Revelations by Númenora

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Summary: This is a sequel to To Kiss a Prince. This is set 9 years later in Mirkwood. Legolas becomes concern when, after corresponding month after month without fail, letters from Estel stop without any explanations until the young man shows up unannounced on Legolas' doorstep...

A/N: Since this is a sequel, it is recommended that you read the 1st story before reading this because of the references to incidents from it; however it can be read as a stand alone.

Chapter One

"An unexpected Reunion"

Mirkwood, August 20, TA 2951

Legolas made a very charming picture sitting on his bed, long hair unbraided and flowing, surrounded by dozens of letters scattered on the emerald green coverlet and dozens more in boxes on the marble floor of his bedroom located in the family wing of King Thranduil's most impressive underground Palace. Anyone who didn't know about elves, would have guessed him to be a young male of about 18 or 19 years (which would have been justified since, even by Elven standards, his actual age was comparable to this—though in his opinion, he was mature for his age), but he was hundreds of years older than the writer of the letters that the young Prince was re-reading.

The blue-eyed beauty smiled gently when he arrived at the last paragraph of the last letter he received from his beloved Estel:

'...I can't wait to get the birthday presents you told me in your letter you are sending me by messenger; and I promise that I will wait until my celebration dinner to open the biggest one—at least, I'll try (I'm only jesting)! The other one, I will wait until later to open in private just as you instructed. I wish you could be here with me, but I'll see you at Yule in Mirkwood. I love you, Legolas; please (triple-underlined), still love me.

To my Perfect One,

Love, Estel.'

This was the 3rd time that Legolas had read this particular missive from Rivendell. It had arrived nearly four months ago—one month before Estel's 20th birthday. Legolas expected to get another letter not long thereafter, telling him about the feast Arwen planned for his big day (as she had done for every birthday since he was 2-years-old) and telling him how much he (Estel) loved his gifts, especially the ones from the Prince. But, no letters arrived at all. Estel and Legolas each wrote the other steadily—at least one letter every month. They had been corresponding for nearly 9 years since Legolas left Imladris after visiting for Yule the year the young man turned 11-years-old. The only times that they didn't write each other were the times that Legolas spent visiting The Last Homely House (When Estel was 13; again at 15 and finally when he turned 18). When this letter failed to give a clue as to why he hadn't heard from his friend, Legolas began searching other letters preceding this last one, thinking that Estel had mentioned that he would not be writing for a while after his birthday. The Twins had recently begun taking their youngest sibling with them on orc hunting patrols this last year to give him practical experience in keeping their home safe. Legolas thought that this could be the reason why—but he found nothing like this in any of them.

Legolas and Elrond's youngest were great friends and had been since that 1st Yule they spent together. While Legolas' feelings had always been a friend's fondness, Estel had developed a serious youthful crush on the blond elf; so serious, in fact, that his actions to win Legolas' heart nearly cost him his life that year. The boy had discovered an obscure lore that stated that any young male or female who kissed their first true love under a perfect bough of mistletoe on the stroke of midnight, the first morning of Yule, would capture that love's heart for all time; armed with this knowledge, he went in search of 'the perfect bough of mistletoe' and became injured in a snow storm. Thankfully, with the help of some ancient trees and his family and friends' diligence, he was saved from serious harm.

But, Legolas learned something very important from the experience; he found out that the legend of the mistletoe was true (he sweetly kissed the young human that night as stated by the lore) and that he and Estel were meant to be together for all time. During that sweetest of kisses, Legolas saw himself and the young man that Estel was to become and he knew in that moment that his heart belonged to that tall, dark and rugged adan. So, from that time onward, he vowed to nurture a friendship and to try to guide and protect the boy until he was old enough to choose his own path of true love. Finally, on the day of Estel's 18th birthday, they fell truly and deeply in love with each other as they kissed in the forest beneath the great elm tree where Estel had discovered the mistletoe that sealed their fate.

The blond Prince lovingly re-folded the letter he had been holding and proceeded to put away all the letters scattered about him. The smile, that graced his face as he revisited the words of the man he loved, vanished when the worry that prompted him to gather them in the first place resurfaced. Why haven't you written to me, Estel? It is not like you to go so long without communicating with me. Not even when you were recovering from a bout of food poisoning your 16th year did you fail to tell me about it. What has happen, my love? Legolas knew that if anything physical had befallen the young Man, Lord Elrond, the twins Elladan or Elrohir, or Arwen would have sent word of it. No—something else was the cause.

"Perhaps I should go to Imladris and see for myself. Estel wouldn't necessarily say anything to his family if he were troubled by some personal matter or was troubled emotionally. What if he didn't like or approve of my gift...if he found it too personal?" Legolas' brow furrowed at that thought. Perhaps, if I hadn't given him my mother's jewel...

Just then, a knock sounded at his door, "Your Highness, your father sent me to fetch you for dinner. My I enter?" Fingolfin, who was a member of the palace guard, stepped inside the spacious room at Legolas' acquiescence. "You are not dressed, my Prince."

"I fear that I've been a bit preoccupied; please tell my ada that I will be down in about fifteen minutes and ask him to please start without me?" He said as he quickly brushed and braided the hair at his temples and bent to don his soft-leather boots.

As the other elf left, The Prince's mind swiftly returned to his beloved Estel and the possible reasons for his lack of communication. He was no closer to figuring it out by the time he arrived in the family's private dinning room, however.

King Thranduil, the Elvenking of Mirkwood, greatly loves his four children and he is very proud of them. His oldest is Oropher, the Crowned Prince (named after his heroic grandfather): Of all the children, he looked the most like his Adar. He is tall and impressive with hair of spun gold and the two of them look more like brothers than sire and son. The next oldest is Indis, the King's only daughter. As such, one would have thought that she would be the very image of her mother, but other than her delicate complexion (which she and Legolas shares) and her red-gold hair (from her paternal grandmother), she, too, takes after her father.

The next in line is Elurín. He, like his older siblings, has Thranduil's green eyes and his ada's strong physique (although his hair is a lighter golden hue). His age is the closest to Legolas, having reached his majority 300 years before; however, he is the most carefree and less serious of all, which gives the impression that he is actually the youngest of the Royal family. Finally, there is Legolas who is actually the 'baby' of the family and a living testament to his mother: like hers, his hair is silver in hue and he is the only one of her offspring who possesses her blue eyes. The entire Royal family was said to be blessed with fine looks, even among elves, but Legolas' looks are stunning and is without compare anywhere. He has his mother's fine bone structure and her ethereal beauty that transcends gender. He also possesses her level-headedness that makes him seem older and more mature than his age; but he also managed to inherit his father's stubbornness which oftentimes gave rise to many clashes between the two of them.

In fact, the entire family could hold their own when it came to arguments and disagreements, but they were truly a close-knit unit. The King was mindful of how little time he had to spend with children, being the one and only ruler of Mirkwood; to that end, he insisted that he have at least one meal per day to spend with them and that meal generally fell at dinnertime. When his youngest son failed to arrive at the table by the time he himself had, he sent young Fingolfin to spur him on. But the youngest Prince was there only physically it seemed, so the Monarch was determined to find out what had Legolas so pre-occupied.

"Greenleaf, is there a reason why you find your siblings and poor Adar uninteresting?" The King inquired. "Legolas...Legolas! What is the matter, ion-nin?"

Realizing that all eyes were on him, 'Greenleaf' blushed apologetically and turned to face his parent. "I sorry, Adar; I was lost in thought. Could you repeat your question?"

"Which one, Gwador? Ada asked you several questions," Oropher said helpfully.

"I think Legolas should answer the last one and then work backwards, what do you think, Adar?" Indis suggested.

"I think that you and your brothers should be more considerate of Greenleaf's serious state; something is obviously of concern to him. And before you speak, Elurín, I realize you that you haven't joined the others in teasing our youngest, but it was inevitable that you would be next."

Elurín tried to look hurt, but failed miserably when everyone at the table laughed and he joined in.

"It's Estel. As you know, he and I have been writing letters to each other for a long time; but, I have not heard from him for three long months and I have become concerned that something terrible has befallen him."

"Estel is Elrond's human ward," it was a statement. "I was aware that you had cultivated a friendship with the boy, but why the concern? You know that mortals feel time differently than Elvenkind; he probably has simply lost interest in corresponding. Think nothing of it, ion-nin." The King had no idea how his innocently spoken words, meant to alleviate his child's serious mood, served only to compound the fear that that was the case.

"But, Estel loves me and I him; he wouldn't simply lose interest in me! Not after all the time that we've invested in each other and our relationship." He cried out distraught.

The gathered family members looked at each other in shock and concern at this for they had no idea that Legolas had romantic feelings for this Estel—or anyone else for that matter, although many elves, both male and female, have expressed romantic interest in him. Legolas never seemed interested in such entanglements. The siblings began to think that they would have to readjust their opinions of their young brother.

"Explain yourself, Legolas. You and this adan have feelings for each other...for how long?" The King's jovial mood had fled.

"I've always had feelings of love for him, but it has only been the past two years that our love has matured; he and I have promised ourselves one to the other. In his last letter, he re-affirmed his love for me and his pledge to remain true to me. I also, promised to wait for him—until he reaches his majority so that we can formally pledge our troth."

"I see...and does he plan to wait for you to reach your majority to return the favor? I suppose that he has a spare 200 years to wait for you?" All thought of food and dinner was totally forgotten as Thranduil attempted to keep his anger under control.

"It is not the same, Adar; I am old enough to decide to whom I want to bind myself. You said yourself that Naneth was about my age when you two became betrothed." Legolas pointed out.

"I also had the luxury of immortality to wait for her; this is hardly the case for this young man, descendant of Númenor or not!" Legolas' siblings knew that no one would be eating any time soon. It was always the case whenever an argument between members of the Royal Family, especially between Legolas and Thranduil, arose.

"That is hardly fair, Adar. Estel is..." Legolas' response was interrupted by an urgent knock on the double doors leading to the room in which the family was 'dining.'

"Enter," the King said impatiently. The same guard to who delivered the King's message to Legolas earlier (Fingolfin) stepped close to his King and bowed low before speaking.

"Your Majesty! Members from one of the forest's outer patrols have arrived in the courtyard with a trespasser, Sire—A human male who refuses to explain his presence in Mirkwood. He is insisting that he will explain himself to no one but you or Prince Legolas. In fact, according to the captain, he has been asking for the Prince continually since he was discovered."

Upon hearing this, Legolas knew that it could only be the love of his life, "Estel... Adar, it has to be Estel!" With that, he fled the table and his family's company.

"Greenleaf, wait," The Elvenking shouted, but his youngest had already gone. Following close behind, the Elven ruler bade the guard attend him. It didn't take long for the rest of the Royal Family to trail behind as well.

The sun had not yet set in the courtyard, but it was low on the horizon, bathing the space in a golden hue. The setting should have been ideal for a reunion between the young lovers (for it was indeed Estel Elrondion in Mirkwood), but the commotion that accompanied the elves' attempt to detain the surprisingly strong human was at odds with glorious display.

Legolas was so relieved to see the object of his thoughts of the past few months that he practically floated down the steps to reach his beloved. He spoke to the guards still struggling with the human with an authority that, at any other time, would have made the King proud, "Unhand him at once!"

The guards hesitated only a moment before following the Prince's command. With a beautifully relieved smile, Legolas asked the disheveled mortal as he embraced him, "Estel...I'm been so worried. Are you well, my Love?"

Without returning the embrace, the young man said in a cold manner the he had never before used with the elf holding him, "The name is Aragorn, son of Arathorn II—but, you knew that, didn't you?"