The Titans have temporarily separated in order to track down the Brotherhood of Evil. Robin and Beastboy are conveniently placed together, and have to complete a mission that will have them battling dangerous enemies and newfound feelings for one another. Beastboy/Robin slash

Chapter 1

"Titans! Huddle!" The masked leader of the team called to his members. Had it been any other day, the other four would have found this order quite unusual. But then again, the circumstances were abnormal in this case.

The Teen Titans had been away from Jump City for almost a month now, chasing after the Brotherhood of Evil, ever since the changeling among them, Beastboy was alerted by the Doom Patrol of their presence.

The green one suppressed a shiver and moved closer, trying to share body heat with some of the others. They were standing in a small circle, necks craned, trying to hear each other's voices over the ongoing snowstorm, which was something that would last forever considering they were in the Arctic Circle.

"The authorities are on their way to pick Doctor Light up!" Robin announced, briefly glancing over his shoulder to check on the said villain, who sat in the snow some feet away looking dejected. Traces of Raven's dark energy could be seen restraining him.

"So what now?" Demanded Cyborg, his voice rougher than normal. Beastboy wished they would talk faster, because it would mean they would leave the area sooner. Teeth chattering, he shuffled his feet nervously and moved even closer to the group, specifically Robin. While doing so, he accidentally brushed against him and blushed.

But it was probably just the cold, Beastboy thought with a frown. Nothing more.

"We're going to have to split up into groups." Robin's announcement made everyone look up in surprise. "There are a lot of missions we still have to complete. The Brotherhood has already separated into units, and I figured we should do the same if we want them to stop causing trouble."

"Then who'll be with who?" Came Raven's monotonous voice. It was a wonder they managed to hear her over the wailing of the winds that swept through their bodies.

"It took me a long time to think about this… Cyborg, I want you to go back to Jump City and check on it, because the Hive Five is acting up again." The half-metal half-man hybrid nodded.

"Starfire, I need you to go to Finland and help out some of the victims of the Brain's latest attack. A large missile was launched, possibly accidental, and it landed right on top of a village. They're really in need of aid right now. Think you can handle it?"

"I shall do my best!" The alien replied energetically. It was amazing how even the foulest weather could not dampen her spirits.

"Raven, you'll be going to the Alps to escort a bunch of superheroes to safety. We think that they may be potential targets, so they have to go into hiding." Raven said nothing, but raised an eyebrow.


"Yes sir!" Beastboy mock-saluted his fellow crime fighter, though inside he felt disappointed. He was probably going to be assigned some lame task, like 'go somewhere and don't touch anything'. Robin had stopped trusting him ever since the werebeast incident, and though he never showed it, Beastboy felt a twinge of pain in his heart whenever he noticed Robin not taking him seriously.

"You're going to have to come with me to the Amazon."

"WHAT!" Everyone one else cried out in unison. Robin had never placed himself with Beastboy before. The standard groupings were usually Robin-Starfire, Cyborg-Beastboy, and more often than not, Raven all by herself.

"You heard me. It seems that General Immortus has set up a base there, and it needs to be infiltrated and destroyed. I can't do this alone."

Beastboy's mood suddenly soared upward. He was going to be partnered with Robin! For the first time! Flashes of the incident when the two first met flooded the changeling's mind. He had acted like a total Robin fanboy, saluting the former acrobat and calling him 'sir'. He had even asked if he could work as his sidekick.

"Robin, I…" Everyone looked at Starfire as Beastboy's eyes narrowed. Oh, no you don't…

"Perhaps I should be the one to accompany you, and Beastboy can-"

"No need, Star!" Panicking, Beastboy wrapped an arm around Robin and pulled him close, grinning widely to emphasize his point. "Robin and I'll be just fine! Besides, we make one awesome team!"

"Team? You guys go together as well as maple syrup and soy sauce!" Cyborg, you traitor, Beastboy cursed as his pointed ears drooped.

"Well, then this probably a great opportunity for them to… bond." Ignoring Raven's smirk, the changeling inwardly cheered. Robin looked utterly confused at the weird behavior his team displayed.

"Then that's settled. We should all get going."

Beastboy proceeded to rub his gloved hands together, a twinkle in his eyes. This all went unnoticed by the other Titans, except for Raven, who's smile was hidden by the shadows of her hood.


I can't believe it. I'm with Robin… With Robin! Beastboy resisted the urge to transform into a puppy and prance around, licking everything in sight. I'm going to loosen him up. By the time this trip is over, that stick will be out of his butt once and for all. He grinned. I'm going to get him to trust me…

To the pointy-eared boy's surprise, the T-ship began to descend.

"Uhh, Robin? I don't think we're at the base yet," He commented, squinting and trying to get a better view of the jungle of vines and trees that they drew steadily closer to.

"We're going to have to land here, and journey the rest of the way on foot. If we go any closer, the Brotherhood is bound to spot us."

Robin threw Beastboy a backpack as they climbed out of the aircraft.

"Supplies." He then proceeded to walk through the forest, avoiding stray branches and vines. Beastboy hurried to catch up to him.

"So… just me and you, eh?"

"…Yup," Came Robin's short answer.

"I can't wait to kick General Immortus' sorry butt! It's gonna be exciting!"


"Great mission so far, huh?"


"You… want me to stop talking now, right?"


Beastboy sighed. This was going to be harder than he thought.



I hope you enjoyed it. As you may have noticed, this takes place right after Kole. I don't plan for this to be a novel-length fic (it's going to be less than fifteen chapters, that's for sure), but I'll do my best to make the transition from friendship to love gradual. Still, it's probably going to appear rushed, so forgive me.

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