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Vanessa prepared for the final battle. She strapped on as many weapons as possible. She didn't speak to anyone as they also prepared for the battle. She was quiet as she suited up. Blade walked in to the room.

She ignored him. She was only focused on getting her daughter back. She checked and rechecked the coordinates of Drake and Drina's location. She knew they weren't going anywhere and she knew they knew she was coming. The two parents were going to fight this one out till the end.

"Are you going to kill him?" Blade asked. She looked up at him sadly. They both knew who him was.

"I don't have any other choice. What he and the other familiars could do to the world is too dangerous to risk it," she sighed.

"What about Drina?"

"Drina has gone this long without a father, so she can go the rest of her life without one," she stated coldly.

"What do you think she's going to say about that? He is her father." Blade felt sorry for both Drina and Vanessa. They both had had no father growing up. He had always regretted not being in his daughter's life. It reminded him of what she said the day he killed Drake.


Blade walked into the conference looking for Drake. Drake was there and so was Vanessa. She was shackled on top of the table. She was there caressing her cheek.

"You know, they always say that the daughter is the daddy's girl. Let's put it to the test," he said smugly. Vanessa pulled away from him. When Drake wasn't looking she opened her mouth to reveal a key to Blade. Then she closed it, when Drake looked at her.

Blade understood. She needed him to distract Drake so she could get out. Blade went for his sword. Drake grabbed Vanessa.

"Tsk-tsk-tsk. You don't want anything to happen to your precious daughter do you?" he asked. Blade looked at Vanessa. She would have to help out if she wanted to be free.

"He doesn't care about me. I'm just his illegitimate daughter from his childhood sweetheart. When he left, he forgot about her. He probably never even looked her up. All I am to him is another vampire hunter. Since he met me, he never even bothered to get to know me better. He doesn't care."

Her eyes teared up and she started sobbing softly. Drake looked from her to Blade. Blade was amazed himself. She put on a good act.

End Flashback

It had all been an act, but it hit home. It was one of the most hurtful things that Blade had ever heard.

"Just because a man contributes to making a child, it doesn't make him a father," she snapped. Blade was taken back.

"I know you hate Drake, but you love Drina and maybe you should put her interests first," he suggested. Vanessa turned around and glared at him.

"And risk the future of the world! No! He's going to die, regardless of what you and Drina might think! And when did you become an expert on parents. I mean you didn't even know…" she stopped before she finished her thought.

Blade knew what she was going to say. He shook his head sadly. Vanessa was never going to forgive him for not being apart of her life growing up. He had never forgiven himself either. He could have checked up on her mother, but he didn't. And that had cost him 20 years of his daughter's life.

"All I'm saying is that you should be careful of Drina. Now that she has found her father, she might not want to let him go so easily," he warned and stepped out of the room.

Vanessa followed him into the living room where the others were all ready to go. Karen, Abby, and King all looked ready for battle.

"Let's go get Drina back."

They got through security with no difficulty. There were only three guards. Karen and Blade headed to science labs to destroy them, Abby and King headed to the conference rooms to take out the familiars, and Vanessa headed to the room in which Drina was being held in.

Vanessa slowly walked up to the room where her daughter was. She opened the door and drew out her gun. Drake stood in the sunlight unarmed. Drina was nowhere to be seen.

Vanessa took in sharp breath. This was the first time she had seen the father of her child in ten years. Drake took a step forward and Vanessa took a step back.

"Where is she? Where's my daughter?" she asked.

"You mean our daughter. And she's fine. She's an extraordinary kid. She has a good heart," he replied.

"What have you done with her?" She was almost getting sick thinking of what Drake might have done with her.

"I didn't kill her, Vanessa. She's my own child, how could I do something like that?" Before Vanessa could answer that, he added, "She's different from my other children. She's my last child on earth, and I would never do that to her."

"Give me my daughter!" she demanded. Drake just smiled unexpectedly.

"Drina, you can come out now," he said. A door behind Drake opened up. And her 9-½ year old daughter entered the room. Drina ran to her mom, and Vanessa dropped down to her knees to hug her.

"Mom!" Drina squealed. She had missed her.

Vanessa looked up at Drake to see that he hadn't moved from his spot.

"Drina, we need to go now!" she said and tried to pull Drina out of the room, but Drina resisted.

"No, mom. I want to stay," she said. No, Vanessa thought. It's not supposed to happen this way!

"What? Why Drina? He's evil! He tried to kill my dad, and used me for bait!" she argued.

"I know, but he is my dad. I've always wanted a father to grow up with. But you took that away from me."

"What did you do to her, you bastard!" Vanessa demanded. Drake just shrugged.

"I didn't do anything, but tell her the truth. She's the one who decided she wanted to stay with me."

Vanessa drew out a dagger and threw it at him. Drake didn't move an inch. The dagger stopped a foot in front of him. Vanessa horrified turned to look at her daughter, who had her arm outstretched to the dagger. Drina had stopped the dagger.

Drina pulled away from Vanessa and went over to Drake, who was smiling evilly. The dagger dropped to the floor harmlessly.

Vanessa raised her gun to shoot Drake. There was a flash of silver and she felt pain explode in her shoulder. She looked down and saw her own dagger poking through her shoulder. She noticed that the dagger pinned her to the wall. She saw her blood pooling to the floor. She looked up to see Drina with tears in her eyes. She had used her powers to throw the dagger.

"I'm sorry mom, but you would have killed him. I have always wanted a father, and now I have one."

Vanessa noticed that she was crying. She knew Drina and Drake were leaving, and there was a possibility that she would never see her daughter again, but she couldn't do anything about it. She was too weak and was losing more blood. The last thing she saw was her daughter leaving the room with Drake. Then darkness surrounded her.

Vanessa woke up on a bed. She was in her bed at home. Blade was sitting right next to her in a chair watching over her.

"How are you feeling?" he asked softly.

"Awful. She left with him. I have this injury because I tried to kill her father, because I tried to take away the one thing she wanted the most and finally got. You were right, and because of my selfishness, I lost my only daughter."

"We can still find her," Blade said hopefully.

"No, they're already out of the country. Our connection is only accessible when either of them are near the city. Unless they want to be found, we are not going to find them. There are over 100 countries they could have gone to. Drina could have used her telepathic powers to make people think they looked different. I might never see her again. And it's all my fault."

"Don't give up hope."

"Why should I keep it? Drina made it very clear, that she would rather be with her father." Vanessa turned on her side to avoid facing Blade. Her daughter was gone and there was no way she could get her back.

Drina and Drake were on a private plane supplied to them by the familiars. They were headed to France.

Drina was sleeping peacefully in her chair. Drake moved some of the curls from in front of her face. He loved his daughter and was going to take good care of her. They both would have to start a new life with new names, but to them it was worth it. As long as they had each other.

Vanessa had thought that a mother-daughter bond was the strongest thing ever. But she was wrong. A father-daughter bond was indestructible and the most powerful force in the world.

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