1Authors Note: YAY! New story! KagxSess and Sesshy is a cute teacher. This story actually came to me because... I have this huge crush on my Science teacher! Heh he's like 27 and I'm like ah! I'm the best student in his applied class (Cuz I suck BAD at math) so he always calls on me for a higlighter or a pen and I'm like "ANYTHING!" lol, it's INSANE. I had a dream last night where he gave me clothes from Wal-Mart and I woke up and I'm like W-T-F! Anyways have fun reading! Oh and if you like it I want you to also read Teacher's Pet by WhisperingDreams089. It's really really good! I had the idea before I found this fic and when I found it I was like AWE! But then she said it's okay. But there are BIG HUGE differences. So Neh! Enjoy!

This story is rated M because of sexual content


After Class Chapter 1: Enter Kagome Higurashi!


As Kagome left the office with her papers and new texts she quickly went to the bathroom. There she re-applied her black eyeliner and mascara, also remembering to apply her light pink shiny lip gloss. She made it a chore to hike her black school skirt higher. She added once more her leather straps to the tops of her black knee highs which went half way up her top thigh. Of course there was still skin because her skirt regularly left one quarter of her skin to show. She also made sure that the top 3 buttons on her white dress shirt were undone, her black tie loose around her neck.

Kagome replaced the ugly brown loafers she wore with her combat boots which laced up and went to her knee, giving her 2 more inches of height. She ran her fingers through her raven hair which contained a few magenta streaks. She inserted her four studs that ran along her right ear. On her left ear was a loop earing that was at the top of her ear. She was a walking talking dress code infraction.

She grinned at the mirror and made and air kiss before leaving. She grabbed her bag and pulled out her new time table. First period... room 113, English. Kagome silently cheered, she'd be able to get some sleep! She'd be late, but it didn't matter, it was her first day!


In his three years of teaching Sesshomaru had never had a student like her. He had a heart attack when she first walked into his classroom, her lips pouting and her eyes giving an I don't want to be here look as she apologized for being late.

"And what is your name?" He asked stoically.

"Kagome Higurashi." Kagome said defiantly. "I've transferred from Matsuo High."

"Do you realize that you cannot wear you skirt that high here at Saito Academic High school?" He said patiently, expecting her to blush or stumble as the few girls had when he'd proposed the same thing to them. Though you didn't receive that many 'skanky girls' at this high school.

Instead she smiled sarcastically. "Really? So I should pull it higher?" Kagome asked in an innocent confused way, putting a hand on the fringe of her skirt at her side, threatening to actually pull it higher. The 6 guys in the class grinned and nodded suggestively.

Sesshomaru stared into her eyes, such defiance, he was not used to. Especially when it came to females. Most would slit their throats or commit a mass murder if he'd just so ask. Not that he really cared most of the time. The percentage of time that women actually spent time in his life was low other then mere students. This student in grade 12 English in room 113 must be some kind of punishment from the gods.

"Well, I would send you down to the office for your infractions but since it's your first day I will permit it. You may sit at the back beside Ms. Narita." Sesshomaru said stoically.


Kagome moved past all the students that stared at her. The males would smile and nod their heads while the females stared wide eyed, all them with their long black hair tied in high ponytail, each one with clean faces and proper uniforms. It was disgusting. If Kagome had even tried such conformity she would surly choke to death, slowly but surely DYING.

Ms. Narita at the back seemed the most curious of the group, staring with even wider eyes as Kagome sat down. Kagome smiled tenderly at the girl, trying to form some kind of bond with just about anyone to make the rest of the year go faster, considering it was just the second month of school.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi... and you are?" Kagome asked in a kind voice.

"I'm Sango Narita! Nice to meet you Higurashi-Chan!" Sango said nodding a bow. Kagome smiled.

"That's nice. But I hate my last name. So you can just call me Kagome-Chan, ne?"

"Sugoi! Then you shall call me Sango-Chan as well?" Sango asked.

Kagome laughed, lifting her pinky. "Okay, pinky promise!"

Sango laughed as well, taking Kagome's pinky in her own. "Pinky promise!"

Too soon he two were discovered as Sesshomaru stood at the front of the class with his hands crossed on his chest as he called out the girls names.

"Would you two please stay after school. Talking, is not allowed." Sesshomaru said strictly. But of course Kagome could not just say yes, because Kagome was Kagome. Instead he wanted to shoot Kagome as she stood up in stead with her hand on her chest as she bent over her desk, putting all her weight on her right hand which was place firmly on her desk. In this position not only could he see her black lace bra but so could the other guys in class who were snickering.

"But Sir! I was the one who engaged the conversation! It is not fair that Narita-San must stay behind as well when it wasn't her fault at all!" Kagome then dramatically put the back of her left hand on her forehead, her eyes closed. "Oh, what is the world coming to that people are unjustly tried for crimes of which they did not partake?"

Some of the guys clapped. The girls sat wide-eyed as usual.

"That is enough Ms. Higura-" Sesshomaru started but could not finish because Kagome interrupted.

"The names Kagome sir." Kagome said blowing a kiss without the hand and winked at him.

Sesshomaru wanted to gape. Such audacity!

"Well, Kagome-Chan please sit down and quit disturbing the class. Because you were so convincing, and you probably were the one who started the conversation, only you will have to stay after school. Please do not be tardy." Sesshomaru said, his voice giving off an annoyed tone.

"Arigatou." Kagome nodded and sat down only to fall asleep in her arms.

'Why God? What did I do to deserve this hopeless case?'

He continued to teach, ignoring how she was sleeping in his class, but she was on his mind constantly. It took him 15 minuets beforehe finally snapped. He stood from his desk.

"Kagome-Chan! How am I supposed to teach this class while you take your sweet time napping in the back?" Sesshomaru drawled in English. The obviously inexperienced class stared at each other in confusion, only catching a few words.

At the call of her name Kagome's eyes blinked open. She took her sweet time to respond, yawning and still resting her head in her arms except now looking at Sesshomaru with sleepy eyes.

"But SIR. I was up late last night and I am SO tiered. Besides the fact that I find your lessons boring considering I learnt the same stuff when I was all but 5." Kagome replied in the best English Sesshomaru had heard out of any of his students mouths. They continued to converse in English.

"Then maybe you should come up and teach?"

"No thank you. I guess I'll just watch you. I'd skip class but watching you seems like fun." Kagome replied sleepily as she continued to stare at him through droopy eyes. Her words were sincere and for the first time since she entered the room, kind.

Sesshomaru sat down calmly. He grinned. She was so adorable when she was sincere. Wait the hell was he thinking? She was a student! Whatever. As he continued the lesson he felt her gaze on him and warmth pooled in his abdomen, he found himself wondering why.

Kagome stared at Sesshomaru as he taught. 'Mmm, he IS one tasty dish!' In a way though, that's what every woman thought when they saw him. Sesshomaru was well sculpted. His eyes were a beautiful light violet tint. As for his hair he had it long and always kept it in a high ponytail. He wore crisp suits but always liked to take off his blazer as he taught.

Kagome managed to watch as he'd call on girls and they'd mumble and get all frazzled, blushing all the while. If he'd ask them to kiss his shoes they would be on all fours before you could say the word kiss. Kagome found it amusing but also disturbing. How could a male have such power over a female? She would never be like that. It was all too disgusting.

The bell rang and people began to get up and leave but as Kagome did Sesshomaru told her to stay behind.

"I thought my detention was after class." Kagome griped.

"It is. I just wanted to inform you that you're other teachers might complain about your uniform and wont be as lenient as me."

"Oh, but according to my sheet all of my teachers are male." Kagome laughed. "I'm sure they wont mind one bit!"

"Have you know shame?" Sesshomaru growled. "You flaunt your virtue and you are what? 16?"

"I'm 17 turning 18 in a month. Besides I don't care if you think I'm a slut or not. I just do what I feel and say what I want. You're not my father." Kagome growled, obviously hurt.

Kagome went to storm out of the room, grabbing her bag. But before she slammed the class door she called back.

"And I'm still a virgin ya know!" Kagome said in a duh kind of way. Sticking out her tongue. She finally slammed the door.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes and massaged them with his right hand. A virgin was she? Anyone else that met her would think otherwise, but he believed her.


As Sesshomaru entered the teachers lounge at lunch there were three other male teachers conversing. About Kagome.

"This one has quite a mouth but I must say I enjoy her uniform alterations." Mr. Nakajima the science teacher said laughing.

"I must agree! She has quite the body for someone her age! Small waist, nice bust, big hips... would make a good wife!" Mr. Kinjo the History teacher quiped.

"Oh, I have her in my next class. Is she really that beautiful?" Mr. Miyake smiled lecherously.

"You men are all acting like sex-deprived men! She's a student for Christ's sake!" Sesshomaru groaned as he poured himself some coffee and leaned against the counter as he drank.

"Ah, yes but you are still in your prime Oshiro-San! You are still only but 23 while both me and Kinjo-San are 35. Myake-San is 28 so we're not sure why he gripes. But come on..." Nakajima said in a listless kind of voice.

"That's right though, isn't it true that you yourself have Kagome-Chan in your class?" Myake said in a dark stoic voice as always.

"Come on, Naraku-San! Sure I have her in my class, but I have a fiancee! You know that!" Sesshomaru groaned, not liking where the conversation was going. Naraku Myake laughed.

"Yes but can't you imagine even for a moment that younger, not to mention obviously developed, body beneath your own? You've been tied down with that bitch for far too long. You have to try something new!" Naraku urged, being a close friend of Sesshomarus'.

"Maybe... Only maybe you could be right Naraku-San. I'll think about it." Sesshomaru said as he used his left hand to rub his face. It was all too tiering. He knew he'd have to talk to his peevish and dull fiancee about this before they really were tied down forever, not that he ever really liked her.

Sesshomaru then left to go to his classroom again. He tried to mark some essays but then he began to grow tiered. As he rested his eyes, out of nowhere Kagome Higurashi appeared smiling. It then changed drastically to her on her back and moaning. Sesshomaru's eyes snapped open. God, what was he thinking? How had such an innocent thought turned into one that was left for porn videos? He was tiered, that was all. He needed a rest, a vacation. From his fiancee, from work, and most of all from Kagome. Ah, Kagome. He needed a rest from her, but then why was he so looking forward to the time after school? Only the Gods knew.