a/n: This is going to be my last part for my Family Time story. Thanx so much for all the reviews, hope to hear more from you. Sorry this is so short, but there wasn't much more I can do. Let me know what you think, and maybe I'll write more stories. Thanks again!

Family Time

by Jedi Princess Jainakin

Part IV: Goodnight

When the family got back, they only had a light dinner so the twins wouldn't fall asleep while they were eating. Afterwards, Padmé took the children to give them their baths and get them ready for bed while Anakin cleaned up the kitchen. Anakin told Threepio and Artoo goodnight and quietly turned off the lights and headed down the hallway to Luke and Leia's bedroom. He stood quietly at the door for a moment, listening to Padmé's soft voice singing a lullaby to the two children inside. He smiled to himself and softly opened the bedroom door. Padmé turned to look towards him, a smile on her face. Quietly he stepped into the room, shut the door behind him and walked over to where his children lay. They were still asleep, but barely, and as they sensed their father standing over them, they both sleepily opened their eyes and looked at him.

"Night Daddy," they both whispered softly, "love you."

"Goodnight little ones," Anakin answered back, "love you too"

Luke and Leia then looked toward their mother as she smiled at them.

"Night Mommy, love you too."

"Goodnight sweethearts," Padmé responded, happily, "I love you too, very much."

Luke and Leia quietly closed their eyes, and within moments, were fast asleep. Anakin and Padmé walked out of the room, hand in hand and slowly turned off the lights. They shut the door behind them and walked softly down the hall towards the room, both remembering the fun day they had today and believing that they wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Those two small children in the room were the most important people in their lives and they couldn't imagine being any happier than they were whenever they were with them. They might not have pictured their lives ending up like this when they first met each other all those years ago, but to them, it really didn't matter. They were where they wanted to be and were with who they wanted to be with. Their lives were full and complete and they were happy; they couldn't imagine anything better than that.