Two weeks into their renewed relationship, Draco's mother eloped with a man. This automatically means that Draco inherits all of the Malfoy assets and found his freedom. Hermione was definitely elated for him. And to celebrate such a joyous occasion, Draco had a surprise for Hermione.

Planning a quiet dinner for two in their dorm, Hermione was pleasantly surprised that Draco could actually cook.

Halfway through the dessert, Draco opened his big mouth.

"Hermione…I think it is time we go public about our relationship. I am finally free and can commit myself to you fully, both physically and mentally in public."

"Are you serious? This would create a huge impact on both our houses."

"It is time they learn to accept our differences and work together as a school. We might be the perfect role model for them."

"I don't know…"

"It's Harry and Ron right?"

Hermione kept silent as she played with her peas.

"Why don't you tell them first and if they are acceptable with it, then we go public."

"Really? You would wait?"

"For you, anything, except castrating myself. Then it would be a big pity for you, won't it?"

Hermione slapped Draco on the shoulder and they carried on with their romantic dinner for two.

Hermione decides to tell Harry and Ron the big news at breakfast tomorrow. And through the night, she kept rehearsing her lines and go through every possible reaction that they might have and her counter actions. She thought she was ready, but the next morning was a whole new thing.

She felt unbelievably nervous. Palms were sweating, mind spinning in all sorts of directions but never the right one. She tried rehearsing her lines again; they never did come out right anymore.

7.15, it's time. Hermione knew that she has to do what she needs to do. Taking a deep breath, she exited her room. Draco was already waiting downstairs, to give her moral support. They have decided last night that they would not enter the hall together. They do not want to cause a stir before Hermione even made the announcement. Draco has kindly proposed to skip breakfast so that Hermione would not feel pressurized.

Hermione's confidence is dwindling by the minute. Since the first step that she had taken out of her dorm, it seems like every stride she takes, she lost some confidence to the environment. Every breath she expels seems to contain some confidence. At every pore of her skin, confidence seems to seep out of it. Hermione starts to get jittery as she approaches the door.

Entering the Great Hall, Hermione wiped her sweaty palms on her skirt and sat down in front of Harry and Ron.

"Guys, I have an announcement to make."

"Yah Hermione?" Ron replied absentmindedly, concentrating more on dissecting the omelet in his plate.

Harry was still very distant due to the breakup with Ginny when he found out that she and Blaise were fooling around behind his back.

"I am dating Malfoy."

Ron spewed his omelet out of his mouth and Harry finally regarded Hermione's presence.

"It's not funny Hermione; you've got to work on the humorous side of you." Ron went back to eating, brushing off the statement as a joke. Harry went back to dazing.

"I'm not kidding." Hermione said, barely above a whisper.

Harry suddenly got very agitated. "First Ginny, now you. What is wrong with you girls? Are there no more good guys around? Do you have to go to the extend of finding a Slytherin guy?" Harry stood up and started shouting at Hermione. All heads turned to their direction. Hermione was crying and Harry's red in the face.

"Harry, please." Hermione begged him to calm down. But Harry would not relent. He started shouting even nastier things at Hermione.

In the end, Ron stood up and dragged a deranged Harry out of the Great Hall. Surprisingly, instead of narrowing his eyes at Hermione, Ron gave an apologetic expression.

After Harry left, Hermione noticed that everyone is still looking at her. She suddenly felt too embarrassed to remain in her seat. She too, left the Great Hall, still crying.

Falling into the arms of Draco when she reached their dorm, Hermione sobbed heartily into his chest, mumbling incoherently about the incident in the Great Hall. Draco listened patiently to the sobs and mumbles, waiting for a chance to cut in, none came at all.

A few weeks after the big uproar, people no longer talked about the incident anymore, or at least not at every chance they could. Or maybe Hermione had learnt to tune them out. She was still seeing Draco in the secret, Hermione wanted to talk to Harry and Ron first. But they wouldn't talk to her. At least not Harry and Ron always follow him around. It pains her heart that her best friend would not talking to her anymore. And she still ponders about Ron's strange expression.

On a particular Wednesday afternoon, Draco strangely managed to get Hermione in the mood for a little fooling around. Looking for a room to continue their little adventure that they have started on their way to lunch, they wandered into a secluded part of the castle. Dusty floors and cobwebs suggested that this place was not highly frequented, but a slightly cleaner pathway in the corridors also suggested the occasional visitation by certain someone-s.

Opening the third door down the corridor, they accidentally barged into an occupied room.

"Ron" "Pansy" Hermione and Draco exclaimed surprised at the unlikely couple they have just barged in on, and I would say, in a rather compromising position too.

The occupants turned their heads to the intruders. "Keep this from Harry," Ron begged. Pansy just went on with her work on Ron's neck. Hermione giggled and nodded, pulling Draco out into the corridor again and closing the door.

They tried another room. Still occupied. And this time, it was an even greater surprise. They barged in on a threesome make out session. Participants include Harry, Ginny and Blaise.

A silent agreement of swearing to secrecy was communicated from their eyes. Draco and Hermione left the three to themselves. And finally decided to just do whatever they had to do in the comfort of their beloved dorm.

That night, Ron, Pansy, Blaise, Harry and Ginny all got an owl message from Draco and Hermione, asking to meet at the head's dorm for a discussion.

They all arrived on time and gave their side of the story, clearing the doubts Hermione and Draco once had when they got surprised this afternoon.

The friends are now back together again. Setting aside their differences in the past, they find that they actually click very well with each other.

On Draco's and Hermione"s wedding night, after they just had rendezvous sex, they lay in bed thinking about the past.

"I can't believe that I sleep walked into your room. You sure you didn't drug me?"

"You didn't just sleep walk into my room. you practically sleep walked into my life."

And they all lived happily ever after.

i purposely decided to not fill in the part about why Ron, Pansy, Harry, Blaise and Ginny got can think about it yourself...

from now on...i am no longer writing full length stories like this anymore for school is too much a bitch for me to watch out for my one-shots instead...