Kim Possible

Frequency of Evil

Chapter 1

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Shego admired herself in a mirror placed on one wall of Drakken's latest new lair. Her long black hair that hung past her waist was even more glossy and healthy looking than normal.

Even though no one could see it with the gloves she habitually wore, her fingernails were buffed and painted a brilliant emerald green.

She was overall toned and relaxed.

From the reflection in the mirror, Shego watched Drakken walk over and lift a heavy canvas cloth that was draped over some machinery and disappear underneath it for a moment. Shego was dying to know what was under the cloths but Drakken had explicitly told her it was to be a surprise and considering that she had just gotten back from a all expense paid trip to a exclusive spa, care of Dr. Drakken, she was willing to put aside her curiosity, at least for a short time.

"Drakken maybe a bit of a buffoon when it comes to the whole villain game and he might steal more inventions than he actually creates but one thing you can't fault him at is his employee benefits package." Shego thought to herself. "I've worked for a lot of small time, big time and world class criminals but no one other than Drakken had ever offered her not only medical and dental but also once a year trip to a luxury spa and resort." It was one on the rapidly shrinking list of reasons she had remained so loyal to Drakken for such a long time.

Watching in the mirror she watched as Drakken struggled and fought to get out from the drop cloth and then quickly straighten his clothing as if he had not had a problem getting out from it on his own. There was only Shego and a few synthodrones to have witnessed it in any case but Drakken liked to think he projected an image of cool competence and he didn't want his underlings to see him as anything different.

"Shego, I need for you to 'acquire' a component for my next brilliant scheme." Dr. Drakken stated.

Shego took one last admiring look at her hair in the mirror. She must really find out what the spa used to make it shine like that and then steal a truckload of it someday. "Sure. Why not? I'm in a good mood and even watching another of your hair brained schemes blow up in our faces won't bring me down. Whatcha need this time?"

Kim Possible closed the door on her school locker and breathed a sigh of relief. The day had been brutal and hectic. Now school was over and she was looking forward to a nice calm, uneventful dinner with the family.

"Kim? You haven't forgotten that we are having cheerleading practice tonight have you?" Came the smarmy voice of Bonnie Rockwaller.

Kim rolled her eyes before turning to address the cheerleader/thorn in her side.

"Hello? I'm head cheerleader. I called the practice session remember?"

"I know but you have so many things going on in your life. I just wanted to make sure I and the rest of the team doesn't show up to just be stood up by you… Again. The Regional is tomorrow and I so don't think we are ready for them." Bonnie replied.

"Chill, it's no big. We will be ready. Ron and I will be here tonight." Kim assured her.

Ron Stoppable was the official 'Mad Dog' mascot, a fact that annoyed Bonnie even more than Kim being the head cheerleader but to everyone's surprise he had become a huge hit with the crowds and was now as much a part of the team as Bonnie herself was. He wasn't officially in any of the cheer routines of course but Kim and the others found it beneficial to have him attend the practices every now and then. Just so he would know where the cheerleaders would be at any given time… And be able to stay out of their way.

Ron walked up to Kim's locker. "We'll be there unless some villain has another 'take over the world' scheme we have to foil. Then we might be a few minutes late." He said to Bonnie with a grin.

"Whatever." Bonnie replied with a frown of disproval at Ron and then walked away with her nose up in the air.

Just as Kim was about to speak to Ron, there came a beeping noise from her locker.

"It couldn't be. That would be just too much of a coincidence." She muttered as she opened the locker back again.

"Around here, more like clockwork." Ron also muttered.

"Hey Wade. What's the sitch?" Kim asked the boy genius revealed on the computer monitor screen.

"We've got a hit on your website Kim." Wade began.

Kim started shaking her head. "No. I'm tired. I want to go home and have a nice dinner and I have a huge cheerleader practice tonight."

"It's from Global Justice." Wade stated.

Kim sighed once more but then nodded her head. "Go ahead. I'm listening."

"A military convoy was traveling near Middleton and was attacked. Something extremely hush hush has been stolen and G.J. wants you to recover it for them."

"Let me guess." Ron said. "The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer?"

Kim glanced over at him with a frown. "Paranoid much? There is no way the government could lose that thing three times…" She stopped as she noticed Wade on the computer screen looking everywhere but into the camera. "Wade. Tell me that Ron isn't right and the government hasn't lost the Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer AGAIN!"

"Um, sorry Kim. Ron nailed it right on the head." Wade admitted.

"Boo-yah." Ron stated quietly.

Kim sighed. "Do they have any clues on who stole it this time?"

"My guess is Shego." Ron stated.

"Oh come on. There has to be a lot of super villains out there who want that thing. It could have been Killigan or Dr. Dementor or…" Kim started.

"The military men in the convoy said they were attacked by a woman with beautiful long black hair." Wade said.

"See?" Was the only thing Ron said.

"There are a lot of women out there with long black hair." Kim said folding her arms across her chest. "And since when did you find Shego's hair beautiful?"

Ron was saved from having to answer as Wade added. "And she had green glowing hands."

"Boo-yah doubled." Ron said with a faint grin.

Kim resisted the urge to bang her head against the locker door. "Okay, I give up. Shego has stolen the Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer for Dr. Drakken again." She turned to look at Ron. "Since you are on such a roll, any guess where their lair is this time?"

"Have there been any shipments of high tech equipment that might be used to build some doomsday laser type thing lately near Middleton?" Ron asked addressing Wade.

Wade's fingers began to fly over his keyboard.

"Ron, not even Drakken is dumb enough to have traceable equipment shipped to an address." Kim began.

"Got it!" Wade suddenly shouted. "A recent shipment of components was delivered to a large estate just on the outskirts of Middleton. The shipment was signed for by a Mr. D.D."

"Boo-yah, triple play." Ron said with a now large grin.

Kim once again resisted the head bashing urge but did lean forward and rest her head against the locker door and quietly said to herself. "We've been doing this far too long."

"Sometimes it feels like centuries." She was surprised to hear Ron say just as quietly as she had. Looking over quickly she spied a very tired look on Ron's face but he dropped it as soon as he noticed her watching him and put on his happy goofy look. "Look on the bright side Kim. One: We don't have to catch a ride somewhere. He's right in our own backyard. Two: Not having to traipse all over the world to find him and as fast as we put a kibosh on his plans we might actually be able to get back in time for the cheerleading practice tonight." He said with a large grin.

Kim suddenly wondered just how many times Ron had smiled and joked with her about something and been hiding just how tired or hurt he had been feeling? Ron was always upbeat and optimistic and Kim had always just accepted that was the way he was. Now for the first time she was seriously considering if it had all been an act for her benefit? Mentally shaking her head she decided she didn't really want to pursue that thought at the moment but she promised herself she would at a later date.

"So Wade, where's this place located?" She asked.

"I still can't believe Drakken would try the same thing three times." Wade replied as he caused a printout to appear on Kim's printer in the locker.

"Maybe he thinks the third times the charm?" Ron replied.