Kim Possible

Frequency of Evil

Chapter 9

Kim jerked hard on the steering wheel of the sports car and literally went around a sharp turn on two wheels, throwing Drakken hard against the front passenger side door. In the rear view mirror Kim could see that Ron had braced himself with his hands on the ceiling to keep from being thrown about in the small sports car's backseat.

"Do you even have a driver's license?" Drakken growled in annoyance. "You drive worse than Shego does. You didn't even signal for a turn back there did you?"

"I do have a license!" Kim shouted back. "Well a learner's permit anyway and as for the niceties of signaling? We really don't have time for that."

Passing a interchange at full speed, a police car pulled out from the side of the road and started following them with its light and siren going.

"There you go Possible! You've picked up a patrol car." Drakken said with his arms folded angrily across his chest.

"No big. I'm Kim Possible, I'll just pull over and explain to the officer what is going on and he'll let us go."

"Oh yes. Speeding and reckless driving with a known evil super genius like myself in the car and you with only a learner's permit. It should only take two or three hours before that cop lets us go again." Drakken replied snidely.

Ron staring out the back window of the car paled. "We've got bigger problems than the police K.P. Look what is coming up alongside the patrol car!"

Kim stared into her rearview mirror while Ron and Drakken turned in their seats to look out the back window. Pulling up along side the speeding patrol car was the massively muscled horse like creature of the Cenobites. With seconds the horse creature actually began to pass the patrol car bringing the chariot next to it.

The cenobites stood ramrod straight in the chariot staring straight forward as if they didn't even notice the siren blaring car next to them.

Unfortunately, they knew it was there.

Suddenly a large metal wickedly barbed shaft shot out from the side of the chariot plowing into the back seat of the patrol car. Spinning at a furious pace it chewed through the side of the car as if it was tissue paper.

As the chariot began to gain in speed, the spinning barbed pole slowly crept towards the front of the car.

The officer in the car frantically slammed down on his accelerator but to no avail. With a final burst of speed the chariot pulled ahead of the car, ripping the barbed pole through the driver's compartment… And the driver.

Blood and gore shot out in a spurt as the pole pulled free of the patrol car causing the car to suddenly stand on its nose and explode in a ball of fire, bits and pieces of the luckless police officer still clinging to the whirling pole.

The pole retracted back into the side of the chariot and the horse creature drawn chariot began to speed up even more. Bring it slowly more and more closer to Bonnie's sports car.

Drakken turning so pale he almost looked normal skin colored person, hoarsely said. "You can let me off at the next corner. I'll catch a cab."

"Sorry doc. We're here." Ron said pointing to the modified residential house that Drakken had converted into his newest lair. "Um, Kim? If you slow down or stop that cart thingy is going to chew through us like Rufus through a Naco." Ron added nervously looking back to where the chariot was only five or six feet from reaching them.

"I know. That is why we're not stopping. I think that main door is wide enough for this car to get through and the corridor was a straight shot towards the main lab." Kim replied gritting her teeth as she slammed her foot down the last half an inch the accelerator had left.

Bonnie's brand new sports car slammed into the house's entrance and sure enough the corridor was, almost large enough for it. The car plowed through taking out a great deal of drywall and framing posts, rending and tearing the outside of the car and slowing it till it just barely managed to come to a stop just inside the main lab, the auto firmly plugging the hallway behind them. Ron reaching between where Kim and Drakken sat in the front seat used his Mystical Monkey power and summoned a blue fireball to blast out the front window and they all madly scrambled to get out of the car and into the room.

Ron was almost prepared to find their wild ride had been for nothing and the puzzle box would not be anywhere to find but to his immense relief and surprise, the box was still sitting where the pinheaded Cenobite had carelessly tossed it earlier that evening on the evil scanner table.

Hearing a noise down the now plugged corridor he glanced back and could see through the car's rear view window the spinning pillar was back. Dragging Drakken he rushed over to the table and picked up the cube.

"Let me do it! I am a scientific genius and diabolical puzzles are my specialty." Dr. Drakken snarled as he tried to wrestle the box from Ron's hands.

"I once solved a rubix cube in 45 seconds." Ron shouted back.

"Really? How did you do it? I never could figure out those damn things." Drakken said pausing in his struggles to get the box free from Ron.

"I gave it to Rufus and he solved it." Ron had to reluctantly admit.

Bonnie's car suddenly exploded into metal fragments and shrapnel as the pillar slammed into and through it as if it had been made from balsa wood. The pillar didn't continue on to where Ron, Drakken and Kim were standing but spun to the side out of the way and continued to slowly rotate. Through the now cleared entrance came walking in slowly the Cenobites. As if they were just casually entering a friend's house for a little visit and had not just slaughtered a police officer in cold blood in a mad chase through town.

Kim was a courageous woman. Sometimes Ron had wondered if Kim ever even felt fear. But Kim was feeling it now. The Cenobites just broadcast a wrongness that hinted that if they caught you death was the least they would do to you.

Pinhead walked towards her and stopped a few yards away from the young woman. "The hunt was a pleasurable one but it comes to an end now. Your suffering will be legendary even unto Hell itself."

Kim with false bravado put on a brave face. "I don't fear what you can do to me." She stated.

Pinhead's face registered a false look of surprise. "We child? We will do nothing to you."

Kim watched him warily not believing a word of it.

Pinhead pointed at Ron. "We will change that one into one of us. After the transformation is complete he will see to your agony. After you have suffered for decades under his hands then we shall transform you into a Cenobite as well. But fear not, your suffering will not be alone. We shall capture and transform all of your family and friends and part of your torments will be to see that one as a Cenobite torture and maim them before your eyes."

Ron his eyes growing wide in panic fought even harder with Drakken for the puzzle box. Their struggles finally causing the box to slam down hard on the table, as the box landed, the front part of it slid down slightly and caused a round section in the center to rise up.

"They have solved the cube." The Female Cenobite said and for the first time Kim recognized an emotion in her voice, the emotion of worry.

Ron finally wrestled the cube from Drakken's clutches and pointed it at hideously deformed female Cenobite and… Nothing happened. Shaking the cube Ron accidentally pressed down on the front section that had slid down before. A white beam shot out of the raised circular section on top and hit the Female Cenobite. With a bright flash of light she was gone.

Rapidly pointing at each Cenobite and the spinning pillar, Ron fired beam after beam till all of them were gone. The last one being the pinheaded creature that had dared to threaten his Kim, as Pinhead disappeared in the light he gave a scream of rage. The strange corridors ripped into the walls of the main lab were still there however. Ron gave the puzzle box a final twist and the cube rotated back to the configuration it had been in when it had dropped on to Drakken's head and started everything. The corridors with a grinding noise suddenly closed and the lab looked as if nothing had ever happened and it had all been a very bad dream.

"Ron!" Kim shouted happily and rushed into his arms. Ron returned the bone crushing hug she was giving him and then pulling back he stared into her eyes for a moment. And then he crushed his lips against her in a soul searing kiss.

"God Kim, I know you can never feel the same way about me that I do about you but I love you so much." Ron said as he finally pulled away from the kiss.

Kim stared back into his eyes and then said. "I love you too Ron. I always have."

Once again they locked into a passionate kiss.

Pulling away from the kiss slightly Ron said. "Drakken if you don't drop those things from the table right this instant I am so going to kick your ass and then turn you over to Global Justice instead of just letting you escape as I had planned to do. Leave but do it empty handed."

"Grrr." Drakken cursed but he did let the cursed items he had been gathering up fall back to the table and quickly picking his way across the room he disappeared through the entrance to the lab and was gone.

Shego was beginning to wonder just how much longer that snooty cheerleader was going to keep her fellow cheerleaders in that gym before one of them just decided to walk out. Hearing a shout from the main doors Shego raced to them and found an exuberant agent Will Do practically hoping from foot to foot. Looking over she saw what had excited him so much. The chains that had guarded the door were gone. Only a gaping hole where the front doors of the school had been was visible.

Dr. Director let out a sigh of relief. "I think it's over." She stated. Holding up her wrist watch she pressed the button that initiated communications and Shego could hear voices coming from it assuring that whatever had been blocking G.J.'s links to the outside world was gone.

"I want more agents at the Middleton high school here now and send a clean up squad as well. We have the bodies of six agents and I want them cleaned up and this school returned to pristine condition by tomorrow." Dr. Director ordered into the watch.

Shego stared at the cleared exit. She could so easily just walk through and be gone before the extra agents arrived. There was nothing holding her here. She would leave the little pink naked mole rat behind of course but she could escape.

But she didn't.

She just couldn't make herself leave until she knew Ron and Kim were safe and find out what had happened.

It would be like leaving a movie in the middle and then forever wondering how things turned out.

So Shego just slid down the wall and resting her back against it waited.

As agents arrived she watched as they brought in body bags and with a few weaker stomachs having to hurl cleaned up and bagged the skinned bodies of their fellow agents who had died at their posts.

Hearing a noise she glanced down the hallway and saw Bonnie and her fellow cheerleaders walking up.

"Is it over?" Bonnie asked Dr. Director.

The one eyed woman nodded her head. "We think so. In any case the school has been cleared and my agents are ready to make sure you and your friends make it home safely.

Your cheerleader competition has been delayed for a few weeks because of the emergency and the school will be closed for a few days for… Repairs.

Since it is so late we have contacted your families and let them know you are all safe.

Several of the cheerleaders checked their wrists to glace at their watches and were shocked to see it was after midnight. Bonnie had ridden them so hard in their practices none of them had realized how late it had become.

"Bonnie? What has been going on?" A blond cheerleader asked her as she looked at the ragged hole where their school's front doors had been.

"My agents will debrief them on what has been going on and answer all your questions." Dr. Director assured them as they were led out of the school

"Going to lie through your teeth and make something up rather than tell them the truth aren't you?" Shego asked as all the cheerleaders except for Bonnie had gone.

Dr. Director cast an eye on the lightly green skinned woman sitting with her back propped up against a wall. "Of course. I still am not sure I know what really was going on myself. Are you?"

Shego let a tired smile cross her face. "Nope." She admitted.

Hearing a puttering like sound from outside they both walked over to the entrance and watched as Ron's scooter pulled to a stop near them. On the back of it Kim had her arms tightly wrapped around Ron's waist with her head resting on his shoulder and as Ron made to stand up, Kim didn't let go of him but continued to hold on with a slightly dreamy look on her face.

"Damn." Shego thought to herself. "They must have told each other that they loved one another. I guess if I want a chance at Ron now, I'll have to go to plan B now and try to get them alone for a threesome."

"Dr. Director." Ron said as he walked over to them. "I am relieved; you don't know how relieved, to be able to tell you the Cenobites are gone to where ever they came from." As Kim with a slightly red face finally released her hold of his back, he reached into his backpack and pulled out the cube. "This is the puzzle box that some how summons those creatures. I am hoping that Global Justice will lock this thing up in some dark hole and not attempt to experiment on it."

A strong hot wind seemingly out of nowhere blew by and everyone looked up at the skies to see where it had come from. A ragged black tear was visible in the sky and flying out of it was what looked like a dragon skeleton. It swooped down before any of them could blink and snatching out of Ron's hand the cube it flapped back up into the sky and disappeared into another black rip that appeared.

Ron visibly shaken, shuddered a few times before saying. "Um, okay. Was that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Kim looked thoughtfully at the now clear night time sky. "Good for us I'm thinking but bad for who ever lives where ever those cenobites originate from. I think that thing just took the cube back to their home dimension."

"Um, okay." Ron said with a nervous rise in his voice. "I still have gifts to give though." Taking his back pack off he reached into it and pulled out a long machete.

"Jason Vorhees' machete." Dr. Director stated as she caught sight of it. "I had heard it was missing along with Jason from the Crystal Lake Research Center."

Ron not knowing the story about Crystal Lake or any of it just shrugged and laid the large weapon on the ground. Reaching in he pulled out something that made Shego take a nervous step back. The book with the face on it.

Shego was just certain the book was going to open its eyes and stare at her again but the book continued to do its impression of a simple if ugly book and didn't move.

"The Necronomicon." Dr. Director once again calmly stated.

Kim and Shego shared a look. Was there nothing that this woman didn't know about?

"And finally I found this sharp knife thing on the table." Ron said and very gingerly pulled out the pearl handled scalpel. "It must have been the one the silent creatures I told you about tried to use on Shego."

"Nope. That was another of Dr. Drakken's finds. It is supposed to be the scalpel of Jack the Ripper." Shego said.

"It is the scalpel of Jack the Ripper." Dr. Director assured them in a confident tone.

"How can you possibly know that for a fact?" Shego asked putting her hands on her hips.

"A fake would not have opened a doorway to the evil of those silent attackers." Was Dr. Director's reply.

Bonnie who had not been paying much attention to rummage sale items Ron was pulling out was standing staring at the school's parking lot. The lights were on in the parking lot but she couldn't see her car anywhere.

"Where is my… Oh you didn't?" She asked turning to look at Kim.

Ron nodded his head sadly. "Yeah um about that Bon Bon. We had to borrow your car. It looked like the fastest thing in the parking lot and we were trying to draw away those monsters before they killed everyone in the school…"

Bonnie just held up her hand in a stop gesture. "Okay. I understand. Just where is my car NOW?" She asked, her voice going up in volume at the last part.

"It kind of got shredded." Ron said looking down at his feet.

"Kind of shredded?" Bonnie asked in shock. "What does that mean!"

"Sorry Bonnie but your car was attacked by the Cenobites. It was totaled." Kim explained.

"That car was nearly brand new!" Bonnie started to shout.

"I think under the circumstances that Global Justice can replace your car. It was destroyed during an authorized mission after all." Dr. Director said putting a stop on Bonnie's rant.

"New?" Bonnie asked peering at the woman.


"Cd changer, all leather interior?"

"Yes. That can be arranged."

"Chrome wheels?"

"Don't push it young lady." Dr. Director warned her.

Bonnie nodded her head. "But how will I get home now?" She asked folding her arms across her chest.

"I can escort the young lady home." Agent Will Do said stepping forward.

Ron glanced down at the pile of evil things. "What about this stuff?" He asked as Agent Du led Bonnie away to his car.

"Global Justice will look after it and keep it from falling into the wrong hands of course." Dr. Director assured him.

Ron didn't look too reassured but then he blinked and nudged Kim.

"What?" She asked him in surprise.

"The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer Kim. It is in your backpack remember?"

Kim gave a sheepish look and reaching into her pack she pulled out the canister shaped object. "Can you try at least to make sure they don't lose this thing again?" She asked Dr. Director as she handed it over.

"Yes. That too I think will be left in Global Justice's possession and protection." The woman assured her.

Ron to his embarrassment yawned greatly. "Sorry, I guess I'm just beat." His stomach then growled. "Oops. And hungry too."

"I will not keep you much longer then." Dr. Director stated. "There is just one last loose thread to tie up." She said and turned to look at Shego.

"Jail cell for me then?" Shego asked with a tired sigh of her own.

"Dr. Director I ask you for leniency for her. She after all could have run off as soon as the school was freed but she stayed right here. And she did help us with the silent creatures and the Cenobites." Ron said as Kim frowned.

Dr. Director held up a hand to forestall any further comments.

"I have offered Shego a job with Global Justice but she has asked for time to think about it and I am willing to give it to her but only if she is willing to give her word not to do any wrong doing till she has given me her answer and she is monitored by someone."

Dr. Director then looked over at Kim Possible. "Possible I understand that your family is away for a few days. Would you be willing to take Shego into your house to watch her until she has made her decision? I would also like for Ron to be there to keep an eye on her as well. I have contacted his family and told him that he probably won't be home tonight but not to worry, if that is no problem for either of you?" She asked.

"YES!" Shego thought to herself. "Now is my chance to work on Kimmie and Ron and see just how much chance I might have with them." "Works for me." Was all she said out loud.

Kim didn't look thrilled but she nodded her head.

"Now that is settled, how about some chow? I'm starved." Ron said.

"You know Bueno Nacho isn't open this late Ron. It's after midnight." Kim pointed out.

"That's okay Kim. I can cook for us at your house before we go to sleep together." Ron said.

Kim's face started turning red at Ron's accidental faux pas.

"Why Ron Stoppable, are you trying to proposition two young women with the promise of food?" Shego drawled out with a smirk. "All I can say is you better be one hell of a good cook then." She added with a grin.

"Ron's an excellent cook." Kim said before she could stop herself. "Not that he was trying…um, I mean…" Kim started to flounder and turn even brighter red.

"Aww Kimmie your face is almost matching your hair." Teased Shego but then she blinked. "Wait, you mean in addition to everything else… He can cook too?"

Kim not sure what Shego was getting at nodded her head. "Ron is a fantastic cook."

"Does he clean as well?" Shego asked her excitedly as she and Kim started to walk off towards where a G.J. agent waited to take them to Kim's house.

Ron looked at their backs in confusion and then at Dr. Director. "Am I missing something?" He asked.

Dr. Director smiled. "Nothing important and I'm sure you'll figure it out in time." She said to him.

"Nice boy." She thought to herself as Ron raced to catch up to the two young women. One a life long love that he finally admitted his love to and one a used to be enemy that attracted him something fiercely but he would never do anything about because he would never be able to betray Kim like that. "But he is so completely clueless when it comes to women." She mentally added as she saw Kim take one side of him and Shego almost shyly wrapped her arm around his other side and they finished walking to where the agent to take them home waited.

Many miles away at an abandoned housing complex near a stretch of water that used to be called Crystal Lake, a hockey mask wearing nightmare smashed the head of a male teenager with a 2 X 4 filled with nails. The young man had snuck into one of the unfinished houses to have sex with his girlfriend and he unfortunately picked the worst possible time and place to do so.

Jason unemotionally stared down at the teen's head that now looked like a bashed in piñata. The teen's girlfriend was hiding nearby and he would soon finish with her, and after he did he could feel the pull of his favorite machete calling to him.

Jason would soon be coming to retrieve his beloved weapon.

The End

(for now…)