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Summary: AU- For clumsy, awkward Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke was obsession at first sight. He was smart, athletic and handsome. She was nothing to him, until fate decides to land them in an embarrassing situation. That's where our story and Uchiha's headaches begins

Pairings: SasuSaku (duh) With minor pairings, NejiTen, NaruHina (later on) InoShika

Co-Writer Earthborne

T.T Mou, decided to co-write a SasuSaku although I don't really support it. Don't ask me why.

She will be Loved

Chapter one:Let the chaos begin!


"That was the fifty-fourth love letter I've written to him." Sakura told her friend, a proud grin spreading across her cheeks, sipping her drink. Ino choked. "Fifty-fourth! I thought it's thirty-sixth!" Sakura shrugged. "Forgot to tell you guys." She brushed the dust off her skirt. Ino shook her head, an unbelievable laugh escaped from her lips. "So, what did he say?"

"I saw him tearing the paper up."

Her friends hollered with laughter. Sakura looked hurt. "It's not my fault!" Tenten patted her shoulder, rubbing her tears of laughter away. Sakura glared at her. "You should honestly give up. He's not your type."

"How do you know?" Sakura shot back. Tenten didn't get the chance to reply, a tray slid between Sakura and Hinata. A blonde boy grinned at her. "Sakura-chan!" She managed a grin. "Hi!" And winked at Hinata, who blushed.

He squeezed into the space between Sakura and Hinata. Sakura uncomfortably shifted aside. She glanced at Hinata. She seemed to be frozen. She kicked her under the table. Hinata jerked and looked at Sakura in surprise. Move over, Sakura mouthed, pointing her finger at the blonde. Hinata blushed prettily and managed a nod.

"Hey! Hinata, you're red…" Naruto said; his mouth stuffed with food. Sakura thought Hinata would faint, but she managed a small smile, which was a big surprise for all of them, except for Naruto of course. Even though he was Sakura's childhood second best friend, the blonde boy was still sadly oblivious to girls' feelings, especially that of Hinata's.

A shrill squeal was heard afar. Ino buried her head into her hand. Sakura closed her eyes in irritation. Those fan-girlish screams were killing her. The Uchiha Sasuke walked into the lunchroom, hands into his pockets, looking so very annoyed.

"Sasuke-kun! Please sit with us!" Screech.

"I'll buy you lunch! Sit with us!" Giggle.

They were used to it. Every single day, every year it was like that. Since he entered High School, he had been very popular. Girls flocked up to him like the proverbial bees to honey. They formed clubs, shrines, and hell, even a small voodoo community, all worshipping Sasuke.

Sakura, however, was above that. She didn't want to be seen as a part that of a herd, she wanted to be an individual, so Sasuke-kun would notice her. She preferred to win him over with her intellect, not how high or loud her voice can go.

Rolling her eyes, she sipped her milk with dignity as the screaming mob ran past, but sadly for her, she didn't notice a girl running too closely to her chair, bumping her. Startled, Sakura jumped, which tipped her tray over, spraying the milk over her face and lap. The girl seemed to not realize what happened to her. Or she didn't care.

Everyone stared. They stopped what they were doing and stared at her. Sakura stood up, feeling her cheeks warming. Wiping the milk off her face with her right hand, she grabbed her bag and ran off to the bathroom.

Some moments later…

Sakura ended up soaking wet. She had to go the bathroom to wash the milk off her pink hair. Then she slipped and landed in a puddle of water. Then, as she walked into the classroom, she bumped her head on the doorframe. She could hear everyone laughing at her and her large forehead. In annoyance, she glared at them, her eyes flashing. Ino patted her shoulder. "It's nothing, really."

"Nothing?" Sakura asked, groaning. "Why don't you try? It's so damn embarrassing. I shouldn't have gone to eat lunch today. Ruined my good mood." She mumbled, throwing her pen on the desk, burying her head in her arms. "I hate my clumsiness!" She whined.

"Haruno! Your Maths results came back."

She stood up so quickly that her chair fell backwards. "My savior." She murmured under her breath. Without hesitation, she took her paper from the person's hands. A plus, she sighed with relief. "I'm so glad. Okasan will be glad." A rare expression spread across her face. Her friends glanced at each other.

Her mother died in a car crash when she was 5. Since then, she'd lived alone with her father in their small house. "She wanted me to go to University." She sighed wistfully. Her mother didn't go to University when she was young; her family was too poor back then. Hugging the paper to her chest, she smiled. "I hope she is proud of me."

Flashing her friends a thumbs-up she grinned. "I will be fine." This was her good-girl-pose.


Sakura had been looking forward to going home that day; she wanted to finish her homework as quickly as possible. She skipped while she hummed, but a note was cut off when she saw smoke rising from the direction of her home.

Her father had burned down the house down because of his culinary skills. Or rather, lack thereof. Sakura dropped her school bag and ran towards the house. Someone pulled her back. "Let me go!" She yelled, kicking.

"It's too dangerous! Someone hold her down!" Another person standing by grabbed her arm and pulled her to safety.

"My father is inside! So is my mother's picture! Unhand me!" She struggled, trying to get them to free her. Their grips simply tightened.

The fire burned fiercely, and Sakura couldn't do anything. Tears began running down her face when she thought all was lost, but then her father ran out of the house, his hand clutching a photo of her mother.

Sakura ran and hugged her father tightly, and she took her mother's picture and hugged it and sighed with relief. She turned back to the house and to her father. "Neh… Otousan… where shall we go? We have no where to live now…" He made no reply and stared at the fire in silence.

In the end, they ended up living in a tiny room that her father's friend had kindly lent them for a small rent. "Sakura." Her father's voice was solemn.

She looked up and stared at him. "Yeah?"

"We'll be living here from now on." He said.

"I know, father."

"Sorry about the house."

"It's okay." It's not okay. Shannaro! She sighed. "It's okay father. I don't mind."

Her father didn't get to reply, because their door slid open then. A woman with raven hair and fair skin entered, she was speechless and stared at Sakura and her father, her eyes in tears. Wow, she's pretty. Sakura thought. "Hello, can I help you?" She inquired, not knowing what is happening.

"Soichiro!" The woman cried, sniffing. Her father rose from the ground. (A/N: I have no idea what Sakura's father's name is… So I call him Soichiro) "M-Mikoto?" He stammered, not believing what he was seeing. A gasp escaped Sakura's lips as the woman flung her arms around her around her father's neck. "I missed you so much!" She was even shocked when Soichiro hugged her back. "I missed you too, Mikoto!"

Right in front of the slightly burnt picture of her mother.

"W-Wait!" Sakura stammered, pointing her finger shakily at both of them, she was too shocked to speak. "You can't do this to mother!" She took off her shoe and threw it at her father's head. Inner Sakura was furious, kicking and screaming.

"Sakura, you got it wrong…" Soichiro explained, rubbing the lump on his head.

"Is this your daughter?" This woman called Mikoto said in excitement. Sakura took a step backwards. I sense something fishy…

"Yeah, that's my daughter…"

"She looks so much like her mother!" Mikoto said, smiling. Sakura blinked. This witch knows my mother? "Keep away from me." She took off her other shoe and brandished it dangerously in front of her like some kind of sword.

Soichiro touched his daughter on her arm. "She's not so bad. She was my best friend in High School." Sakura blinked, twice. "Best friends?" She asked shakily, she could feel her cheeks turning red. Again. She goes red easily. "So you are not…"

"No." He answered, embarrassed. Sakura let a relieved sigh. She bowed deeply. "I'm sorry for my behavior earlier. Please forgive me." Inner Sakura snorted derisively.

Mikoto smiled and patted her on the shoulder. "You're Sakura neh? You look so much like your mother." Sakura's cheeks warmed with pleasure. "Thanks. I guess…"

Mikoto turned to her father. "She's so cute! I always wanted a daughter!" She laughed. "I heard your house was burned down?"

Sakura's smile faded away immediately. How did she know so quickly? Soichiro looked down and closed his eyes. "Yeah… it did. I feel sorry for Okasan." Mikoto patted his shoulder. "I'm sorry. Really. Fugaku and I were really worried about you. So would you like to live with us?" The question was fast and a blur. "What?" Sakura asked, she thought she heard it wrong.

Mikoto smiled, showing her pearly white teeth. "Really? That's great! You'll fit right in!" a mad glint showed in her eyes, one that demanded obedience.

"We couldn't…" Soichiro said.

"We don't mind really! It's kind of lonely with the four of us! It will be more fun living your high school friends, wouldn't it?" She winked at Sakura. Soichiro was silent. It was a wise choice.


They got out of Mikoto's car. She smiled at them both. "I'm so glad you agreed with me (read: kidnapped)! I can't wait to tell Fugaku! He's in the company, he will be home in a few hours… I guess." Sakura stood there, shocked. Jaw meets ground; ground meets jaw. "Oh my god, the house is so huge! Is this yours, Mikoto-san?"

"Well… yeah you can say that." She replied, a little embarrassed.

"It's a nice house-" She didn't finish, when her eyes landed onto the name in front of the mailbox. Uchiha, she read. She frowned. "Uchiha?" She asked. Something about the name nagged at her.

"Shall we go in?"

"Yeah, yeah… Sakura, let's go."

"Coming…" Sakura said, her eyes still focusing onto the one little word. "Err… Mikoto-san… Do you have a son?" She asked, feeling her heart start to pound. Mikoto turned around, surprised. "Yes, I have two sons." Her words rang in her head. Sakura dragged herself to the door.

"Tadaima!" Mikoto called out. "You two, we have some guests living with us from now on." I have some nasty feeling about this… Sakura thought nervously. It's the feeling you get when someone behind you is holding a very big gun. She touched her stomach. Footsteps were heard. And amidst a dramatic pause and choruses of 'Hallelujah!' a bright light shone from the staircase, as a figure stepped forward from the halo.

Standing in front of her was the Uchiha Sasuke.

"Y-You!" Sakura jumped, her cheeks going red again. "What? I'm in Uchiha Sasuke's house?" She fell to her knees. "Today is so not my day." She groaned.

"Haruno Sakura?" He asked, amused. "What are you doing in my house?" They both stared at each other. Mikoto turned around, surprised. "You two know each other? That's so great!" (Evil glint in her eyes. Evil cogs working in her head).

"She's in my class, mother…" He mumbled.

"Stop speaking so loudly. I'm trying to study here!" Another guy appeared in front of her. Sakura screamed. "Another Uchiha Sasuke!" She yelled.

"That's my brother, you idiot!" Sasuke said, rolling his eyes.

"Hey! A high school girl! She's cute." Itachi said slyly, glancing at his brother. "You know her?" Sakura groaned and placed her head into her hand. She did not know whether to feel glad or mortified. Living with her dream, Sasuke, that was good. But living with him, where he will be exposed to her clumsiness more than ever, that was bad.

"Come up Sakura. I'll show you to your room." Mikoto winked at her.

"Welcome to hell, Sakura…" She muttered to herself, before she dragged herself upstairs, after meeting the Uchiha brothers. "Welcome to hell."


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