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10 Years Later

Vanessa watched her daughter perform all kinds of tricks with her ribbon. Sometimes she wrapped it around her foot then did a front handspring, which launched it into the air, then caught it and twirled it around.

She had enrolled her daughter in rhythmic gymnastics at the age of the three. Now she was nine.

Her daughter never seemed to amaze her. She excelled at everything she did. She was at the most top level of Aikido. Her daughter was an excellent fighter and very flexible, thanks to the gymnastics classes. Then she had taken upon herself to teach her how to use weapons. Her daughter picked that up pretty quick too. She seemed to have extraordinary skills.

Drina finished her routine.

"Okay, Drina. You can go now," her instructor said. Drina ran to the changing room and got dressed. Her mom was waiting for her outside. Drina acted like an over excited child.

"Did you see what I did? Did you see my routine? I was good, wasn't I?" She was jumping up and down. Vanessa could do nothing but smile. She was proud of her daughter.

"I saw your whole routine. You were the best one out there," Vanessa said proudly.

"You're just saying because you're my mom," Drina replied, but she was still happy.

Vanessa admired her daughter. Drina was picture of health. She was fit for her age. She had shoulder-length curly hair, and she had inherited her mother's eyes. She had gotten her strengths from her father. She was born a telepath and a telekinetic, thanks to her dad's contribution.

Vanessa sighed at the thought. Drina would never know her father. The thought always saddened her. Drina never seemed to bring up the subject, but she knew she was keeping it in. Vanessa knew Drina cried at night every Father's Day, and it broke her heart.

The thing that saddened her the most was that she contributed to Drake's death. She remembered the day he died. She had come close to dying herself. Thank goodness she had survived and so had her baby. She was thankful for that.

As they walked to the car, Drina just stopped and looked around. Vanessa noticed and walked over to her.

"What's wrong sweetie?" she asked. Drina looked out of it. She turned and pointed to a nearby bush.

"There is a man in the bush. He wants to take something from you," Drina said in a cold voice.

"Well what do you know? The little girl is right," said a voice. A man climbed out of it. He started walking towards them. He was muscular and tall.

"So I guess what they said was right. She is a telepath. They'll want to do examine her abilities."

Vanessa automatically got in front of Drina, who was hugging her mom tightly. Vanessa took out her keys and handed them to her daughter.

"Drina, get in the car and lock the door. I deal with this man," she said and pushed Drina in the direction. Drina ran off, as the man took advantage the distraction Drina presented and tackled her mom. Drina turned around scared.

"Mom!" she creamed. She moved towards them.

"Vanessa! Get in the car now!" her mom said as she fought off the guy. The guy pinned her down and handcuffed her hands. This usually did not happen to her; she was just caught off guard for a second.

Drina ran to the car, but the man's legs were longer and he caught up to her up easily. He grabbed her from behind and she screamed. She noticed a small glyph on his wrist. She was so short that she elbowed him in the groin. He weakened for a moment, but recovered quickly. Drina thought of a new tactic. She could not take him down with force, so she reached into her gym bag pulled out her knife. She stabbed in the leg and yelled put in pain.

He dropped her and fell to the ground gasping in pain. Drina withdrew her knife and ran to her mom. She used the knife to pick the lock on the handcuffs. They snapped open and she helped her mom up. They ran to the car, got in and drove off.

"Drina, put away the knife. You are never to tell anybody this. Do you understand?" Vanessa asked. Drina nodded but didn't speak. She couldn't believe she just stabbed a man. She had intentionally hurt somebody. She stayed silent the whole ride thinking about what she had done.

When they pulled into the driveway of their house, Vanessa turned to Drina. Drina started to cry, and Vanessa hugger her and comforted her.

"That man might die because of me," she said in between sobs. Vanessa felt horrible. If she had been on her guard more, her daughter wouldn't have been in danger leading to her stabbing someone.

"Honey, it's okay. It's okay. You used self-defense. You're allowed to protect yourself when somebody tries to hurt you. Do you understand? It's okay," she said calmly. Drina stopped crying and nodded.

"Mom? Why was he after me?" she finally asked. Vanessa drew a blank.

"I don't know, sweetie. I really don't know."

That was a little lie. She had an idea, but she wasn't going to tell that to her daughter. It looked like she was going to have to do some research.

"Honey, did you see any marks on the guy?" she asked. Drina looked stricken but answered.

"Yeah, it looked like one of those Asian letters."

Vanessa closed her eyes and sat back in the seat. The guy was a familiar. And he was after her daughter.

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