Elladan and Elrohir grunted at the sound of her confession. Without knowing what she was doing, Elwen had realized both brothers' desires with those simple words. Charged with a new hope, Elladan loosened the waist of her dress, which was still attached to Elwen's body.

"Yell if you want us to stop," he said, pulling her dress gently over her long legs alongside her undergarments. Elrohir and Elwen watched while Elladan undressed her, revealing her ivory hips and her long legs.

For a minute, Elrohir just smoothed her hair out, letting her get used to being half-naked in front of them. "You are beautiful beyond comparison," he confessed against her delicate pointy ear.

Before Elwen knew what was happening, Elrohir was kissing her shoulders and sliding his calloused hands over her arms with a gentle slowness that startled her. Wrapping an arm around her stomach, the twin held her up while Elladan pushed her legs slightly apart and positioned his head between her thighs.

Without knowing what to do with her hands, Elwen put them on Elrohir's arm and dug her fingers in as Elladan's attentions made her flush. She leaned her head back and Elrohir leaned down so he could kiss her. Placing a trembling hand on the side of his face, Elwen let his tongue play with her lips. This feels so good…

Ai, Elbereth... Elwen shuddered, she couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to have both brothers at the same time and that thought made her put her hand over her mouth. I went mad, but this is such a delicious madness. Then, Elrohir carried her, placing one arm under her knees and lifting her from the ground.

You are as light as a feather, Elrohir thought while he walked toward the huge mattress that would serve them as a bed.

Elladan followed him and watched his lover be gently placed over the silk sheets. Elwen's taste was still in his mouth and he needed more, he needed to feel the sweet flavor of her rosy lips now.

However, a desire, something strange and unthinkable, took over him when he looked at Elrohir. His brother. He was… so beautiful! His skin, tanned by the sun, hid the power of the muscles within. His hair, so thick and glorious, made him ache to bury his fingers in the long tresses and kiss his lips.

This is madness! Elladan thought, shaking his head. Trying to make those insane thoughts go away, he just climbed on the mattress and took his beloved elleth's face in his hands, kissing her before she could have the chance to notice his tongue penetrating her mouth to duel with hers. A few moments later though, he felt the mattress sink under Elrohir's weight and he was reminded once more of the powerful presence of his older brother.

Elladan couldn't restrain himself.

Without leaving the softness of Elwen's lips, he looked at Elrohir and felt his body tremble when his deep green eyes met his twin's pale ones.

Elrohir's eyes, for his surprise, mirrored his own; they glowed with the same desire he felt. The same desire to touch him, to feel him as much as he was feeling Elwen.


Elladan caressed her and grunted against Elwen's mouth. "You are the Valar's most perfect creation, my love," he said against her lips seconds before he pulled away harshly to start licking her body that now was flushed with arousal.

In that moment, Elrohir's eyes met Elwen's and she saw it. She saw the look of desire in his face, not only for her, but for Elladan too! Elwen's lips opened in a silent sign of surprise. How could that be possible? Or better, how could she be feeling aroused by that idea? For she felt excited, she wanted to see them touch each other, maybe take each other in a way she never could.

A soft moan escaped Elrohir's mouth and made her turn her attention back to the manner with which he was watching her with his brother as if he were in a trance, what made her dig her fingers into the mattress. Laying down where she was, that sight looked almost surreal, for the lack of a roof in that talan gave the impression that the three of them were floating in a black sky sprinkled with stars. She offered her hand to Elrohir in a silent invitation.

"Come… join us," she asked and, with a long sigh, Elrohir crawled across the mattress, that was big enough to hold one more person, and started to lick the breast that had been momentarily neglected by Elladan.

Elrohir tasted the soft texture of her body and sucked the elleth's skin, who contorted with pleasure. She is perfect indeed, he thought. When Elwen couldn't take it anymore, she tried to guide his hand to the place in her body that throbbed with desire.

Elrohir chuckled. "Slow down, my sweet Elwen," he whispered, grabbing her wrist before it could reach its destiny. "It would be better if we did not move so fast."

The look of eagerness on Elwen's face made Elladan laugh. "My brother, do not let yourself be fooled by this delicate face. She is as passionate as you are," he said, pulling away from her and staring at his brother's face. That it was again, the hot desire, such a forbidden desire that left them both panting with the force of it.

Elwen watched the brothers stare at each other, their trembling hands raising to touch, but stopping in mid air, curious, uncertain.

It was Elladan who moved first, capturing his brother's lips softly, tentatively with his own. It was such a different feeling from kissing an elleth… Elrohir's face was rough, his lips firm and forceful. His hands roamed over his brother's strong chest, feeling the scars and the powerful muscles move beneath the battled skin.

Their kiss grew more heated, Elladan's lips parting to receive his twin's hot tongue in his mouth, his head spinning at what was happening between them.

"Elrohir!" Elladan whimpered when he felt his brother's hand touching him.

"So this is how it feels to touch an ellon…", Elrohir told him mesmerized.

Elwen watched, aroused beyond words by the sight before her. Without noticing, she started to caress herself and that made the twins halt their actions, their chests moving up and down because of their quickened breath.

Their eyes, one made of a shade pale of green while the other was made of such a dark color, that its green seemed black, locked with her blue ones and silently asked her again what she wanted to do.

Elwen crawled toward her lovers, her skin flushed with excitement, and they devoured her with their eyes. Then, while she felt their rough fingers bestow light caresses on her body, Elwen took Elladan's lip in a passionate kiss. Before Elrohir could complain, she turned to him and thrust her tongue into his lips. I cannot believe I am doing this, she thought when she wondered about what she was about to ask.

Pulling away after leaving Elrohir breathless and craving for more, Elwen took his left hand in one of hers, doing the same with Elladan's. Elbereth, give me courage, she prayed when her fingers started to shake. What she was doing was against nature! Against property!

But, despite her attempts to deny it, she wouldn't have it any other way.

It was her desire. And they had said they would do anything she wanted.

Placing Elrohir's large hand on Elladan's cheek and repeating her actions with the youngest brother, Elwen swallowed before speaking softly.

"You two look so beautiful together… I want to see you… making love."

Valar, I cannot believe in what I am hearing… Elladan closed his eyes and when they opened, he stared at Elrohir, caressing his brother's face, while he asked Elwen. "Are you certain?"

A slow smile formed upon Elrohir's lips, but it was Elwen who answered his question. "Yes."

Sweet, sweet insanity this is… Elladan thought. "Lay down, Elwen" he commanded to his beloved and she did as told. Then, with an arrogant smile on his face, he turned toward Elrohir. "You, on all fours."

Elrohir's mouth opened to protest, but he was silenced by Elladan's lips upon his and a playful slap on his bottom.

"I said on all fours, brother," Elladan sucked on Elrohir's bottom lip. "Over Elwen."

Elrohir's hand snaked on Elladan's neck, pulling him to a hard kiss that left his lips swollen and quivering.

"You are bold, little brother," Elrohir said when he finally let go of Elladan. With a wink to his brother, he crawled over Elwen. His heart thundered in his chest as he positioned himself and he felt her run her fingers up and down on him. You naughty elleth, he wondered letting a ragged sigh escape his mouth.

"Elwen, you will be the death of me," he moaned. He couldn't stop the groans that erupted from his throat. He murmured something like "more", but he couldn't distinguish the sounds that formed in his own mouth.

Behind them, Elladan's deep green eyes glowed, his pupils dilated while he watched Elwen's movements. In his hand there was a vial filled with oil that he had retrieved from a bag near the mattress. With a smile, he watched Elwen and Elrohir together. That sight almost made Elladan reach his peak.

Elrohir was so lost in that wondrous feeling of Elwen's - his Elwen - actions that he didn't notice his brother approach, slowly crawling toward him like a predator, stopping behind him. Only when he felt Elladan starts to touch him did Elrohir realize what was happening and he tensed up unconsciously. He knew that Elladan would be gentle with him, but he didn't know what to expect. And for the first time that night, he shared Elwen's fears.

Another grunt, now coming from Elladan, joined Elrohir's incoherent moans and Elwen smiled. The twins were so beautiful! While she brought pleasure to Elrohir, she watched the warrior's body tense in a silent plea for release.

Carefully, when Elrohir had relaxed almost completely, Elladan took his brother. "I love you, Elrohir," he whispered softly before starting to move.

Valar… I… No… Yes… The base of Elrohir's stomach contracted and a tingling took over his body. It had burnt at first, but then his brother touched a spot inside him that made him see stars! It was pleasure… It was pain… It was perfect.

The waves of pleasure were getting more and more intense and when he felt his brother's release, Elrohir finally lost control.

Delicious… Elwen thought while she realized that everything was different between the brothers, from the way they touched her to the manner how they reached their orgasm.

Elladan left Elrohir's body gently, laying his brother on the mattress, while Elwen sat up. Then he went to her and kissed his beloved on her lips before he walked to a corner of the talan to clean himself. Elrohir, still lying on the mattress, called to Elwen.

"My love, you left me completely spent,"he complained and Elwen laughed while she lay down by his side.

"Well, I think Elladan had some part on it. I should not be blamed alone," she said and kissed his temple while smoothed his thick hair out of his eyes. "You two looked so beautiful together. So, so beautiful…"

Elrohir became quiet while a blush crept in his cheeks at her compliment. He felt a little sore, however, he did not feel ashamed. He felt content. But, above all else, he felt loved by those gorgeous beings in that talan.

Elwen sighed when Elrohir tightened his hold on her and she caressed the scar on his strong shoulder, wishing that her lovers did not have to risk their lives so many times. Wishing that they were not warriors or heroes.

When Elladan returned with a clean cloth in his hand, Elrohir and Elwen were still in each other's arms, with their eyes half closed. Elladan knew that Elwen's desire was still unfulfilled and he was ready to satisfy her in an unparalleled way that night. If everything went right, his biggest gift to her would be the binding of the souls of them three for all eternity.

Elwen's eyes widened when she saw Elladan return, knowing that her time had come. She sat up, followed by Elrohir. Would I be capable of doing this? she wondered and felt Elrohir's arms envelope her, promising her that she would feel pleasure in that act.

"It will feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but it will not hurt you, my love," Elrohir assured her. "Believe me… I know."

Elladan knelt down in front of them, tenderly cleaning the traces of his desire from his brother's body. When he was finished, he put the cloth away and kissed the top of Elwen's head. "She knows how it feels," he explained. "She just does not know how it will feel with both of us at the same time."

A smile lightened Elrohir's sweaty face and he looked at her. "You have done this with him?" Elwen blushed furiously at his question and hid her face in his neck while Elrohir caressed her back. "You do not need to feel ashamed, I am only surprised, I never thought that the little girl who played with me would be capable of doing this."

"You still have a lot to learn about the adult Elwen, Elrohir," Elladan said while he handed the vial they had just used to Elrohir, who refused the offer. He knew that it would be easier for Elwen if Elladan, gentler than him, took her in that way. He couldn't risk hurting the most precious thing of his life. "Do not be afraid, my brother," Elladan said when he noticed what was crossing his thoughts. "Despite being rough, you know how to be gentle in times like these."

Elrohir hesitated, tempted by that offer. He turned toward Elwen. "Do you trust me, my sweet Elwen?" he asked, fearing her answer.

Elwen lifted her face from his shoulder and smiled. "I trust you to the point of placing my life and my destiny in your hands… my love."

Elrohir swallowed hard, tightening his hold around her and feeling happy tears trying to leave his eyes again. Elladan's dark green orbs were also shining with unshed tears and they both exchanged a smile. In that moment, they couldn't have found a stronger complicity between them. Soon, they would be one and they would give their souls so the Valar could bind them, because they were sure that a love like that could never be destroyed.

The time had come.

In an attempt to alleviate the tension he felt in Elwen's shoulders, Elrohir kissed her languidly, massaging her until she moaned one orgasm as languid as his kisses. The sounds she uttered made the twins get aroused again as if it for the first time that night; that vigor was one of the only Elvish marks they possessed and that they both boasted of.

Valar, with or without fear, I need to have them! Elwen opened her blue eyes, now almost black with desire, breathing with difficulty. Elladan lay back on his elbows with his legs outstretched and motioned for her to go to him. Hesitating only momentarily, Elwen left Elrohir's embrace, their fingertips entwining briefly as she walked away. Elladan helped her to lower herself onto him.

They both moaned at the contact. Their bodies, belonging to long time lovers, finding the way easily. Elwen tensed up the moment she felt Elrohir's hand touch her back. Understanding, he took his time and whispered love words into her ear as he ran his hands over her back and down her legs.

Little by little, Elwen felt the tension in her muscles go way, thanks to Elrohir's patience and Elladan's tenderness, but when she felt his warm body leave her, she started to grow tense again.

Elladan glanced up towards Elrohir and without needing to say any words, both brothers knew what they had to do. Elwen needed a distraction and that was what Elladan promptly did. He parted her teeth with his tongue and ravished Elwen's mouth at the same time that he began to move slowly up into her. Then, Elwen began to forget about Elrohir and what was going to happen as Elladan's distractions took effect.

Suddenly, Elladan wasn't moving anymore and Elrohir was back, preparing her, as Elladan deepened his kiss.

"Relax, Elwen," Elrohir whispered softly into her ear. "Trust me, relax and it will not feel so uncomfortable."

She tried to do what he asked. That felt different than when it had just been Elladan and it was taking her longer to grow accustomed to it. When Elrohir left her once more, Elwen's breathing was short and choppy as she waited for the twin's next move.

Again, Elladan distracted her with his kisses and when Elwen felt Elrohir once more, she left a small cry escape her lips.

Worried, Elladan captured her in another of his heated kisses while he caressed Elwen's soft and tense body. It was almost enough to make her forget about what Elrohir was doing, but not quite. At one point, she whimpered, because it started to hurt, and Elrohir's heart sank. Please, Elwen, relax, I am not going to hurt you.

"Trust us," Elwen heard from Elladan. For the first time, she wished that the ellyn were not so well endowed! Elladan continued to kiss her, holding her face lightly with his fingertips until Elrohir stopped, allowing some time for her to adjust to the invasion.

"Look at me, my sweet Elwen," Elladan asked. Keeping her eyes fixed in the green storm inside her lover's orbs, Elwen felt less uncomfortable when Elrohir started to move.

Valar, did Elladan feel like this when he had me? Elrohir thought while moans escaped from his mouth. It was so difficult, almost like some kind of torture, to control his will, but he did it for his love for Elwen. He would never hurt her. He didn't know, but that exercise of control excited the elleth more than he could imagine and he finally felt her relax a little. With that sign, he built a rhythm and Elladan began one of his own, with Elwen caught between them.

Despite the fact that she was still feeling a little uncomfortable, Elwen couldn't hold back the love that warmed her chest when she saw the dream of having her two lovers sharing that moment with her become real. While the brothers moved, each one in his rhythm, she tried to only close her eyes and wait for the moment when their souls would bind. However, Elladan would never permit such thing.

"This is… for you… too, Elwen," he reminded her as he touched her until Elwen moaned. "That is… it, my love, let us… listen to your moans… of pleasure."

The sounds of Elrohir's soft grunts in her ears while his speed increased excited her also. Elbereth, I love them so much. Quickly, Elwen drew close to the edge and that was when Elladan's hand disappeared.

"Not... yet," he said, increasing his own speed too.

It was then that the three of them felt it, in that brief moment when they were nearing the orgasm, in a union of bodies and feelings, a sweet tingling in their hearts. When Elrohir opened his eyes to face his brother, Elladan's eyes shone with a surreal light, as did his and Elwen's. What is going on?

Before he could say anything, Elrohir felt like he was reliving his whole life, his memories returning to him with a frightening force, but those weren't exactly his memories. He was reliving Elladan's and Elwen's lives too, and with them came all the emotions both of them had felt along the years. When the images stopped, it was like Elrohir didn't know where he ended and where his beloved lovers began.

There was the beating of one heart only.

There was one body moving and a hot and incomparable pleasure about to befall them.

It was Elrohir who finished first, his breath suddenly coming in short spurts for a couple of seconds before he yelled out Elwen's name. That made her reach her climax as she let herself get lost in Elladan's deep green eyes. Feeling the spasms of the feminine walls around him, Elladan too reached his climax.

The three's labored breaths filled the air. For a moment, they did not move, without believing in what had really happened. They could feel as if they would never be alone, as if their presences would be forever ingrained in each other's hearts.

Tenderly, Elrohir turned Elwen's face so he could kiss her, his lips trembling at the force of his orgasm. Later, it was Elladan's turn to bring Elwen's lips towards his.

Then, the two brothers looked at each other and shared a laugh filled with happiness and peace. They were free. They were whole again.

Taking care not to hurt Elwen, Elrohir and Elladan left Elwen's body. Tired, she was almost asleep and the two brothers admired her flushed look with love in their eyes. Bringing her close to his chest, Elladan swiped Elwen in his arms while Elrohir took his place behind her and passed one possessive leg over her supple thighs.

"Good night, little brother," Elrohir said and Elladan laughed.

"Good night, Elrohir."

With one sweet kiss placed on her forehead and another on her shoulder, Elwen let herself be lulled by the warmth of the bodies of the men she loved.

In that night, she was the happiest elleth of Arda. In the morning of the next day, she would be given her binding ring with the names of her lovers written in beautiful tengwar, the same ornate writing that her name was inscribed in on the rings of Elladan and Elrohir.

And, in one year, Elwen would give birth to the first child of that heterodox union.

A girl who was named Avaquetiel: Taboo.


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