Draco entered the Head's dormitory to find Hermione reading as always. However, there was something odd about her. She is squirming ever so slightly every now and then.

Maybe she is reading a sex scene in her book. Virgin know-it-alls. Can't even handle a sex scene huh? Right, I should go taut her for a bit.

"Yo mudblood. Whatcha doing there? Reading some obscene novels?"

"Keep your crap to yourself, Ferret Boy."

"Oww… touchy… I was just trying to strike up a polite conversation you know?"

Hermione lowered the her book to look Draco in the eyes.

"Don't need your politeness. You can save it for the girls you bring to your room every so often. They look heartbroken every time they exit your room."

"How observant. Care to know why? Or do you want me to show you?"

"Get lost." Hermione lift up her book again to read.

"I am just concern as to why you are squirming."

With that comment said, Hermione lowered her book again and look at him.

"Maybe I can help a bit?" Draco said with the jutting out of his willy as emphasis.

"Are you trying to suggest that we have sex?"

"And I thought you are smart. It was SO obvious."

Hermione felt anger rise in her, but she kept her cool. "Well, I would not have sex with you even if my life depended on it. Thank you very much. And as to why I am squirming, it is because I am reading a horror book."

"Very well then. Suit yourself."

Draco took lengthy strides to his room, but before he entered his room, he said loud enough for Hermione to catch, "If you need any… help… you know where to find me."

And he had to shut the door to prevent the on coming flying book from hitting him square in the face.

That night as Hermione was sleeping; she was woken by the sound of her room door opening gently. When her vision got more use to the dim moonlight and the intruder got closer, her eyesight focused on the figure of Draco Malfoy in boxers, walking towards her.

"Malfoy, what the hell do you think you are doing, walking into my room dressed like that," she hissed.

No response. Only the deep breathing of male intruder can be heard. Malfoy continued to advance to her bed and even crawled on it. Hermione tried to back away but he caught her ankle. She struggled to pry his hand off her, but his grip was strong.

"Malfoy, it is not funny. I'll count to three and if you still won't let go, I'll scream. You are clear of how near we are to the staff tower right?"

Still no response or whatsoever from him.

"One, two, th…"

Hermione felt lips on hers. Skillful lips, at that. Magical ones, even. It was phenomenal. It was Malfoy's lips.

Realization dawned on her as she tried to focus on the situation at hand. But Malfoy's tongue, that had entered her mouth at some point of time, is preventing her from thinking straight. She could not help but enjoy his onslaught. She tried harder to pull her mind out of this sinful pleasure and she was going to succeed until Malfoy sucked on her tongue. So her mind is once again lost somewhere and this time, too far away from the reach of her willpower.

Malfoy moved his mouth to her neck and Hermione tilted her head to give him more access. Draco laced his fingers in her hair and she his. There was much moaning and groaning on Hermione's part as Malfoy licked and sucked on her neck, leaving big and small hickeys.

Then he stopped, rolled over and fell asleep, in her bed. Hermione's brain was reluctantly dragged back to reality when Malfoy stopped working on her neck. She climbed out of bed and slept in the couch available in her room, not wanting to be anywhere near the guy who just molested her.