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Chapter Four - La Cosa Di Quarto (The Fourth Thing)

Heero woke just before dawn, sweaty and tangled in his sheets with Duo's head and hair lying on his chest. He had never felt so happy. He had never felt so fulfilled. And he just knew right then that this was how he wanted to wake up every morning.

A braided American had turned his head in only three days. Turned everything upside down. And it all felt so right, Heero had no reason to doubt or deny it. He eased himself out from under Duo and padded over to his bookbag. He quietly removed his pencils and sketchpad and sat down on a chair he had in the room for reading.

As the sun rose slowly he sketched and sketched. By the time the sun was fully awake he had two new sketches. One was a sketch of Duo sleeping, with the impression of where he had been lying clear on the paper. The other was a sketch of him sitting in this very chair, as he could see himself in the mirror on the closet door. He got up from his seat and dressed quietly. He went out the door and walked into the morning air, meaning to get some breakfast.

Duo woke and realized he was alone. There was not a peep in the house. He sat up and let the sheet pool around his waist. Heero's clothing was gone, as were his shoes.

"Where the fuck did he go?" Duo asked, and then he began to worry. Had Heero meant it all, or was it just drunken talk? He got up and padded on bare feet over to the two pieces of paper on the little table next to a small chair. He picked up the two pieces of paper and sighed. There was a sketch of him, tangled up wantonly in the sheets, and a sketch of Heero, sitting in this very chair. On the back was writing, and Duo read it with a soft smile.

For my Duo, my love. I will never know what you see in me, but I think the best in me is only a reflection of you. – Heero

Duo heard the door open and he crawled back onto the bed. Heero walked in quietly, and smiled when he saw Duo was awake.

"Morning. I brought breakfast," Heero said softly as he shed his clothing and climbed back into bed with Duo.

"Heero? I mean, about last night," Duo began but felt he could not continue.

"No. I meant all of it," Heero kissed the relieved looking Duo and handed him a cup of coffee and a muffin. They ate and drank in silence, reclining on the pillows.

"I bet you never eat on your bed," Duo finally said as he polished off his blueberry muffin.

"I never did a lot of things before you changed it all," Heero smiled gently.

"Who knew you would be such a sweet talker?" Duo teased gently.

Heero kissed Duo in response, giving into the urge once more. He set their cups of coffee down on the nightstand, and pulled Duo on top of him.

"I want to feel what you felt last night, I want you inside me," Heero said as he sucked Duo's bottom lip into his mouth. Duo moaned and deepened the kiss, massaging Heero's tongue with his own. He reached down and tweaked Heero's nipples with his fingers, and Heero reached for the condoms and lube on the nightstand next to the coffee. Duo took the lube from Heero and coated his fingers.

"I have done this before, but you haven't. I am going to take it very slowly, and very gently," Duo assured Heero as he spread Heero's legs. Heero willingly held his knees back as Duo stroked him softly, and moaned a little as the first fingers worked its way in, up to a knuckle. Duo worked slowly and surely, until Heero was rock hard and gasping.

"Duo please! Take me!" Heero said raspingly, and Duo rolled the condom on. He slathered it in lube and placed Heero's legs far apart, and his knees up at the right angle. He pressed in gently, and felt Heero hiss with the little burning pain.

"Oh, Heero, oh!" Duo wondered at the feeling of his lover, and he pressed in more insistently until he was fully seated, "Are you okay?"

"So good!" Heero whispered. He rolled his hips experimentally, and Duo groaned.

"Much more of that and I will come all too soon!" Duo withdrew gently and pressed back in. Heero moaned, and Duo repeated the process. Soon, he was moving in and out with a pleasurable rhythm, and Heero was practically mewling beneath him. Duo grabbed the base of Heero's cock and pumped it, making a warm tunnel.

They were silent until Heero moaned loudly and came all over Duo's hand and his own belly, and then Duo increased his thrusts until he too came, splattering his seed inside the latex condom with a throaty groan.

When Duo had disposed of the condom and the two men held onto each other for dear life, Heero suggested a shower. They washed each other from top to bottom, getting to know each other's bodies from top to bottom. And when they were done, Heero combed Duo's hair and re-braided it for him while they talked of Duo moving in.

"Well, I guess we are lucky, because this month is almost up, and I can give thirty-day notice then," Duo smiled.

"Okay," Heero agreed, "Did you see the sketches?"

"Yeah, I did. I love them," Duo hugged his new love and then got up off the bed, "We need to wash these sheets"

"I could not agree more. Maybe we need more sheets," Heero contemplated the bed and shrugged as they stripped the sheets.


Their lives became more and more intertwined as time went by. By the time Heero graduated from college they wore rings on their left hands and finished each other's sentences. And when the years went on and they adopted two kids, no one that knew them even questioned the decision.

Heero sat on the beach one day and marveled at everything life had given him. A whirlwind had picked him up one day and swept him off to a land he never dreamed of. He never knew where the whirlwind would leave him, but now he knew that whirlwind never would.

He had thought that his life would always be the same, that nothing would ever change, but Duo had changed it all with just being himself.

He had never tired of looking at Duo, the wild and free spirit he had fallen in love with over three short days.

There is a term in Japanese – misomeru. It means that you know when you see a person that they were just the person you were looking for. Heero knew now that both of them had thought that at once. They were exactly what each other was looking for, what each other needed, and what each other wanted. And Heero knew, he would never look for anything else.

The End