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Chapter Nine – Lorelai Gilmore


Lorelai swayed the porch swing slightly with her feet as she stared at the new, beautifully carved archway that now grazed the surface of her yellowing lawn. And as she stared, she thought.

She thought about Max. She thought about Rory. She thought about her upcoming wedding. She thought about the chuppah.

And she thought about Luke. But more importantly, what Luke had said.

"You only get married once."

The sentence rang through her mind, repeating itself over and over.

"You only get married once."

Was this what she really wanted? Was Max the clichéd 'one'? Was he her 'something more'?

She sighed, even more confused than she'd been to begin with.

How would she know if this was it? How would she know that she wouldn't run into someone on the street that she would love eight times as much?

How would she know?

"You only get married once."

If this were her only shot, would it be worth it? Was she sure?

She thought more about what Luke had said. Were she and Max really meant for each other? Would he be able to put up with her? Could they grow and evolve at the same rate? Would they get sick of each other?

Lorelai cringed. Would he make her eat French food?

She sighed again, this time a happy sigh, as she gazed out at the intricately carved chuppah. No one had made her anything as amazing as that before.

Not even Max.

Exhaling deeply, Lorelai looked down at her engagement ring. It really was perfect, wasn't it?

But then again, he'd needed her daughter's help to pick it out. Shouldn't he know her well enough to do that himself?

She really didn't know. She'd never been engaged before, after all.

Lorelai rubbed her temples to relieve the headache that was threatening to overtake her. This was too much.

She looked up at the chuppah for a moment, then glanced back to the ring.





Lorelai put her head in her hands. She couldn't take it anymore.

Maybe she didn't know much about love besides the clichés and cheesy stories, but she was pretty sure that this wasn't it.

Whether it was the truth or not, Lorelai knew in her gut that if you were trying to love someone… well, it couldn't be right.

She shook her head, trying to clear at least some of her thoughts.

This was it.

No Max.

She sighed. Oddly, she felt relieved. Like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Lorelai knew she'd made the right choice.

With one last look at the chuppah, she rose to her feet and went inside to talk to Rory.

They were going on a road trip.


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