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Beyond the Laughing Sky


Samurai Snow

Chapter II: Broken

It was an awesome sight. The mirror stood before them shining in all it's radiance. It's dark cherry wood boarder was carved with intricate 3-detmentail vines that seemed to grow wildly around the looking class. Where the vines branched and budded, where flowers would have been expected to be, upon closer inspection, one could see the flower petals were actually heart arranged to perfection. A beautiful work of art that could never be duplicated.

"Wow…"Gypsie spoke with little force. She turned her attention away from the present to look at her little sister, who seemed like she was going to exploded with joy.

"Ha-Hol-HOLLY SH-"

"SO! What do you think?"

"There…There-are-no words!" Alice guttered out dramatically, faking a Miss America cry. Gypsie rolled her eyes. She spotted the tan card Alice had tossed across the room earlier. She picked up the card and read it aloud, which didn't really matter because Alice was far too busy performing her dance of appreciation, bouncing merely around her new treasure.

"To the fairest Princess in all the Land,

Who holds all our hearts in her hand,

May your beauty be reflected upon the outside

For we all know within it can not hide.

May the sun bow down to its new found treasure,

And when destiny calls

Do not deny the adventure

With all my heart and all my splendor,

You dearest Aunt Esmeralda"

"Wow…the deepness seems to be spreading this season." Gypsie cocked an eyebrow.

"What does that even mean, anyway?" said Alice, now jumping on the bed.

"She said you're beautiful and…" she yawned and glanced at the clock again, "…should I get breakfast started?

"And!" Alice jumped off the bed and landed gracefully next to her sister.

"….Have you been practicing that?"

"And what else did she say! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!"

"We are definitely gonna have you tested."


"She said that you will go on many adventures…"Gypsie spoke calmly as she took all the junk off her sister's bed. "It's your destiny," she smiled.

Alice got into bed and laid her head against the goose featured pillow. "Well, when that," she yawned "happens, will you come with me?"

"Of course."



About to flip the light switch, Gypsie turned around. "By the way Alice, Happy-" Alice let out a loud snore. In two seconds, Alice was down for the count. Lady like, she thought and turned out the light and closed the door.

She leaned against the wooden door and took a deep breath. Why is it every time after she took on her little sister, she left the need for an external strength Tylenol or a stiff drink….or broth. Alice always made her feel so tired. It must have been her excessive amount of energy or the fun she always seemed to have with it, Gypsie figured. She was kind of jealous of her for that. She only had that kind of rush on stage but Alice could trigger it with just the thought of strawberry Poky. They rarely had fun together, most likely because Gypsie was to busy playing mom instead of sister. It was just the fear of razing Alice up the wrong way, if there was one. But could you blame her for worrying about it. With out a parental figure there was bound to be trouble ahead. She new for a fact Alice was happy and she had to be doing something right.

The sun would rise soon, but Gypsie was too wound up to rest now. Grabbing her black and white checkered guitar, she began to play softly a song she never heard before.

She couldn't help but wonder why it felt so familiar. She began to slip into a trance as the ghostly melody smoked from her instrument. Her mascara coated eyelashes beat together like wings of a butterfly. 'I could use a good night sleep,' she thought. 'When's the last time I had-'

The guitar screeched, making her eyes pop open in surprise. As she came to, she noticed strange sound of came from Alice's room. It sounded like breaking glass but distorted, like underwater. Gypsie swung the guitar strap over her shoulder and spun the guitar to the back of her and sprinted down the hallway. "Alice? Alice! Don't touch the glass, you'll hurt your-"Gypsie swung the door open. "…self…" she whispered.

Bits of glass dangled in the air, reflecting a green glow that shown from within the cherry wood frame. Alice stood before the mirror, half a sleep. "Alice…get away from there…Alice?..." Gypsie spoke softly as she took baby steps toward her sister.

"But…there's a rabbit, Gypsie…"

From her position, Gypsie couldn't see what she looking at in the mirror.

"…I always wanted a rabbit…Daddy said I couldn't, because…"

"…I know honey, but come with me…" Gypsie said getting closer, dodging the sharp shards of glass. Uncertain of the safety of the situation, Gypsie instinctively wanted to get her sister as far away from that thing as she could.

Alice sighed as she peered into the mirror like gothic kid in front of Hot Topic show case window while ripples emerged from the green unknown that resided under the reflective glass. Gypsie stopped and watched in a cautious wonder as five out-stretched fingers surfaced. Impossible, this is impossible, she thought. The sixteen year only heard the sound of her heart beat as the red tipped craw like nails elongated towards the little girl. Intricate henna snaked from the black nail beds all over the surface of the pail flesh.

The perfectly painted hand twisted, revealing a snow white pawn that politely asked for Alice's and ever so slowing, even so gently, Alice's hand rose inches away.

Gypsie snapped herself back into reality. "ALICE!" she screamed. The shriek made her sisters eyes popped open violently as the white hand grabbed her. Gypsie darted to the mirror but it was too late. With one violent tug the little girl was flung into the green unknown with a slash.

Gypsie peered into the foggy service of what looked like looking down at green pool of water. She hesitated. "Where is she? This can't be happening! This can't be-" Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of glass clinking together. She turned around. The shards of the looking glass started to shake. "Oh god…" Every piece slowly rotated in midair and in the next second millions of jagged daggers whizzed violent towards the mirror flame that stood behind her. Shielding her face with her mesh over arms the sixteen year old girl fell backwards into the green oblivion that resided within the cherry wood frame. The glass pieces repositioned themselves back together perfectly, as if nothing happened.

Gypsie fell backwards in darkness. She watched her red and black plaid skirt ruffle in the wind as she slipped a peaceful unconsciousness. She could not feel the cuts on the face nor the slashes on her arms and legs from the mysterious broken glass. As her mascara coated eye lashes flutter shut, she could just make out the sound of her sister's voice calling her name from a great distance away.

Gypsie suddenly woke to three loving bands of the piano. Whispering voices echoed from all directions. Amongst the sound of the wind rustling through leaves, someone within the vast emptiness sung softly:

"Gravity plays favorites I know it cause I saw
Honest to god officer it's awful
Down at work I'm getting too familiar with the floor
Trading in my talents by the mouthful…."

End of Chapter II

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