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'Why? Is it so wrong to want to know why?'

The rain poured, drenching the two figures. Heavy rain was very rare in those parts, but it only helped to set the mood.

'Because I don't love you, I love her.' A tall male figure replied in a monotone voice.

'But you said you loved me first. What did I do to change that?' The voice of the smaller figure relayed her sadness, her broken heart.

'I never loved you, and I never will,' as the male spoke, he turned and swiftly left, leaving the woman alone in the rain.

'But you said you would always love me, and never leave me.'

With a gasp, a young woman shot up in her bed from her slumber, sweat clinging to her pale skin. She looked at the clock next to her, and groaned as the bright red numbers showed three o'clock. She lied down once more in her bed and shut her weary eyes. She had been having the strangest dreams for the past few months, always of the same scene of the man and the woman. Even though they were dreams, they seemed so real, and took a lot of energy out of her. Her friends and family were beginning to notice the change in her manner, and her employer was noticing her lack of effort at work lately. Hell, she even bought sleeping pills to help her sleep, but alas, the dreams still occurred, leaving her just as exhausted as she had been before. She knew the dreams must mean something, but since she couldn't really make out either of the figures (except for the fact that she knew one was a male and the other was female), she couldn't get a grasp on what it was trying to tell her. She soon fell asleep, determined to get a few hours of sleep before her alarm went off, alerting her to a new day.

Meanwhile in a sarcophagus deep in a museum in San Francisco, someone else was having a similar dream, but upon awakening, never really remembering the subject, allowing him to go through his daily routine, never realizing he was missing an important part of his life.